Anarchy #2

The opening show graphic pops up on the screen as the audience and crowd in attendance are met with “Final Countdown”, the theme song of Bryan Danielson. He walks to the ring and motions for the microphone. “Last week I wrestled in trios action but everyone knows I’ve always been a singles wrestler. No partner or partners to worry about. Tonight I want to be a singles wrestler. Anyone in that Anarchy locker room who thinks they can step up, feel free to do so now.” 

Jay White’s theme hits the speakers and he slyly makes his way to the ring. Standing face to face with Danielson before he brings the mic to his lips and starts to speak. “Just like you Danielson I was in a tag match. I won’t come out here and bury my partners like you did but I do like the freedom of singles wrestling. So how ‘bout it Dragon? Are you up for it?” 

Right as Danielson goes to shake Jay’s hand an unfamiliar tune begins to play as out through the curtain walks Hirooki Goto. He steps in the ring, looking both men over before speaking. “Unlike you guys, I wasn’t on the last show. I want to prove I belong just as much as you guys want to wrestle. How about we make it a triple threat?” All three men look at each other before nodding in agreement and shaking hands. That match is next!

Bryan Danielson vs Hirooki Goto vs Jay White

All three men stand at opposite corners, staring at each other. Goto takes the first shot as he rushes to the left and begins to batter Danielson with forearms. Danielson rolls out quickly, sensing danger as Goto and White lock up in the middle of the ring. Goto locks in a headlock and wrenches on it before Jay pushes him off. He gets sent off the ropes but Goto meets Jay White again with a big shoulder block. Going behind Jay White, Goto pulls White’s arms behind his back and places a knee in Jay’s back as he stretches him out.

Danielson slides in the ring behind them and locks in a cravate on Goto. Laughing as he cranks on the hold before letting go and landing a swift kick to the back of Goto. Danielson begins to expertly work the arms of White with stomps and twisting it in every which direction. Finally he settles for an armbar, Jay White senses danger and scrambles his way to the ropes but it’s no use since it’s a triple threat. Danielson keeps pulling Jay’s shoulder out of his socket before Goto punts him in the head, causing him to release the grip.

Jay escapes to the outside to tend to his arm as Goto lays in kicks and stomps to the chest and head area of Danielson. He lays him up in the corner, rushing in from the opposite side and absolutely obliterating Danielson with a boot to the face. Tossing Danielson to the side, Goto climbs the ropes and dives with an elbow to the back of the head. Goto flips over the seemingly lifeless body of Danielson for a pin but gets a two count. Picking up Danielson now, Goto looks primed to drop him with a brainbuster but Jay enters the ring again and kicks Goto in the gut.

White and Danielson work over a rare double team to suplex Goto. Jay White goes for the pin right away but Danielson gets upset at him trying to steal the win and breaks up the pin. Pulling White up and smacking him in the face before going for a pin on Goto as well. White breaks up that pin and drills Danielson with a forearm. Danielson and White trade shots for a while before White gains the upper hand and decimates Danielson with a Running Death Valley Driver.

Jay runs in to attack Goto but Goto ducks, sending White over the rope and onto the apron. White looks to dive back in the ring but Goto catches him on the ropes and twists him inside out with his signature Rope Hung Neckbreaker. Goto hooks the leg for a pin but Jay White escapes with a 2.9. Goto senses blood in the water and rushes off the ropes for a PK but Jay slips under and hooks Goto’s legs for a Boston Crab. Hirooki crawls towards the ropes and is able to slide under the ropes so he can maneuver his way out of the hold. Jay tries to suplex Goto from the apron into the ring but Goto slips over and forearms him in the back of the head. He grips Jay’s waist and launches him back with a Backdrop Driver and a pin. White kicks out at 2 and sprawls to the ropes to try and catch his breath as he felt that the match could have ended right there. Goto tries to get Jay up for the Brain Buster but Jay White stops him and hits the Blade Runner instead. Right as Jay White is about to go for the pin, Bryan Danielson snakes his way into the ring and throws Jay to the outside and covers Goto himself for the win.

