Full Throttle #3: Let it snow (or not)

Full Throttle are in Shizuoka for this, the follow up to the dramatic conclusion of ALL OR NOTHING. Here to welcome the crowd is GM Toi Kojima, and Special Advisor Satoshi Kojima. Toi makes the opening address, which is uncharacteristically emotional for the start of a show as he expresses his gratitude to Kojima, to World Class Alliance and the Full Throttle fans for supporting the promotion. Toi has to pause to collect himself as he thanks the crowd for believing in him and promises to continue to make them proud. Special Advisor Kojima has to take over the opening call duty, but not before putting his arm around the emotional Toi and giving him a pat on the back that makes Toi stagger slightly. 

Kojima welcomes the crowd to what he and Toi hope will be an exciting next stage for Full Throttle as they unveil a new championship title – the Triple Torque trios belts. The first champions will be decided by a trios tournament, starting tonight!

Today’s show will also feature another new chapter for Full Throttle, with the debut of their dojo rookies – Yuki Tanizaki and Ryota Hashimoto. 

The applause that follows Kojima’s announcement peters out at a shout from behind the entrance curtain. The curtain is thrown open by Maya Yukihi, followed closely by Yusuke Kodama and Hokuto Omori, all three dressed in black and with black velour capes draped over one shoulder. The three make their way to the ring determinedly, climbing through the ropes to join the two Kojimas. Maya smiles sweetly at Kojima, holding a hand out for his mic. Kojima looks around, then shrugs and hands the mic over. 

“We thought the crowd deserved a FORMAL introduction to their soon-to-be double champions.”

Maya pauses for effect. 

“We, Black Snow, would like to register our intent to claim the top position in Full Throttle and to crush anyone who stands in our way. Much like we crushed the unfortunate BRAVE-RE team at ALL OR NOTHING. But General Manager Kojima, we have an objection to today’s show.”

Maya looks over at Toi, who appears to be trying not to make eye contact. 

“You have given us an incomplete team. Is it not unfair that the other teams have been told their opponents and you have given us…X?”

Maya holds out the mic to Toi, who takes it nervously, mumbling into the mouthpiece

“It’s a…surprise…You don’t want..a..surprise?”

Satoshi Kojima bursts out laughing at his fellow executive’s response and the scowls on the faces of Black Snow, who clearly do not want a surprise. 

He’s not the only one laughing as the entrance curtain is pulled back yet again to reveal a wolfish grinning face. Katsuhiko Nakajima, of Ground Zero, makes his way slowly to the ring. He doesn’t enter, just standing on the apron, one foot on the bottom rope, leaning over to grin at the surprised Black Snow trio. 

“Surprise!” Toi Kojima shouts into the microphone, before dropping it and scrambling out of the ring before Black Snow can exact their revenge. Nakajima drops from the ring apron, sauntering away, leaving his designated opponents staring after. 

It falls to Kojima to usher Black Snow from the ring and announce the opening bout and debut of Full Throttle’s first generation of ‘sparks’.

Sho & Ryota v Yuki & MAO

Both rookies dash to the ring, wearing the dark red of Full Throttle in otherwise unassuming trunks. They are accompanied by the slower paced Sho, who stands alongside the slightly taller, curly haired Ryota Hashimoto, and the equally speedy MAO, who stands alongside the determined looking, and shorter, Yuki Tanizaki. The more experienced wrestlers stand aside for the two rookies who start to enthusiastic claps from the crowd. 

Similar in build, though with Ryota having a slight height advantage, the two lock up, struggling for arm control. Ryota gets the first advantage, dragging Yuki down to a seated position and landing some pointed elbows on Yuki’s exposed shoulders. Yuki looks more furious than in pain however as he manages to grab at Ryota’s neck to stop the assault and lever himself to a standing position. Their exchanges are some classic rookie grappling, both initially trying to show their seniors that they have mastered the basics. Ryota looks to be having more fun though, grinning as he applies a headlock to the frustrated Tanizaki. Yuki struggles free yet again though and fires up on the temporarily still grinning Hashimoto, who is forced back to his corner by Yuki’s punches. Sho tags in, Yuki backing off to allow MAO into the ring.

