Anarchy week 1

We get a shot of the arena for tonight, lights dimmed before all coming on at once. The sound of “Grand Sword” hits the speakers as the legendary Kenta Kobashi makes his way to the ring. The roster stands shoulder to shoulder as they clap for the general manager of Anarchy Wrestling. Mic in hand, Kobashi welcomes the crowd to the first ever episode of WCA: Anarchy. He says that tonight will see a lot of action that you will soon come to know and love from all World Class Alliance brands. “We have something for everyone. We have hardcore wrestling, high flying, tag team action, and classic puroresu action”. “I have someone to help me with our hardcore division. I think you all might be aware of him, let me bring him out!” Jun Kasai comes out and enters the ring to a huge applause. He gestures towards all of the talent in the ring “Now we have many titles we must begin to crown. We will crown one tonight and begin on the road to crown another. The Anarchy Openweight Title Tournament begins with two action packed matches. Speaking of action we will kick off tonight’s show with a fatal four way ladder match for the Anarchy Asylum Championship. Enough talking, let’s get this show started!

Anarchy Asylum Match: El Hijo Del Vikingo vs PAC vs Masashi Takeda vs Suzu Suzuki:

A ladder is in the middle of the ring as all the competitors make their entrances. The bell rings and our first official match is underway. Takeda heads to the outside to look for something more dangerous, Suzu follows to the other side and pillages the ring for weapons, this leaves Vikingo and PAC to be in the ring alone. PAC shoots Vikingo off the ropes with an Irish Whip, and Vikingo returns with a leapfrog. Hitting the ropes to the other side, this time PAC leap frogs both keep running until they meet in the middle and Vikingo levels PAC with a standing Spanish Fly.

Suzu and Takeda enter the ring, Suzu has a barbed wire bat in hand meanwhile Takeda has a bundle of tubes. They enter the ring and rush from both sides, Vikingo still in the middle backflips away. Suzu and Takeda collide as the bat crashes through the tubes in a messy but beautiful sight. Takeda falls to the mat and rolls out to the floor while Suzu, Vikingo, and PAC square up. Vikingo and Suzu decided to gang up on PAC as they figured he’s the biggest threat, throwing him off the ropes and meeting him with a leg trip/lariat combo.

They continue putting the boots to PAC on the ground, Vikingo climbs to the closest left turnbuckle while Suzu grabs her bucket of bells and climbs to the top of the ladder. Vikingo hits a double moonsault on PAC as Suzu rains down the bells on top of both of them. As she prepares to make her dive, Takeda slides back into the ring and climbs the ladder. He gets Suzu up in a powerbomb position and carries her off towards the heap of people and bells that she helped create. Takeda sends her crashing down with a big powerbomb and now he stands alone.

He rushes up the ladder quickly to try and secure the title hung above the ring. Just as he’s about to reach it, PAC meets him at the top. They exchange blows back and forth before PAC grabs him and tosses Takeda and himself off with a superplex. Meanwhile, Suzu sets up a table on the outside. As she turns to head back, Vikingo comes off the top with a meteora through the table. The crowd clapped loudly at the amazing action that they are witnessing.

Vikingo looks up and realizes he’s the only one standing, he rushes to the apron. Spring boarding from the ropes onto the ladder he climbs up and is inches away from pulling the title away. PAC crawled towards the ladder and shook it enough to disturb Vikingo enough until he got to his feet and pushed the ladder over, sending Vikingo to the floor. Takeda comes into the ring with a new ladder in tow, this one looks a bit different. He sets it up and it’s revealed that there are light tubes lined across the steps.

He gives a devilish grin as Suzu slides in and meets his glare. Takeda kicks off his boots and looks towards the ladder, urging Suzu to do the both. They both climb the hellacious ladder, their feet crunching the tubes as they wince. Takeda makes it up first, he makes a grab at the belt but can’t quite get it. Suzu makes her way up and actually gets a hold on it but Takeda throws some strikes her way causing her to lose grip and making it sway side to side. Suzu fires back as they begin to go back and forth for a bit. Sliding his hand under his foot, Takeda takes a small bit of light tube and hits it over Suzu’s head causing her to take a few steps down. Blood trickles down Suzu’s face as she can only look up as Takeda pulls the title down and claims the Anarchy Asylum Championship.