Danielson via pinfall (13:24)

Mike Bailey vs Ben-K

Mike Bailey comes out as Brass Monkey plays. He jumps over the ropes and into the ring as he heads to the right corner. Bailey was in Tag competition last week alongside Kota Ibushi as they picked up the win but now he looks to move on in the World Title Tournament. Ben-K enters the ring, he also was in tag competition except he was in a 6 man tag alongside his Dragon Dojo friends. He’ll be looking to implement what Danielson taught him to advance.

Bailey takes off his robe and turns around right into a raging Ben-K spear. Ben-K pins Bailey immediately and gets the 1-2-3. The crowd is absolutely shocked as Ben-K gets his hand raised and walks off with an arrogant smile. Bailey tries to make it to his feet and make sense of what just happened. His Openweight Title dreams were gone just like that.

Ben-K via Spear (00:06) 

Chihiro Hashimoto & Suzu Suzuki vs Shotaro Ashino & Kinya Okada

Hashimoto and Suzu enter first, Chihiro with her usual fluffy coat and intense demeanor as Suzu follows behind her. This is Hashimoto’s debut while Suzu wrestled last week in the Asylum Championship Ladder match. Ashino and Okada are next, a more calming yet aggresive feeling to their approach to the ring. This is both mens debuts and they will be looking to make an impact in tag team competition. Hashimoto and Ashino decide that they’ll start the match off for their respective teams.

They meet in the middle of the ring and waste no time in turning up the intensity. Hashimoto and Ashino start blasting each other with strikes of every type you could think of. Ashino gets the best of the exchange as he knocks Hashimoto down with a stiff kick to the head. Shotaro goes to work on the leg of Chihiro with some drops on the knee before locking in a knee bar. Hashimoto quickly gets the rope and has the ref break up the submission. Getting to her feet, walking now with a slight limp she fires some shots in the direction of Ashino but they don’t do much damage. He bats her down with a forearm to the back and tags in Okada.

Okada fires off some dropkicks which stumble but don’t take down Hashimoto. Going for one last one but gets met with the arm of Hashimoto as she fires up and knocks Okada out with a vicious lariat. She falls to the floor and crawls her way to the corner to tag in Suzu. Suzuki rushes in with fiery dropkicks. She jumps to the middle rope and drives her feet into the chest of Okada with a Double Foot Stomp.

She goes for a pin but Okada kicks out at a two count. Okada and Suzu trade body slams with each other. More power with each one until Suzu can’t get up to reciprocate a body slam from Kinya. Suzu stumbles to her feet but gets knocked right back down with a rough lariat from Okada and a pin. She kicks out at two but it feels like it was only on instinct. Kinya tags in Ashino as he starts to stomp away at Suzu, continuing to weaken her down.

Shotaro locks in a Boston Crab and wrenches back far with it. Suzu screams as she writhes in pain from the hold. Crawling towards the ropes to try and escape but Ashino drags her back to the center and locks it back in. Hashimoto senses danger and rushes in to break up the hold for her partner, Okada comes in to attack Hashimoto as they tumble to the outside and brawl. In the middle of all the commotion, Suzu is able to gain an advantage and suplex Ashino with a German Suplex. It took all the power in her to do as she scrambles to the corner looking for Hashimoto but she’s still outside brawling.

Suzu tries to catch her breath in the corner as she gets to her feet. Ashino gets up to one knee but is knocked right back down with a Shining Wizard from Suzuki. She goes for the pin but gets a 2.9. She can’t believe it, looking over to her corner and her expression changes to a smile swiftly as Hashimoto is there waiting for a tag. Suzu rolls over there and tags in the much larger Hashimoto.

