Anarchy #3

As Ben-K continued to boast, Masato Tanaka’s theme began to play. Grabbing a mic, he began to speak “You don’t seem to have any respect for anyone, do you? Well, I think I can change that. Regardless of what you may think, there were more matches on All or Nothing other than you and one of those included me and Goto winning against two other great teams. How about me and Goto vs you and one of your Dojo Boys? Unless you’re too scared.” “Of course I’m not scared of you, you’re fucking on!” bellowed Ben-K. Tanaka and Ben-K shake hands as they both head for the backstage area.

Suzu Suzuki vs Rey Fenix

Suzu is upset but she walks with a wave of determination we haven’t seen from her before. She hasn’t won yet and she wants that to end here tonight. Fenix is happy to oblige and wrestle her. Smacking kids hands as he makes his way to the ring. Suzu and Fenix share a handshake and we’re off to start the match.

Suzu immediately starts to batter Fenix with clubbing blows to the back of the head and back until he falls to one knee. She tosses him outside and follows him out before launching him into the crowd. Rushing in with him she tosses him to chairs and fans, bashes him with trash cans and whatever else she can find. It’s obvious Suzu is on a mission to prove herself. Suzu climbs up on the upper decks and launches herself off with a cross body to a waiting Fenix. The crowd is cheering very loudly and getting out of their seats as Suzu drags Fenix’s body to the ring. Pinning him down but something drives Fenix to kick out at the last possible second.

Suzu tries to keep her cool and not blow up, keeping on Fenix with stomps but Fenix catches her leg once and hits her with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Fenix begins to use his speed to his advantage and springs off the ropes with a beautiful moonsault. Suzu gets back to her feet but is met with Fenix’s boot on a Superkick and a pin. Suzuki kicks out and hits a huge forearm on Fenix which knocks him loopy for a moment before Suzu hits him with a Northern Lights Suplex and pins Fenix but he kicks out at 2 once again. Suzu begins to get desperate, she goes out for some weapons and comes back in the ring with some tubes and chairs.

Suzu sets up the chairs by the ring post and lays the tubes on them, just as she’s ready to set up Fenix on the top rope he rolls her up and she kicks out. Suzu gets to her knees but Fenix hits another Superkick and then picks her up with a Powerbomb. Suzu kicks out at 2.9! She fights to her feet and kicks Fenix in the rib, he retaliates with a kick of his own. They trade for a moment with Fenix landing some huge shots. Suzu hunches over as Fenix takes her arm and tightropes the ring ropes before launching off and hitting a beautiful armdrag.

Fenix lifts Suzu into the corner and up onto his shoulders for the Black Fire Driver. He begins to walk towards the tubes and seems like he’s gonna slam Suzu on the tubes but Suzu flips forward over the tubes to escape. Suzu kicks Fenix in the head and then folds his arms as she sends him crashing through the tubes with a Tiger Driver. Pinning him amongst all the debris and Suzu gets her first win! Suzu cries as she celebrates in the ring.

Suzuki via Tiger Driver ‘98 (13:03)

Tanaka/Goto vs Ben-K/Narita

Tanaka and Goto are coming off a big win at All or Nothing and are looking to keep that momentum going here tonight against the Openweight Champion and Ren Narita. Ben-K and Narita enter the ring, Goto and Narita are nominated to start the match off. The bell rings and the two immediately meet in the middle of the ring. Narita fires the first shot, a forearm to the face of Goto which he shrugs off before hitting Narita with one of his own. They trade back and forth, Narita showing some real fire reminiscent of both his mentors. In the end though, it’s Goto who gains the upper hand and drops Narita with a suplex.

Climbing to the middle rope where his partner stood and flew off with a Diving Elbow Drop to the back of Narita’s head. He turns him over for a pin but Narita kicks out. Narita tries to crawl towards Ben-K but Goto grabs him by the leg and drags him back to the opposing corner and tags in Tanaka. Masato places him in the corner and puts the boots to him before pulling him out and hopping on the top rope for a Tornado DDT, absolutely planting Narita. Tanaka pins him but Narita once again escapes the pin. Tanaka tags in Goto before catapulting Narita into the corner where he meets the boot of Goto.

Goto batters on the body of Narita with forearms and a Boston Crab hold. Ren fights his way to the ropes and holds on for dear life until Goto lets go and pats his head in a patronizing way. Goto eggs on Ben-K to get in the ring and he looks ready to join but Narita takes offense to Goto’s actions. He leapt to his feet and fired a desperation forearm to the chest of Goto. He barely flinched before dragging Narita to his corner and making him tag out to Ben-K.