He celebrates atop the ladder and makes his way down. Special Assistant, Jun Kasai comes down to congratulate the first champ and a longtime friend of his.

Bryan Danielson, Ben-K, And Kouki Iwasaki vs Tetsuya Endo, Soma Takao, And Shota

Danielson alongside his Dragon Dojo disciples come down to the ring as Final Countdown plays. Adorned in custom maroon and black robes they pose in the middle of the ring in a very simple but disciplined manner. Endo/Soma/Shota come out in their traditional leather jackets as Endo’s BURNING theme plays. The flashy group hit a fun pose in the ring and then hit the corner as the match got prepared to start. Danielson defers starting the match to Ben-K and Endo lets Shota start off.

Like he was shot out of a cannon, Ben-K rushes Shota and hits him with a huge spear. Continuing the assault, Ben-K just pounds away on Shota with punches with speed and power. Ben-K pauses the onslaught for a moment to pose for the crowd. It doesn’t last long though as he goes right back to pummeling Shota, this time with stomps. Ben-K picks Shota up and shoots him into his corner and levels him with a few elbows to the chest and chin before tagging in Kouki.

Kouki gives a few swift kicks to the chest of Shota before whipping him down in a seated position. A couple more kicks to the back that sound like a gunshot be Iwasaki applies a headlock and looks right at Endo and Soma and taunts them. The camera cuts to Danielson as he shoots an approving grin towards Kouki then Ben-K as he seemingly approves of them thus far. It cuts back as Kouki begins to transition into a triangle choke. He has it locked in for a few moments before Endo and Soma come rushing in to break it up.

Ben-K and Kouki take turns getting heat on Shota for a bit before they finally tag in Danielson. Danielson grinds away on Shota with submissions and elbows with the biggest grin on his face, just embracing the violence of it all. Bryan throws him into the corner and tags in Ben-K so they can do a double team move but Shota slips away and is finally able to get out of the match. Tagging in Endo, he comes in like a house of fire firing off on all of the Dragon Dojo with forearms and chops. He clears the ring so Dragon Dojo sits outside the ring trying to regroup but they don’t get a lot of time before Endo launches himself over the top rope with a tornillo. At the same time Endo did his dive, Shota and Soma did stereo suicide dives which completely takes out Dragon Dojo and the momentum has shifted.

Endo tosses Ben-K in the ring and immediately hits the ropes hard and hits his signature handspring kick on Ben-K and goes for the pin. He kicks out at two while the crowd claps loudly at the action. Endo moves over to tag in Soma Takao as Soma begins to light up Ben-K with some slaps. It’s not too smart of a decision though, as Ben-K fires back with some hard slaps across the cheek. They continue to trade slaps and chops before Ben-K finally gets the upper hand but they both fall to the mat in exhaustion.

Ben-K and Soma crawl towards their respective corners and tag out. Danielson and Endo come in and stare each other down for a moment. The crowd clapped as they were very excited to see the two leaders of the respective groups lock up. Danielson lures Endo into a test of strength before kicking Endo in the gut and laughing. Then he takes Endo’s arm and twists it behind his back, slipping slowly but surely down to the mat before striking his arm and back with a thunderous kick.

Danielson flexes his technical prowess for a little bit, twisting Endo’s arm every which way. Bryan gives his pupils a look, they nod as if they understood a silent cue and pull down both Shota and Soma. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Danielson attacks and locks on his vintage Cattle Mutilation submission hold. Endo struggles in it for a bit but is just able to stretch his leg to the bottom rope. On the outside, Soma and Shota have fought off Ben-K and Kouki and both returned to their respective corners.

