Ground Zero

WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 2

It’s Zeus on the opening call of night 2, doing the honors for Ground Zero. As the lights of the arena focus on Zeus’ shining head, he praises the efforts of the Ground Zero team, whose competitors are all leading the pack after night 1 and offers a challenge to the other brands to match their fighting spirit. Zeus leads the crowd in an opening chant of “wasshoi!” to encourage tonight’s competitors.

Ground Zero

Profile: Ground Zero is your standard Puro promotion with units and big boy battles. However all of the tag matches operate on Lucha. There are a few unaffiliated members of the roster serving as the home unit, but the main focus is on the four way unit war ongoing.

Ground Zero #1

Live from Korakuen Hall it’s the inaugural addition of WCA Ground Zero. The show starts with a 15 minute loop of General Manager Zeus’ entrance theme before he finally makes an appearance. Along with his executive advisor, Keiji Muto. The two men entered the ring as Zeus grabbed a mic to speak.

Ground Zero #4

Rina Yamashita has hit a rough patch since falling to KENTA in the Glory Crown Semifinals. Now her leader hopes to get her back on the right track. As he responds to her handshake with a well placed knee lift to the gut. Then kicking her in the side of the head begging her to come back after him. As Rina got up and went for a big time lariat, but was caught in a flying cross armbreaker!

Ground Zero #3: “Why Are You Here?”  

Zeus opens the show standing in the ring with newly appointed head trainer of the dojo, Ultimo Dragon. He then invited the two trainees into the ring handing one a mic. “Oi my name is Aomine Hayashi , and I am one of two trainees from this dojo class. After our debut tag match at Heartbreak Mosh, I will be departing to Anarchy to start my excursion. I hope for nothing more than your support, thank you.”