World Class Alliance

WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 2

It’s Zeus on the opening call of night 2, doing the honors for Ground Zero. As the lights of the arena focus on Zeus’ shining head, he praises the efforts of the Ground Zero team, whose competitors are all leading the pack after night 1 and offers a challenge to the other brands to match their fighting spirit. Zeus leads the crowd in an opening chant of “wasshoi!” to encourage tonight’s competitors.

Full Throttle #4: Keep your friends close

It’s an unseasonably warm day and a heated atmosphere for the fans packed into Chiba Blue Field this afternoon for the second block of the Triple Torque trios championship. The show starts off with Toi Kojima leading out the freshly debuted rookies, Full Throttle’s ‘sparks’, Ryota Hashimoto and Yuki Tanizaki. Both dressed in Full Throttle t-shirts and bright red trunks, Yuki looks the more nervous of the two, as they flank the smiling Kojima. 

Anarchy #4

“Final Countdown” plays as the feed begins for another week of Anarchy. Danielson angrily walks to the ring with mic in hand, “You think you’re funny don’t you Jay? You think you can just bruise and batter me within an inch of my life and get away with it? I don’t think so. Get your ass out here and look me in my black eye or else you’ll get a lot worse than that…”