Anarchy #2.5 Going Dark

A video appears on the monitor of General Manager Kobashi. He notifies the crowd that since we have two teams that are currently undefeated in tag team competition and have no tag team champions. At All Or Nothing the two teams will face off the belts. At All Out it will be The Golden Lovers of Mike Bailey and Kota Ibushi vs B.E.E.F of Shotaro Ashino and Kinya Okada. The crowd applauds rather loudly. 

That isn’t all that is announced though. Kobashi says that we also need to crown the 6 man tag belts. We have the semi-finals of the Title Tournament tonight but sadly two men won’t be advancing. Those two men will be able to select two partners of their choosing and be the captains of their team. They will also face off at All Or Nothing for the United 6 Man Titles.  Kobashi says that there is a lot of special talent on all 3 rosters and that’s why he wants to see who can step up and face a challenger from the other brand. That’s why we will see a triple threat and the winner will face Full Throttle’s KUSHIDA! That match will be starting…RIGHT NOW!

PAC vs Kouki Iwasaki vs Rey Fenix

PAC enters the ring, a very focused look all the way through as he enters the ring. Fenix is very jovial as he encourages the crowd to get on their feet and clap. Kouki enters, his head to the sky as he is adorned in a new robe. One that is Black with a yellow dragon on the back. He is taking this match very seriously and it’s told by the cold expression as he stands in the corner of the ring. Three men enter this match. Only one with a win although be it in the 6 man tag team division. All 3 want to be the one to represent Anarchy proudly but only one will be able to step between those ropes at All or Nothing and face KUSHIDA.

The bell rings and we’re underway and Iwasaki wastes no time as he full sprints to the corner and batters Fenix with a big boot in the corner. Fenix rolls out as Iwasaki turns his attention quickly to PAC. They trade forearms in the center of the ring, no clear advantage between the two as they start to run the ropes to add power to their strikes. Kouki runs the ropes for one last powerful forearm but PAC ducks and turns around with a twisting gut kick. Leaping on the shoulders of Iwasaki, PAC absolutely plants him with a Poison Rana.

Pushing the downed Iwasaki to the side, PAC hits the rope and launches over the top on a now recovering Fenix but he’s able to get out of the way. PAC lands on his feet and quickly gets back on the apron but he finds himself in the sights of a leaping Hurricanrana off the apron from Rey Fenix. Rey plays to the crowd, standing on the barricades and raising his hands as he takes a moment to appreciate it all. Then Fenix remembers he has to stay on top of PAC so he goes back and rolls him into the ring. Calling PAC to his feet as he stands on the apron, Fenix launches off them with a Springboard Rider Kick and goes for the pin but Kouki rolls in to break it up.

Iwasaki blasts Fenix with kicks to the chest, Rey keeps getting to his feet but with less strength after each shot. Finally, Kouki takes him down for good and continues to target Fenix’s chest while he lays on the ground. Grabbing Fenix’s arms, Kouki stomps away on Rey’s chest with speed and power. Using his mentor Danielson’s training to brutalize Fenix until he sees PAC begin to stir. Dropping Fenix’s limp body, Kouki begins to stretch out PAC with various submissions such as a Stump Puller, Fujiwara Armbar, Koji Clutch, and a Triangle Choke. Just wearing out about every part of the body you could think of, Iwasaki had neutralized both threats rather quickly and was rather proud about it.

Smiling wide, Kouki taunts for a moment before climbing the top rope and crashes down with a Double Foot Stomp on top of PAC. A devilish grin comes across his face before he slithers his way over to the other rope and looks to do the same to Fenix. Jumping off to hit Fenix but Rey is able to roll out of the way. While Kouki writhed in pain on the ground, Fenix went for a pin on PAC but only got a 2 count. Fenix brings PAC and Kouki to their feet and in the center of the ring, where he shoots off the ropes and hits the two with a Double Hurricanrana. Hooking both of his opponents legs but they kick out at 2 in stereo.

All three rise to their feet and form a circle as Fenix sets everyone off by blasting Kouki with a loud chop across the chest of Kouki. Kouki then drills PAC with a big chop of his own. Fenix catches a brutal one from PAC and they go in a circle for a few moments, weakening each other until there’s nothing left. As Kouki and Fenix start to get worn down, PAC chops both of them until they slip to the ground. Iwasaki is bent over and Fenix is laying back first on the mat. PAC jumps on the back of Kouki and hits a Black Arrow from Kouki onto Fenix and goes for the pin. Fenix just gets the shoulder up at 2.

PAC rushes to keep the onslaught on, climbing to the top rope for a Shooting Star Press. As he makes his descent, Iwasaki comes out of nowhere with a head kick to the side of the skull. Rushing to pick up PAC for his patented Vertical Drop Brainbuster. He absolutely nails every bit of it. Grabbing the leg for a pin, 1-2-NO! Fenix just gets the breakup and saves the match for himself. 

Fenix and Kouki scrap for a moment, Fenix tries to throw him out but Kouki is able to throw him out instead. As Iwasaki turns his attention back to PAC he is met with a super kick and a small package combo. PAC is able to get Kouki with the small package and will be moving on to All or Nothing to face KUSHIDA. Kouki is visibly upset and protesting the result but PAC saunters off and poses on the entrance ramp.

PAC via Small Package (16:23)

A loud and disruptive theme hits the speakers. One of none only than Suzu Suzuki, she looks visibly frustrated as she gets in the ring and grabs a mic. 

“In the ladder match I lost. In tag competition I lost. I know this may come off as arrogance of a youth but i’m sick and fucking tired of losing. You can take that however you want but it’s just how I see things. I didn’t come out here to complain the whole time though. Takeda, if you could come out, that would be awesome”. 