Meanwhile, Danielson is readying up for his Busaiku Knee strike. Endo gets to his feet gradually as Bryan rushes in, Endo is able to leap over Danielson and evade the move. Thinking quickly, Endo hits with a dropkick dead on the chin of Danielson. Up top he goes, looking for his signature Shooting Star Press. Endo flies through the sky but just before he can make an impact, Danielson gets his knees up. Bryan tries to scramble to get the LaBell Lock synched in and he does. Ben-K and Kouki run in to stop Shota and Soma from interfering. They are able to hold them off long enough for Endo to tap and Danielson to secure the win. Danielson pulls Ben-K and Kouki in close and they stand shoulder to shoulder with Danielson’s hands wrapped around them. A good win for Danielson Dojo as they look to set sights on the Anarchy United 6 Man Titles.

World Title First Round: Rey Fenix vs Keisuke Ishii

A graphic pops up on screen showing this is a first round match in the world title tournament. It also shows the bracket off to the fans for the first time. Showcasing all of the awesome action still to come. Ishii comes to the ring, a determined look on his face as he’s focused on one thing and one thing only and that’s advancing in the tournament. Fenix comes to the ring and does his usual schtick, high fiving people in the crowds hands and everything.

The bell rings and both men meet in the middle of the ring, eyeing each other before moving their hands upwards for a test of strength. Fenix and Ishii lock up for a moment, before Ishii takes Fenix from behind for a waist lock. Shimmying a bit, Fenix is able to escape under and lock in a waist lock of his own. Keisuke throws some elbows that connect to the jaw of Fenix, making him let go of his grip and letting Ishii free. Taking the chance, Ishii lights up Fenix with a couple of stiff kicks to the chest causing him to drop to the mat. A few kicks to the gut of Fenix before Ishii drags him over to the corner and rushes in from the other side with a Somato.

Continuing the onslaught, Keisuke picks up Fenix and attempts to hit his Dangerous Exploder. Fenix tries to battle his way out with forearms but Ishii lifts him up anyways. As a last ditch effort, while in the air Fenix levels Ishii with a knee and saves himself. With a swift kick to the gut, Fenix fires off the ropes and leaves over Ishii for a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. He tries a pin combo but Ishii is able to kick out at 2.

Fenix picks up Ishii and slaps his chest, climbing to the top rope and expertly tight-rope walking it before twisting in the air and dropping Keisuke with an armdrag. Not wasting any time he climbs to the top rope and goes for his patented 450 Splash but Ishii rolls out of the way. Ishii stalks him from the corner as Fenix rises to his feet. Keisuke Ishii absolutely lights up Fenix’s chest as he’s bent over, causing him to drop to his knees. Following up with backflip knees to the back of the head, Ishii goes into the cover but gets a 2.999!

Ishii picks up the almost lifeless body of Fenix and goes for his Exploder Suplex once again. He launches Fenix over head and goes for the pin again but still Fenix kicks out. Fenix crawls to the ropes and gets to his feet, while he’s doing this Ishii rushes him but Fenix is able to pull the rope down and send Ishii crashing to the outside. Spending some time gathering himself before Fenix vaults over the tope rope with a Tope Con Giro. Fenix rolls Ishii in the ring and goes for a pin but a 2 count still.

Fenix picks up Ishii and strikes him with a slap across the jaw, Ishii doesn’t take too kindly to it as he retaliates and slaps the soul out of Fenix. He tosses Fenix to the apron and kicks his face in. Ishii climbs out onto the apron and grabs Fenix in a Tiger Suplex grip before dropping Fenix on his head on the apron. Before thinking twice, Ishii rolls Fenix in the ring and pins him for the 1-2-3. Keisuke Ishii will be moving on in the tournament.

Jay White and Tadasuke vs Mike Bailey and Kota Ibushi

Jay White and Tadasuke come out, suave and determined. Tadasuke finds the camera as always and does his pose with the glasses in front of the camera. Bailey and Ibushi enter, both always energetic but now it’s amplified as they team together. They leap over the top rope in stereo and high five. The match is about to start but Ibushi requests they wait until Bailey’s theme hits the chorus so they do. The bell rings and the action is underway.