MAO gets the better of Sho initially, pulling him in for a kick to the gut and then spinning him into the corner for a high knee. Sho shakes him off easily though and its not long before MAO finds himself suplexed and staring at the lights. A distraction and a punch from MAO keeps Sho away long enough for MAO to tag in the rookie Yuki. Yuki goes at Sho with a blaze of fists that get Sho back against the ropes. His advantage lasts for about 20 seconds before Sho collides with him in the centre of the ring and knocks him down. Yuki Tanizaki (probably foolishly) refuses to stay down, meaning he takes more than a few strikes from Sho. He manages to give a reasonable account of himself, landing a couple of high kicks that seem to give Sho pause, until he uses Yuki’s own momentum to knock him down. On the apron, Ryota is desperate to get back in to the ring, particularly whilst Yuki isn’t doing so well, and eventually Sho reaches for the outstretched hand. Unfortunately for Ryota, Yuki has recovered enough to hit his dojo-mate with a standing dropkick and tag in the waiting MAO, who grabs the stumbling Ryota by the neck, and slams him to the mat. Ryota does his best to keep up with MAO, even managing to get him down for a crossbody dive and the briefest of pin attempts, but MAO picks him apart easily and a bridging suplex puts Ryota out of action.

MAO def. Ryota w/ bridging German suplex (8:04)

Yuki Tanizaki looks dazed as his arm is raised alongside MAO’s, seemingly forgetting to smile. The defeated Hashimoto stares at the floor, rubbing his neck. The two sparks remain in the ring to bow to the crowd, who cheer their debut. They barely acknowledge each other, each leaving through separate routes.

A-YO (Abe/Aoyagi/Yoh) v Jackets (Seiki/Kushida/Ikemen)

The Jackets team look considerably more confident, with the exception of Abe, who appears to have no doubts whatsoever. Yoh and Kushida are the first in the ring and set a fast pace until an armdrag and handspring dropkick puts Yoh on his back and gives Kushida the chance to go for an arm. He’s not successful this time but is relentless in this match in his pursuit of a submission. Matching up with Abe gives him a bit more trouble and their grappling exchanges are notably faster paced, each managing to scramble out of the other’s holds but not without wearing both of them down. Fortunately for Kushida, he gets to rest whilst Seiki and Ikemen take their turns with the A-YO members. There’s a moment of concern for the Jackets team as Abe manages to get an octopus stretch locked in on Seiki but Yoh and Aoyagi are ineffective at holding Ikemen and Kushida back and they break up the submission attempt. Some collaboration from the A-YO team on Ikemen with a trio of enzuigiris gives yet another pin opportunity but Ikemen kicks out at two. It’s Aoyagi who finally falls to Kushida’s persistence, forced to tap to an enthusiastically applied cross armbreaker.

Kushida def. Aoyagi w/ cross armbreaker (16:00)

Black Snow v Meiko/Nakajima/Miyu 

Miyu asks to start off for the specially assembled trio, beckoning Maya Yukihi into the ring. Maya is more than happy to oblige, unloading forearms onto Yamashita as the bell rings. Yamashita is unfazed, following up with a slap and kick combo that seems to knock Maya’s confidence just a little. She gets revenge when she manages to dodge under one of Miyu’s kicks and take her down for a pin attempt. Both back off, letting Omori and Meiko take the ring. Omori does not fare well against Meiko’s kicks but does a good job of being able to fend off any attempt at a take down or suplex, managing to get control enough for a backdrop. 

Nakajima and Kodama both enter grinning but it’s Nakajima who stays smiling, managing to get Kodama in the corner for a Shutter Chance. As he takes it to the second corner, the remaining Black Snow duo decide they have seen enough and storm the ring. Meiko and Miyu escort them to the outside, where Maya gets run into the barriers by Meiko and Omori ends up stuck between the kicks of both Meiko and Maya. It’s a move they manage later on in the ring, with Omori thoroughly sick of both of them by the time he tags out. Nakajima takes it fairly easy in this match, leaving most of the match time to his Full Throttle partners who seem to enjoy getting the chance to work together. His early work wearing down Kodama pays off though, and Meiko gets the better of a suplex exchange with Kodama, landing scorpion rising as he struggles to his knees.

Meiko def. Kodama w/  Scorpion Rising. (12:48)

The Black Snow trio are NOT happy but none them seem keen to get back in the ring, particularly with Nakajima grinning at them. Omori and Maya shoot glares back at the ring as they support a weary Kodama to the back.

