Anarchy #4

“Final Countdown” plays as the feed begins for another week of Anarchy. Danielson angrily walks to the ring with mic in hand, “You think you’re funny don’t you Jay? You think you can just bruise and batter me within an inch of my life and get away with it? I don’t think so. Get your ass out here and look me in my black eye or else you’ll get a lot worse than that…”

 A moment passes before Jay’s theme hits and he struts to the ring, a villainous smirk dancing across his face as he enters the ring. “Bryan, I’m just simply doing what you taught your students to do. You preach violence and taking action against others but when it’s done to you, you act like a child. I see why I couldn’t beat you at All or Nothing…but that Jay White is not here anymore. I know what must be done and that’s why I want you at the PPV in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The entire arena at my disposal to put an end to the American Dragon once and for all.” You’re right, I do teach my students that. Which is why I’m surprised why you think you are so well equipped to match my level of violence after one petty attack. Regardless, I accept your proposal and offer another. How about you and a partner of your choosing face me and PAC in a Tag Team Street Fight later tonight? Surely you can’t turn that down.” Jay White nods and shakes the hand of Danielson as they agree to meet in the Main Event

El Hijo Del Vikingo vs Masashi Takeda

Masashi Takeda comes out with a microphone to start. “Co-GM Kasai sanctioned an Asylum Championship defense here tonight! The opponent though…is a mystery. Whoever thinks they are crazy enough to come out here and challenge me for MY championship.” Vikingo’s theme plays as he walks down the ramp, he hasn’t been seen since the first match in Anarchy history and the crowning of the Asylum Championship match. He looks to claim the prize he fought for once again, this time in a singles match.

Vikingo springs into the ring, trying to catch Takeda off guard and nails him with a dropkick which sends Takeda to the outside on the opposite side. Vikingo goes to the apron and looks down, making sure Takeda is in position before kickflipping off the turnbuckle into a Moonsault to the outside. Clapping with the crowd, Vikingo eats it up before rolling Takeda in the ring for a pin but gets a light 2 count. Vikingo fires off some kicks to the legs of Takeda before he drops down to his knees. Off the ropes Vikingo goes before hitting a vicious Meteora and another pinfall that falls short.

Vikingo tries for a Hurricanrana but Takeda uses his strength to pull him back up before dropping him down onto his knee. Running to the outside for some weapons, Takeda returns with a bundle of light tubes. Setting them up in a corner, Takeda grabs Vikingo and launches him into the bundle in the corner. Bringing in more fuckery, Takeda throws in a bunch of chairs into the ring. Dragging Vikingo to his feet, Takeda goes for a Brainbuster on the chairs but Vikingo fights it and wriggles himself free.

A swift kick to the gut makes Takeda bend over just long enough for Vikingo to set up a Code Red onto the chairs. Crashing down onto them, Vikingo tries another pin, a nearfall but Takeda gets his shoulder up once again. Picking up a chair, Vikingo lets Takeda get up and pick up one too. Firing shot after shot at each other’s chairs, It’s Takeda who is able to outlast Vikingo and finishes the exchange with a shot over the head. Putting a chair in front of Vikingo, Takeda hits his Running Knee with the chair and pins Vikingo for the three count.

Takeda picks up his stablemate and extends his hand for a handshake. Vikingo accepts and embraces Takeda with a deep hug before bowing and leaving the ring. Holding up his title before slapping it across his shoulder, Takeda walks off proudly. Another notch in the win column for Takeda as he defends his belt with relative ease.

Takeda via Chair-Assisted Running Knee (9:32)

B.E.E.F vs Dream Futures

This is a rematch from the second episode of Anarchy but both teams are in very different positions than they were the first time they met. Suzu had yet to claim her first win and Hashimoto was making her debut. It was Ashino and Okada who would secure the victory the first time which granted them a Dual Wing Title match at All or Nothing which they would fail to win. They are looking to regain ground in the title scene as a surging Suzu and now champion Hashimoto are looking to continue their hot streaks.

Suzu got her first win last week and has a new found confidence which is evident as she elects herself to start off the match against Ashino from the other side. Suzuki throws forearms at Ashino’s chest, he shrugs them off at first but she doesn’t give up and lands some significant shots that catch him off guard. He doesn’t let her get full control before he hits her with one of his own forearms in the jaw which stops her in her tracks. Swiftly lifting Suzu up for a snap suplex, Ashino cockily puts his foot on Suzu’s chest for a no effort pin but Suzuki kicks out at 1. Suzu is determined to show she’s not the same girl from the last match.