Hashimoto rushes in and lands a thunderous senton, instead of going for the pin she comes crashing down with a second senton and then pins Ashino. Rushing in, Okada hits Hashimoto in the head with a knee to break up the pin. He rolls Ashino on top of Chihiro for the pin as he fights off Suzu but Hashimoto kicks out at 2. Hashimoto and Ashino go back and forth with chops until they tire each other out. Shotaro runs off the ropes and knocks down Hashimoto with a kick to the chest.
Another pinfall but yet another kick out by Hashimoto as she crawls her way to the ropes. Ashino grabs her leg but Hashimoto kicks him off and tags in Suzu. She starts to light up Ashino with a few leg kicks, rushing off the ropes for a high impact maneuver but gets met with lariat from Ashino. Shotaro picks her up in a gutwrench style and suplexes her down and quickly picks her back up for a T-Bone Suplex. Hooking the leg for the pin and Ashino gets the 3 count and the win.

Ashino via T-Bone Suplex (17:55)

Masato Tanaka vs Tetsuya Endo

Tetsuya Endo comes to the ring, adorned in his leather jacket as usual, Shota and Soma are by his side to watch this match. He seems more focused than usual, realizing the challenge ahead of him won’t be an easy one. Masato Tanaka makes his entrance, very stern and cold as Goto and another semi finalist in the Title Tournament, Takashi Sugiura second him. The ring intros from the ring announcer bellow throughout the arena as both men stare holes through each other. After what felt like hours the bell rings and both men circle each other, both trying to find the best first move as they know they can’t waste any movement.

Endo tries to go for the stout legs of Tanaka first but Masato snuffs it out and lays some forearms into the back of Endo before he takes the back. Tanaka grips Endo’s waist with his arms as he twists to the front and starts to unload knees to the head of Tetsuya. Endo in early trouble but from the bottom is able to unleash a lucky right to the jaw of Tanaka that stuns him just long enough for him to release his grip. Running off the ropes, Endo comes back with a knee to the chin of Tanaka which floors him. Then coming back with a Standing Shooting Star Press and a pin, Endo only gets a quick 2 on Tanaka.

Tanaka gets back to his feet and him and Endo lock up, Endo tries to keep his momentum going as he slides behind and grips Tanaka’s waist. Masato is able to quickly reverse it though, sliding his arm around the head of Endo for a headlock. Punching the head of Endo as he locks him, sliding down to the ground for a cross face hold and wrenching back on it. Endo tries to escape but can’t so he settles for getting his bottom foot on the rope which causes Tanaka to break the hold. Endo slides to the corner, holding his head as he tries to collect himself. Tanaka taunts him, telling him to come get some more.

Endo comes in with a forearm which rocks Tanaka for a moment before he launches one of his own. They go back and forth, both laying in some significant shots but Tanaka’s power is too much for Endo as he drops to one knee. Tanaka launches off the ropes with a lariat but Endo ducks just barely and hits Masato in the face with a picture perfect dropkick. Tanaka rolls to the outside but that’s not enough to escape Endo as he dashes across the ring, corkscrews, and hits a Sasuke Special on a waiting Tanaka. He pins Tanaka but Masato kicks out at 2 as Endo goes to the opposite corner and stalks Tanaka.

Endo runs towards Masato, looking to hit a lariat but Tanaka ducks and hits Endo with a powerful german suplex. Now Tanaka rushes off the ropes and comes back with a Sliding D strike and goes for the pin. Endo gets his shoulder up but barely. “SUPER FLY” shouts Tanaka as he climbs the rope, trying to put away Endo once and for all with a dangerous splash. His arms and legs outstretched as he flies through the sky but at the very last second, Endo gets his legs up and Tanaka lands chest first on them.

Endo picks up Tanaka and puts him on his shoulders, spinning him out with a Tower Hacker Bomb. He would usually go for a pin but Endo senses that it wouldn’t be enough to put him away so he climbs to the top rope. He launches off the top rope with a beautiful Shooting Star Press and pins Masato Tanaka 1-2-3. Endo will be moving on to the next round to face Ben-K in the Next Week’s Main Event.

Endo via SSP (11:34)