Hiromu & Ueno v Yo-Hey & Kotoge (Special Mix Tag)

This special tag match to celebrate the new champions of Full Throttle provided the new Openweight and Lightspeed champions the chance to choose their teammates, with Hiromu choosing Ueno and Yo-Hey choosing Kotoge. 

The champions for each side start off, with a handshake offered by Yo-Hey and accepted by Hiromu. They start off warily, both dodging dropkicks from each side until a little misdirection from Hiromu takes out Yo-Hey with a lariat. Yo-Hey struggles up and is speedy and slippery enough to evade Hiromu’s attempts to get him in a hold, but has to tag out. Kotoge has a bit more luck when he gets in the ring with Ueno, managing to knock him down with a leg lariat and follow up PK. Ueno can’t be counted out for long though and Kotoge ends up in the corner taking some punishment from Ueno’s elbows with Hiromu cheering on from the corner. Hiromu seems more content to watch than get involved in this match however and, as time goes on, quick tags from the Kotoge/Yo-Hey team keep them fresh enough to avoid the worst of Ueno’s attacks. Crucially, they manage to prevent Ueno from getting settled for any top-rope attacks and he has to rely on his (still significantly superior) strength in striking and power attacks. Although there’s some concern for Yo-Hey when a hefty powerbomb from Hiromu keeps him down for a 2.5 count, the Ueno/Hiromu team don’t seem as invested. A furious assault of running elbows by Kotoge, followed by a Kill Switch, at least have Ueno dazed. But it’s the teamwork from Yo-Hey, adding a thrust kick and then springboard dropkick to Ueno’s headaches, that opens up the chance for the second Kill Switch and a victory for Kotoge. 

Kotoge def. Ueno w/ Kill Switch (14:22)

Hiromu climbs into the ring, kneeling down to the laid out Ueno and looking at him curiously. He shrugs, ruffles Ueno’s hair and then wanders off, leaving Ueno to the attentions of Tanizaki, who helps him from the ring. Yo-Hey and Kotoge celebrate, Yo-Hey throwing his arms around the exhausted looking Kotoge. Their celebrations are quickly cut short however, as ASUKA rolls into the ring and slides over a shoebox in Yo-Hey’s direction. 

“Hey, Yo-Hey-kun. These don’t suit me. Give me that belt instead.”

Yo-Hey looks around for a way out, but, seeing no other option, shrugs and stands to face off against ASUKA, jutting out his chin in defiance. Kotoge rolls out of the ring and the bell rings to start the championship fight. 

ASUKA v Yo-Hey (Lightspeed Championship)

Yo-Hey clearly wants this over quickly, tripping ASUKA into a roll up that almost looks like it might be successful. ASUKA is not impressed when they get to their feet and Yo-Hey finds himself on the end of some stiff elbows. He tries to continue the fast pace but ASUKA catches him off a run with a big boot. She drags him to his feet for yet another elbow that has him on his back. Yo-Hey struggles back, managing to trip ASUKA into the ropes for a Gamen G attempt but ASUKA slides out of the way. It’s all ASUKA after that, hitting Yo-Hey with a foot stomp that then keeps him down long enough for a shooting star press. Full Throttle has a new Lightspeed Champion!!

ASUKA def. Yo-Hey w/ Shooting Star Press (8:01)

ASUKA looks delighted with her new belt, stroking the metal plate and posing in the ring. A very disappointed Yo-Hey exits, leaning on his A-YO teammates who have come to help him from the ring.

A Block Trios Final: Meiko/Nakajima/Miyu v Jackets (Seiki/Kushida/Ikemen)

Meiko and Miyu seem keen for Nakajima to put in a bit more work this time, suggesting he start things off against the nominated Ikemen for the Jackets team. There’s a little showboating from both sides, as both tease chops on the ropes but things quickly get intense as they exchange punches in the centre of the ring, Nakajima switching to kicks that have Ikemen stumbling backwards. Ikemen manages to make use of the ropes for momentum, with a rolling forearm that knocks Nakajima down, followed up by a dropkick as he stumbles to his feet. He tags in Kushida, who runs for the top rope, narrowly prevented from reaching the top by Nakajima. They exchange blows standing on the ropes until Nakajima gets control, hoisting Kushida up for a backdrop into the ring and a pin attempt.