Jay White and Mike Bailey start off the match for their respective teams. White grabs Bailey’s arm for a wrist lock and wrenches on it. Pushing it behind Bailey’s head, Jay lands a punch to the rib cage. Bailey hits the floor as Jay gets on top and begins to reign punches down, stopping just before the 5 count as not to get disqualified. Jay tags out to Tadasuke, he runs the ropes and drops an elbow on the chest of Bailey before taunting the crowd. Both standing now, Tadasuke lights up Bailey with a few chops before Irish Whipping him off the ropes and hitting him with a nice back elbow.

Bailey kips up and hits a strong kick across the chest. Dragging Tadasuke to the corner, Bailey picks him up and climbs the top rope. In one fail swoop both men come crashing down on the mat with a superplex. Bailey gets to his corner and tags in Ibushi who comes out swinging with slaps and kicks galore on Tadasuke. After flooring Tadasuke with a flurry of strikes, Ibushi hops outside and springboards in with a 450 Splash and pin that Tadasuke barely kicks out of.

The two men enter a chop battle, with Ibushi landing some significant shots on Tadasuke. Although it is Tadasuke who gets the last laugh as he blasts Ibushi with a big lariat off the ropes which allows Tadasuke to tag out to a fresh Jay White. Jay drops Ibushi on his neck a couple times with german suplexes and a cover but only gets a couple 2’s on Ibushi. Jay decides to take it to the top rope and attempt a german off the top rope but Ibushi backflips out of it and lands a beautiful standing Shooting Star Press. Ibushi goes for a pin but Jay barely escapes with a 2 count.

They start brawling, even falling to the outside and taking it into the crowd with both Tadasuke and Mike Bailey joining in. They walk over to the lone balcony in the corner. Both teams look up and start throwing punches and forearms as they try to gain the upper hand and make a big impact. The upper hand comes in the form of dual superkicks from Bailey and Ibushi, dropping them to the floor. Ibushi and Bailey make their way up to the roof and steady themselves on the perch. Holding each other close before diving backwards with a moonsault onto Tadasuke and Jay White. Bailey continues to beat down on Tadasuke as Ibushi takes Jay White to the ring. Ibushi picks up Jay White for the Golden Star Powerbomb and pins White for the win. Ibushi and Bailey celebrate their win and walk to the back.

World Title First Round: Shigehiro Irie vs Takashi Sugiura

Irie comes down the ramp and enters the ring. He’s his usual jovial self as he smiles before taking his place in the corner. Sugiura tramps down the ramp, stone faced as his focus is set on Irie. They meet in the middle of the ring, Irie extends a hand but Sugiura refuses and walks off. The bell rings as the two men circle and stare each other down, slowly inching towards each other before they nose to nose.

Irie strikes first, landing a brutal forearm but Sugiura is never one to be one upped. He strikes back with an equally harsh forearm to the chin. They trade shots with each other for a few minutes before they both collapse. The crowd roars with applause and shouts at the showcase of brutal art. Sugiura is the first to stir, he crawls to a cover but only gets a two count on Irie.
Sugiura gets to his feet and picks up Irie, he tries to get him on his shoulders for the Olympic Qualifying Slam. Irie is able to slip through the back and slam Sugiura down with a German Suplex. As Sugiura tries to get to his feet Irie comes crashing down across his back with a senton. Immediately going for the pin, Irie gets only a 2 count. He drops a few elbows across the chest to further the target on the chest area of Sugiura.

Irie attempts to lift Sugiura for a Brain Buster, after 3 attempts to lift him Sugiura stops him and staggers Irie with a slap. Sugiura stomps Irie a few times until he backs himself into the corner. He assumes he’s safe but instead Sugiura just starts launching a barrage of forearms with speed and power to his chin and neck. Finishing it off with a running knee into the corner and a pin. Irie is able to get his shoulder up at 2.

Lining up for the spear, Sugiura shoots out of the corner with speed but is met with a desperation knee from Irie which lands flush. Scrambling into the pin but still only a two count for Irie. Climbing to the top rope, Irie comes crashing down with an aerial senton but Sugiura gets his knees up. Sugiura lifts up Irie for a Brain Buster and then lifts him back up for the Olympic Qualifying Slam. Sugiura goes for the pin and gets the 1-2-3. Sugiura moves on in the Championship Tournament.

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