Full Throttle: company profile

Profile: Full Throttle is a showcase of the best of juniors wrestling, with a dash of chaos and the best in the business to keep them all in line. The perfect blend of youth and experience makes for fierce competition and exciting matchups. Lead faction S&M’s alliance try to defend their position against the next generation factions of BRAVE-RE and Jackets2, with the young but determined Trouble On Purpose (T.O.P) and A-YO hot on their heels and the main unit full of egos set on being the leaders of Full Throttle.

GM: Toi Kojima

Special Advisor: Satoshi Kojima


Taiji Ishimori
Atsushi Kotoge
Miyu Yamashita
Yu Iizuka

Yuki Ueno

S&M’s alliance
Meiko Satomura
Masaaki Mochizuki
Naomichi Marufuji

Mizuki Watase
Ikemen Jiro
Yoshioka Seiki

Fuminori Abe
Atsuki Aoyagi

Main Unit
Hokuto Omori
Yusuke Kodama
Maya Yuhiki
Hiromu Takahashi


Lightspeed Championship:


Triple Torque Championships:


Full Throttle Openweight Championship:

Hiromu Takahashi

Twin Engines Championship

Hokuto Omori & Yusuke Kodama
  • WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 4

    Night 4 of the Atsushi Aoki Evolution Cup sees the debut of a new rookie and some big wins with top spot still tied.

  • WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 3

    I’m going to ruin everyone from Ground Zero’s chances to win this thing. That’s a promise. I won’t reveal when I show up, but Kondo was just victim number one. Sasaki and Shimatani are next.

  • WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 2

    It’s Zeus on the opening call of night 2, doing the honors for Ground Zero. As the lights of the arena focus on Zeus’ shining head, he praises the efforts of the Ground Zero team, whose competitors are all leading the pack after night 1 and offers a challenge to the other brands to match…

  • WCA AA Evolution Cup Night 1

    WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 1 All three General Managers are on the opening call for the first day of the Atsushi Aoki Evolution Cup. Kobashi takes the lead on the announcements, reminding the assembled crowd that this is the first of 9 nights as the 10 competitors, carefully selected from the ranks of World…

  • Full Throttle #4: Keep your friends close

    It’s an unseasonably warm day and a heated atmosphere for the fans packed into Chiba Blue Field this afternoon for the second block of the Triple Torque trios championship. The show starts off with Toi Kojima leading out the freshly debuted rookies, Full Throttle’s ‘sparks’, Ryota Hashimoto and Yuki Tanizaki. Both dressed in Full Throttle…

  • World Class Alliance PPV: Heartbreak Mosh

    World Class Alliance’s second PPV kicks off in style, with rookie send-offs, cagematch drama, new alliances and broken friendships.

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