Ben-K runs in and nails Goto with a Lariat and kicks Tanaka off the apron. Ben-K sets up Goto in the corner and hits a flurry of dropkicks very reminiscent of his mentor, Danielson. As Goto walks gingerly out of the corner, Ben-K puts him down for good with an Enzuigiri and pins Goto for a close 2. Goto goes for the tag this time, Ben-K begging for Tanaka to come into the ring and finally gets his wish. Kicks and slaps galore from the both of them, just trading with everything they have.

When it looks like they are ready to stop, they let out roars while staring at each other and keep going. Finally they both collapse to the mat, bodies worn out from all the intensity as the crowd revels in the violence. Ben-K stirs first, getting to a knee before trying to lift Tanaka up for a German Suplex. Getting him up but Tanaka fires back elbows to the back of the head before turning around and hitting a Rolling Elbow which knocks Ben-K silly. Tanaka drags Ben-K near the corner then climbs to the top rope, going for Diamond Dust but gets caught on the shoulder by Ben-K.

Ben-K takes him to the opposite corner and drops him head first on the turnbuckle before tagging in a fired up Narita. Ren jumps into the ring and batters Tanaka with winding punches in the corner, Tanaka tries to kick him off but Narita comes back with blows to the head and back. Tanaka bullies his way out of the corner with a big shoulder to the gut of Ren before picking him up and powerbombing Narita hard. Tanaka calls over Goto to distract Ben-K as he runs off the ropes for a Sliding D. Nailing the elbow to the jaw of Narita, Tanaka pins him and gets the win for his team. Tanaka and Goto continue their tag team dominance as Tanaka does a title motion, signaling that he’s coming for Ben-K next.

Tanaka via Sliding D (14:50)

Tetsuya Endo vs Takashi Sugiura

In a match that could have been a Openweight Title Final, two wrestlers look to right the ship and get back on track towards a title match. Endo and Sugiura share a glance before the bell rings and they’re off. They are careful with their movements, trying to not make a mistake as they both respect each other’s ability to end a match at a moment’s notice. Finally, Sugiura is able to find space for a Double Leg Takedown and drives Endo to the floor. Sugiura uses his wrestling background to try and take the back. Finally able to back mount Endo, he tries to crack through his guard with elbows but Endo slips behind and is able to escape.

Now behind Sugiura, Endo tries for a German Suplex and gets it. Endo kept on the offensive, cinching in a Dragon Sleeper while his knee dug into the back of Sugiura. Crawling to the rope, Sugi is able to get his leg on the bottom rope and Endo reluctantly lets go of the hold but stomps the upper back of Sugiura as he tries to make it back to his feet. Endo shoots Sugiura off the ropes and meets him with a Lariat but Sugi is pretty unphased by it and hits the ropes again but this time comes with a Lariat of his own and knocks Endo to the mat. Endo shakes it off and tries again, this time Sugiura seems to acknowledge it but still not much in the affect department. 

Endo keeps firing off Lariats until he finally staggers Sugiura and looks like he’s going for the killshot, running off the ropes he comes back but instead of hitting a Lariat he hooks the head and plants Sugiura with a DDT and pins him. Sugi kicks out at 2 with authority, getting back to his feet and wasting no time in firing away with forearms before Endo is out on his feet. Lifting up Endo, Sugi drops his knee first on the mat as he begins to go to work on Endo’s leg. After some leg whips, Sugiura drags Endo towards the ring post and wraps his leg around the post before chopping and kicking it as Endo screams in pain. Sugiura returns to the ring and sets Endo up in the corner for a running knee strike. Endo escapes at the last second and tries to recuperate in the corner as Sugiura nurses his knee for a moment.

Endo walks over and starts to light up Sugiura with kicks to the leg and rib section, weakening him down before hitting a powerful Enzuigiri which stuns the much larger Sugiura. Rushing forward, Endo hits a picture perfect dropkick which knocks Sugiura to the mat. Launching from a standing position, Endo flawlessly executes a Standing Moonsault and pins Sugiura only for Sugi to kick out at 2. Endo tosses Sugiura to the floor and looks to go for the Sasuke Special but his leg that Sugiura targeted earlier in the match begins to hinder him. He’s able to just get it off but noticeably limping when he gets back to the ring.