Kushida recovers his momentum, catching the leg of the cocky Nakajima as he moves away from the pin and managing to manoeuvre him into an ankle lock. Nakajima scrambles to the ropes without too much difficulty but decides not to face the waiting Kushida, tagging in Meiko instead. Meiko runs at the waiting Kushida, failing to take him down but impressively managing to lift and slam him to the mat. He warily returns to his feet, the two circling. Meiko aims kicks at his lower legs but Kushida is able to evade and get a grip on Meiko’s wrists, enough to spin her into the corner. The action gets fast paced as each exchange running forearms into the corners until Meiko manages to catch Kushida with a kick to the midriff. A follow up from Meiko is a mistake however, as Kushida uses the chance to grab hold of her ankle and twist into his second ankle lock of the match. Meiko has a harder time getting to the ropes and a dropkick from Kushida as she gets to her feet has her hanging over the ropes. He pulls her back for a double knee backbreaker and Meiko is squirming on the mat, reaching for Miyu’s outstretched hand.

Miyu leaps into the ring, landing a heavy flurry of kicks on Kushida until a high kick takes him down. A seated Kushida ends up on the receiving end of twin kicks from Miyu and Nakajima and then a 2-count as Miyu goes for the pin. Kushida and Miyu stand, exchanging chops in the ring until Kushida overpowers Yamashita and goes for a quick pin. Miyu kicks out but Kushida gets her into a chinlock, cranking back. Yamashita crawls to the nearest ropes, managing to grab at the bottom rope but inadvertently also moving Kushida in position to tag in Seiki.

Seiki walks along the apron, propelling himself over the ropes to land a footstomp on the back of the still downed Yamashita. He pulls her to the centre of the ring, going to lift her up but Miyu manages to fight her way out, punching at Seiki’s stomach and chest. They separate, both exchanging kicks in the centre of the ring, Miyu screaming as she lands them. Seiki finally manages to knock Miyu down but she barely stays down for 1. Seiki follows up with a scissor kick as she stands and then a second pin attempt but Miyu gets her shoulder up again! The two get to their feet, Seiki ducking under Miyu’s kick, then Miyu doing the same, both dodging out of each other’s range until Miyu catches a ducking Seiki with a kick to the side of the head. Rather than follow up, Miyu wisely reaches for her corner and the waiting hand of Nakajima.

Miyu tags in Nakajima as Seiki struggles to his feet. The two circle warily, Nakajima landing some sharp kicks on Seiki’s legs. Seiki avoids a takedown attempt, managing to pull away from Nakajima enough to run the ropes but Nakajima catches him with a kick to the gut, leaving Seiki bent double. He struggles to hit feet, slapping Nakajima heavily on his chest and then face. The two trade slaps until Nakajima throws in a forearm and Seiki is down yet again, Nakajima crouching over him for a pin attempt. Dragged back to hit feet by Nakajima, Seiki struggles out, hitting Nakajima with a reverse kick to the stomach and a step-up enzuigiri. Seiki crawls to the corner, pulling himself up to launch at Nakajima with a step-up axe kick that has Nakajima straight back down to the mat. Seiki rolls him over but Nakajima’s shoulder is up in 1.5.

Seiki beckons Nakajima to his feet, running at the ropes and caught yet again by Nakajima’s knee. Dragged to his feet by his hair, Seiki takes one, two, three kicks from Nakajima to his midriff. He fights back, hitting Nakajima with some heavy kicks of his own but it’s almost as if Nakajima is letting him, taking him down with a dragon screw when he gets bored. Nakajima hits Seiki with kicks from both sides as he tries to sit up, holding him down again for two. His Jackets teammates decide now is the time to intervene but are both hit with boots to the face from the fully prepared Miyu and Meiko, who make sure that the ring is clear for Nakajima to hoist Seiki aloft and hit him with a vertical spike.

Nakajima def. Seiki w/ Vertical Spike (15:38)

Nakajima grins for the crowd as he sits on the chest of Seiki, only standing up when Meiko and Miyu join him in the ring to have their hands raised. There are handshakes between all three as they seem well on the way to claiming the Triple Torque belts.