Suzuki hops to her feet and smacks Ashino in the face and begs him to hit her with one. Ashino gladly accepts and sends a thunderous slap across her face. Suzu smiles as they begin to trade slaps, Suzuki finding her fire the longer they go on. Suzuki isn’t able to defend as Ashino begins to overwhelm her and fires shot after shot until Suzu is back first on the mat. A wicked smirk across Suzuki’s face as she gives Ashino the middle fingers which sets him off. Lifting Suzu from the mat with a couple of suplexes and going for the pin. Suzu kicks out and Ashino hands her off to Okada after tagging him in.

Okada kicks the side of Suzuki’s head a few times, teasing her as he stands over her. Getting to her knees, she fires off some forearms from the ground while willing herself to her feet. Kicking Okada in the gut, Suzuki takes advantage and nails a DDT on Okada which allows her some space. Moving to her corner, she tags in Hashimoto who rushes in with multiple shoulder tackles that send the rather dense Okada flying across the ring with relative ease. Hashimoto lifts Okada and tosses him in the corner before laying in some punches to the gut. Putting Okada up on the top rope, Hashimoto looks for a Superplex but Okada fights her off.
Hashimoto gets dropped face first on the mat off the top as Okada gets some control. Meeting face to face, Okada sends Hash flying with a nice Belly to Belly suplex and hooks the leg for a pin. Kicking out at 2, Hashimoto gets to her feet and launches a barrage of forearms across the chin of Okada which knocks him for a loop. He comes back with some of his own before they batter themselves to the point of exhaustion. They roll out to the outside and their partners take over as Suzu and Ashino rush back in.

Ashino tries for a Lariat but Suzuki ducks under it and comes back with a dropkick to the back. Ashino hits the ropes and lies there while Suzu rushes in violently and nails him with a dropkick. She slides under the middle rope in one fluid motion as she claps the fans into the match before returning inside. Suzu picks up Ashino for a German Suplex and nails it, with a bridge at the end. Ashino gets out at 2.9, escaping by the skin of his teeth on that one. At this point, Okada has returned to the apron so Ashino tags out to him even if he isn’t 100%.

Kinya launches some strikes head until Suzu starts to look lost on her feet. Okada hits the ropes and prepares to take her head off with a Lariat but it was all a ruse! Suzuki catches the arm and rolls under whilst trapping Okada’s legs over his head for the Gran Maestro de Tequila pin combo! 1-2-3 and Suzuki has her second win in a row! Suzu hugs Hashimoto tight as the two celebrate a win.

Suzuki via Gran Maestro de Tequila (12:27)

Just as everything seemed good, the lights turned out except the tron on the top of the stage. A black background with purple faded letters began to come into focus as DAMN spelled out on the screen before cutting to Ground Zero’s own, Daisuke Sasaki! “Hello Suzu and Anarchy fans, i’d introduce myself but everyone knows who I am, at least the people that matter do. Anyways, you may be asking yourself why I’m wasting my time here on this third rate brand. It’s because I see something in you Suzu, I see the same fire that burned in a young me but you’re wasting it messing around with a scrub like Ishii. I think you can be so much more, that’s why I challenge you to a match at the next PPV and we’ll test if what I think I see is true. What do you think Suzu?”

“I accept your challenge Sasaki-San…I will bring all the fight I possibly can.” Suzuki says as she holds her neck and head on the mat. Sasaki just nods before the lights come back on and the tron goes black. Hashimoto seems to consult Suzu as they walk off to the back.

Kouki Iwasaki vs Masato Tanaka

Before Tanaka wrestles Ben-K for the title, he has to overcome one more member of the Dragon Dojo. With PAC and Danielson preoccupied in the main event, Kouki was more than happy to step up and face Tanaka. The bell rings and Kouki is already firing ferocious kicks to the chest of Tanaka which light him up. Before Tanaka is completely out of it, he manages to catch the leg of Iwasaki and nail him with a thunderous forearm. 

Kouki hits the floor hard and Tanaka leaps on top of him and they grapple on the floor for a bit which Tanaka gets the upper hand in. Irish Whipping Kouki off the ropes, Tanaka follows through with a mean lariat which stops Iwasaki in his tracks. Picking up Iwasaki by the waist, Tanaka slams him with a Backdrop Driver and a pin for a close 2 count. Tanaka senses that Kouki is close to being finished already and stays on the attack.