As Sugiura makes his way into the ring, Endo tries to signal the end as he sets up for his Handspring Head Kick but the injured leg comes into play once more. This time Sugiura is able to catch it and locks Endo in the Ankle Lock on the injured leg. Endo writhes in pain as he tries to find an escape as Sugi rips and tears at the joint. Endo latches onto the bottom rope and holds on ‘till Sugiura lets go. Sugi lifts up Endo for the Olympic Qualifying Slam but Endo slips out the back and hits a headbutt to the back of Sugi’s head. 

Turning Sugi around, Endo picks him up for a Running Powerbomb and hurries to the top rope. Endo with a beautiful Shooting Star Press and pins Sugiura for the win. Endo celebrates as he gets a big win and looks to continue on his trek back to the Openweight Title. Sugiura shakes Endo’s hand and he leaves down the ramp.

Endo via Shooting Star Press (16:31)

Danielson/PAC/Iwasaki vs Ishii/Irie/Hashimoto

Danielson requested a title match as he is one of the two undefeated members of the roster. GM Kobashi agreed and is giving him a shot at the freshly crowned United 6-Man Belts. PAC taking the place of Ben-K from the original Dragon Dojo 6-Man tag as they challenge Dream Futures. Iwasaki and Ishii start the match for their teams as they meet in the middle and shake hands before Iwasaki pulls him in for a stiff Lariat. Kouki starts to work over the back and chest with kicks to Ishii. 

Kouki continues the assault with a trio of suplexes, capping it off with a Dragon Suplex and dropping Ishii on his head. Iwasaki runs the ropes and hits another Lariat before covering for the pin, Ishii able to kick out at 2. Kouki drags Ishii by the arm to his corner where he tags in Danielson. Bryan picks up Ishii and twists his arm behind his back before throwing him arm first into the corner. Violence on full display as he works over the arm with kicks and various submissions which Ishii escapes but is feeling every bit of it. 

Danielson tries for the Regalplex but Ishii elbows his way out of it and connects with an Enzuigiri. Ishii uses the space to jump to his corner and tag in Irie. Rushing in, Irie floors Danielson with a series of shoulder tackles before knocking PAC and Kouki off the apron with some kicks. Turning his attention back to Danielson, Irie runs and leaps for his signature Senton. Going for the pin on Danielson but he kicks out, perhaps on instinct as once Irie lifts his body off of him he gasps for air, still crushed from the Senton.

Irie continues his assault on Danielson with some of his patented maneuvers like the Brainbuster, Samoan Drop, and Black Hole Slam. Irie then tags in Hashimoto and she holds Danielson by the waist as Irie shoots out of the corner with a Lariat, then Hashimoto drops Danielson with a German Suplex. Hashimoto goes for her own version of the Senton but this time Danielson rolls out of the way. He starts to lay in his signature chest kicks before hitting a head kick to end it and escapes to tag out to PAC. Laying in some kicks, PAC runs off the ropes for a Big Boot but before he can do anything Hashimoto just big bodies him and knocks him to the mat.

Hashimoto launches PAC with more than a couple German Suplexes but he keeps making it back to his feet. Just as it seems he’s down and out he flips out at the very last second of a suplex and fires off an Enzuigiri and then hits a Poison-rana which causes Hashimoto to take refuge on the outside. Not wasting any time, PAC flies to the outside with a Spaceman Plancha and sends Hashimoto in the ring for a pin, only able to get a 2 count. PAC goes for a Hurricanrana but Hashimoto stops him before sending him into the post with a vicious Buckle Bomb. Hashimoto tags out to Irie as he rushes in with a massive Cannonball in the corner which flattens PAC. Irie goes for the pin but on instinct, PAC is able to escape at the last second.

Irie picks up PAC for a Brainbuster and drops him down hard, he looks for a pin but before he could PAC rolled out of the ring. PAC thought he found a safe haven but Ishii flies off the apron with a Meteora. This angers Danielson so he walks over and gets in the face of Ishii and they come to blows, Hashimoto comes in for backup and Kouki from the otherside until everyone is battling on the outside. In the middle of all the commotion, Jay White comes down to the ring with a wrench and hides under the ring until everyone clears out and returns to their corners.

Jay White creeps out and hits Danielson in the back of the knee with the wrench which drops him to the floor and causes the ref to ring the bell for DQ. White lays in shots to the back and head before Kouki and PAC realize and try to attack him, chasing him to the back. Jay laughing maniacally all the way up the ramp, he could even be heard shouting “You wanted Violence huh? HOW’S THAT FOR VIOLENCE DANIELSON!” Due to the DQ, Dream Futures retain their United 6-Man Championships.

Dragon Dojo via Interference DQ (18:20)