After a moment of waiting, Takeda obliges. Coming down the ramp with the Asylum Championship across his shoulder. Stepping in the ring and taking a mic but before he could speak Suzu cut him off. “Takeda, you know I admire you greatly. You’re my idol and why I wanted to become a death match wrestler. With that being said, that title you hold…It should be around my shoulder. I know I lost but I was right there every step of the way. I was inches away from winning. In a match that isn’t determined who can grab something off a hook I would have won.”

“Suzu I respect you but I think you’re being very disrespectful. There were a few other people in that match and they haven’t complained like you have here. I’ll give you the match but only so I can humble you. That ladder match is not even the real Takeda. I and especially you know that”. Suzu twists up her face at his words, visibly upset but responds back. 

“Yea they haven’t come out here to complain and look at them, not a place on the PPV Card. I don’t want that for myself. Maybe if they grew some balls they’d do what I’m doing but they clearly don’t. See you at the PPV Takeda. You haven’t seen the real Suzu yet either”.  Suzuki wink and exits the ring. We get a shot backstage of Co-GM, Jun Kasai confirming the match for the PPV.

Keisuke Ishii vs Takashi Sugiura

Keisuke Ishii makes his entrance to the ring. A man that has competed in many places in puroresu like DDT, GanPro, AJPW, NOAH, NJPW, etc. and he’ll use all that experience to make sure he moves on to the Finals at the PPV. Takashi Sugiura, his opponent, makes his entrance and boasts a great resume as well. Alongside that he carries a long list of championship accolades and looks to add one more to his list. They’ll have to go through each other to have a chance. It will surely be a war between two determined veterans.

The bell rings and both competitors begin circling each other like vultures, waiting to find a weakness in the other. Sugiura goes for the leg and takes down Ishii with one fell swoop. Grabbing the boot of Ishii does Sugiura as he slams it down to the mat, causing Ishii’s knee to take some damage. Sugiura drops some forearms to the back of the head of Ishii, weakening him down until he lays flat on the mat. The ref checks Ishii for a moment but Ishii shakes his head, letting the ref know that he’s fine. Not wasting any time, Sugiura grips Ishii’s waist and deadlifts him up and over his head with a German Suplex with a bridging pin. Stunned for a moment, Ishii just gets his shoulder up at 2.

Sugiura stands behind Ishii, stalking him as he tries to pick him up for the Olympic Qualifying Slam. Ishii slips behind and gives Sugiura a stiff hook kick to the jaw which staggers him but doesn’t quite drop him. Sweeping the legs out from Sugiura, Ishii drops his knees across the chest of Sugiura. Sugiura gasps for air but Ishii doesn’t stop the onslaught, climbing the ropes and crashing down hard with a Double Footstomp and rolls into the pin. Sugiura is able to kick out but still trying to catch his breath, he rolls to the outside to gather himself.

Ishii knows not to waste any time if he wants to win, he launches himself over the rope with a plancha on top of Sugiura but gets caught. Sugiura goes to powerbomb Ishii into the steel barricades at ringside. At the very last possible second, Ishii reverses into a Hurricanrana and sends Ishii back first into the barricade. Picking him back up, Ishii sets up Sugiura on the barricade and goes to the opposite side. Rushing back in for a big boot and absolutely nails it. Hearing the ref’s count nearing 20, Keisuke rushes back in, watching and waiting as Ishii tries to get to his feet let alone back in the ring. Sugiura rushes in at 19 and gets in the ring at the very last second.

Sugiura on his hands and knees, tries to catch his breath, Ishii shows a more aggressive side as he kicks Sugiura’s hand out from under him. Sugiura faceplants and Ishii climbs to the top rope. Crashing down with an especially stiff Double Footstomp to the back of Sugiura. He hooks the leg for a pin but again Sugiura finds the will to kick out. Ishii begins to grow even more frustrated with not being able to put away Sugiura and tries to think what else he has left.

Lifting Sugiura up, it’s obvious he’s just out on his feet. Ishii hooks Sugi’s arms to his side and lifts him high for a Bridging Tiger Suplex. Sugiura kicks out at one and gets to his feet. Roaring back at Ishii, he fires away a dozen forearms to the neck and chin of Ishii until he’s dazed. Running off the ropes, Sugiura absolutely levels Ishii with a knee but doesn’t let him fall to the floor. Keeping him up with a hand under Ishii’s chin, Sugiura looks him in the eye before lifting him on his shoulder and sending him crumbling down with a Powerbomb. Sugiura hooks the leg and gets the win. A hard fought match but a win nonetheless. He’ll watch the main event closely to see who he will be facing at the PPV. 

Sugiura via One Shoulder Powerbomb (14:49)

Ben-K vs Tetsuya Endo

Ben-K is well rested after a stunning 6 second victory against Mike Bailey in last week’s tournament match. Endo had a bit more of a struggle as he faced Masato Tanaka. Both men don’t want to go home just yet. Making their entrances and staring at each other the entire way. The bell rings and Endo tries to strike quickly. Launching forearms into the chest of Ben-K. He looks a little rocked but fires back with a few of his own.  Endo launches an Enziguiri and then a John Woo kick, which sends Ben-K into the corner. Endo climbs to the top rope adjacent to Ben-K and goes for a Coast to Coast but Ben-K spears him out of mid air! Crawling to the pin, 1-2-3! Ben-K does it again and will face Takashi Sugiura at All or Nothing! He has to be the odds on favorite to win the whole thing with how fresh he is from both of his matches.

Ben-K via Spear (0:30)