Tanaka grabs Iwasaki’s leg and slams it repeatedly on the mat as he tries to weaken his left leg. Tanaka looks to lock in a single leg crab but with the other foot, Kouki pushes Tanaka off and gets some space. Launching his body at Tanaka, Kouki is trying to get back into this and fast. Forearms and kicks galore as he Tanaka starts to feel the effects. Kouki hits a snap suplex and floats over for the pin but only gets a 2.  Not trying to let Tanaka back into the match, Kouki hits a rough Double Foot Stomp which gets a loud painful scream out of Tanaka.

Kouki grabs Tanaka and drags him into the corner, he launches a few kicks to the chest to make sure he won’t fight back. Picking up Tanaka onto the top rope, Iwasaki climbs up to meet him before swinging his arm around Tanaka’s head in a suplex position. Kouki lifts and slams both Tanaka and himself to the mat with full force. Keeping the grip, Iwasaki lifts himself up and by proxy Tanaka as he sends him right back down with a debilitating Brainbuster and a cover. Tanaka gets his shoulder up at the last second for a dangerous nearfall. The gasps can be heard from the crowd as they all were just as surprised Tanaka was able to kick out. 

The frustration grows within Iwasaki as he begins to question himself but he snaps out of it and lays the boots to Tanaka once again but he keeps coming back and asking for more. Iwasaki rushes off the ropes and is looking for a move very familiar to Tanaka, the Sliding D! At the last possible second, Tanaka raises his forearm in protest as Iwasaki’s arm meets Tanaka’s. Kouki is shocked! Tanaka rises to his feet and fires with speed and precision as his forearm meets the jaw of Iwasaki repeatedly. Finishing off with a vicious Rolling Elbow and the pin for a 1-2-3.

Tanaka via Rolling Elbow (14:02)

LeatherZ vs Dragon Dojo

Instead of their usual get up, Jay and Endo come to the ring in jeans and a tank top. Proper street fight gear as Danielson and PAC also have a more casual look, ready to get violent. Once the bell rings, all four members of the teams go at it, throwing punches and kicks and brawling to the outside. Endo battles PAC with a kendo stick as White belts Danielson with a trash can. Absolute chaos around the ringside area as the two teams are going to war.

PAC and Endo walk up the ramp as Jay slams Danielson into the barricade repeatedly. PAC is able to get the kendo stick out of Endo’s hands as he gains control and hits a nice snap suplex on Endo on the ramp. Dragging Endo’s body up to the top of the stage, PAC hits another suplex before going over to where all the weapons were and comes back with a table. Setting the table up, PAC kicks Endo a few times before placing him on the table. Now it’s time to decide where PAC would fly off of, he goes back for more plunder and finds a ladder! Placing the ladder near the table, PAC attempts to climb but too much time is allowed for Endo as he gets up and meets PAC at the top.

They fight for a bit at the top, with both exchanging serious shots. Neither man is able to find an advantage and they climb down and continue to brawl on the floor for a bit. Danielson has finally gotten himself an advantage as he works over Jay White’s arm, swinging a chair on it repeatedly. Danielson gets Jay locked up on the pole and stretches his body with a sadistic grin on his face. Danielson in White’s ear “This is what you wanted, and this is only a tag match. You can’t survive in my world. You’re out of your league…”

Danielson decides to drag a barely conscious Jay White to the top of the ramp where PAC and Endo continue to fight. PAC is firing punches to the face of Endo as Danielson does the same to Jay White until White and Endo are back to back. They both duck in stereo as Danielson and PAC hit each other and knock each other loopy which gives them both an opportunity to get back into the match. Jay sends Danielson flying off the stage and follows him down as Endo lays PAC on the table and ascends to the top. Taking in the moment, Endo goes for a Shooting Star Press off the ladder and hits it!
Now Endo scrambles to get PAC to the ring and pins him but PAC is able to kick out at the last second. Danielson and White come back as they roll into the ring. PAC goes for a kick but Endo ducks and goes in for an Exploder Suplex and nails it while White hits a low blow on Danielson. Jay calls over Endo to keep Danielson down as he grabs PAC and hits him with the Blade Runner as Danielson is forced to watch. Jay stares him eye to eye as he gets the 1-2-3.

White via Blade Runner (15:27)

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