Ground Zero #1

Ground Zero Episode 1: “Arrival”

Live from Korakuen Hall it’s the inaugural addition of WCA Ground Zero. The show starts with a 15 minute loop of General Manager Zeus’ entrance theme before he finally makes an appearance. Along with his executive advisor, Keiji Muto. The two men entered the ring as Zeus grabbed a mic to speak. “Welcome everyone to inaugural launch episode of Ground Zero. I’m excited to be in charge here, as I felt like all three brand bring something different to the table. The World Class Alliance is special and you can’t see anything like it anywhere else. However, it’s going to be my duty to focus on this shows success more than the alliance’s as a whole. At the first big event ALL OR NOTHING, I have grand plans for the six man championships being introduced. However, the championships I want to address tonight are the Glory Crown, All Asia TV, and Mirrored Dreams Championships. Mr Muto you actually had an idea as regards to the Mirrored Dreams Championships, correct?”

Muto would take a mic from the timekeeper and respond.  “Uh yes, so at ALL OR NOTHING. We will have a four corners tag team elimination match. As Koji Doi and Kuma Arashi of NO MERCY will face Kazusada Higuchi and Masa Kitamiya of CHAOS, Shuji Kondo and Yuji Hino, and….AXIZ!” The fans would applaud loudly, as Zeus looked impressed before speaking once more. “Great matchup, now as far as the All Asia TV Championship. We are going to have a surprise match next week for said championship to close out our go home show with a bang. Now as far as the world title scene goes, I had the leaders of each unit nominate someone for a four person tournament with the matches taking place next week and the finals will be at ALL OR NOTHING. Shinsuke Nakamura nominated Rina Yamashita, KENTA nominated himself, Tetsuya Naito and Andrade nominated Eita. Then there was a small dispute in the Generation of Miracles. As both Yuma Aoyagi and T-Hawk both wanted in so in our main event they will face off with the winner advancing. Now that all that is out of the way let’s get to the action shall we?” The fans applauded once more, as Zeus and Muto exited the ring. 

Match 1: Shingo Takagi vs Hayato Tamura

Hayato Tamura of the Generation of Miracles squares off with Shingo Takagi in the first Ground Zero match ever. They get face to face before commencing a shoulder tackle battle. With neither man budging, before Shingo charged for another shoulder tackle then Tamura side stepped him. Running off the opposite rope and taking him down with a big leaping shoulder block. Tamura then lifted up Shingo up and tossed him into the corner. Charging and hitting a big lariat in the corner, before dragging Shingo out and hitting a big ‘Stalling Brainbuster!’ 

Covering Shingo in the middle of the ring. 1….2….Kickout! Tamura wasted no time, as he would look for the ‘Hayato Driver!’ However, Shingo slid out the back and immediately hit Tamura with the ‘Noshigami!’ Proceeding to make a pin attempt of his own! 1….2….Kickout! Shingo would then measure for the ‘Pumping Bomber’, however when he ran out of the ropes Tamura blocked it! Before sending Shingo flying with a release ‘German Suplex!’ Tamura would follow that up with a big time lariat! Tamura picks Shingo up and connects with the ‘Hayato Driver!’ 1….2….Kickout at 2.9! Tamura would then hook Shingo for the ‘Jackhammer!’ Shingo would breakout and punch Tamura in the face before taking him down with the quick clothesline. 

Picking Tamura up Shingo had a fire in his eyes, as he gave a stiff lariat to the back of Tamura’s head before charging and hitting a big ‘Pumping Bomber!’ Tamura lands right on his neck! Shingo would stack Tamura up for the pin. 1….2….3! DDD! Shingo Takagi gets the win. 

Match 2: Shuji Kondo and Yuji Hino vs AXIZ (Go Shiozaki and Katsuhiko Nakajima)

In the second bout of the night, two of the tag teams that will be in the Mirrored Dreams Championship four way battle here. As Shuji Kondo and Yuji Hino battle AXIZ! The match starts off with Yuji Hino and Go Shiozaki trading heavy chops! Back and forth for onward of three minutes. As Shiozaki’s chest started to welt up and bleed slightly. Hino’s started to change a shade of red. While the fans cheered on, and their partners climbed into the ring. Dragged them to their respective corners, so they could tag themselves into the match. Kondo and Nakajima proceeded to climb into the ring and charge one another. Kondo swung for the fences, but Nakajima ducked and face washed Kondo with the bottom of his boot. 

Slapping Kondo in the face before charging off into the ropes and being caught with ‘The Original!’ Covering Nakajima in the middle of the ring. 1….2….Go stomps on Kondo. Shuji Kondo stood over Nakajima before spiking him head first into the match with the ‘Kubinage!’ Kondo would march over to tag Hino who scaled to the top rope. As Yuji Hino would scale the top rope, and came crashing down squashing Nakajima with a big ‘Frog Splash!’ Covering 1….2….Kickout! Hino got up with his hands on his hips shaking his head, as Nakajima tried to crawl to Go. Hino leaned forward and chopped Nakajima directly on the back. With Hino grabbing Nakajima by the back of his trunks. Nakajima broke the grip and turned around with a wild swing and kick to the head of Hino! 

Nakajima rolled out of the ring and Shiozaki came in making him the legal man! Shiozaki came into the ring hitting him with a backhand chop to the face. Before running and knocking Kondo off the apron. As he grabbed Hino and placed him in the corner firing off with a series of ‘Machine Gun Chops!’ Shouting for Nakajima, who soon came into the ring as they hit a combination Fisherman Buster/Thrust Kick combo! Shiozaki covered Hino! 1….2….Kondo breaks it! Nakajima would tackled Kondo out of the ring! As Shiozaki picked up Hino and hit the ‘Limit Break!’ Climbing to the top and going for a big time ‘Moonsault!” Hino moves. 

As Kondo sends Nakajima flying into the guardrail. As Kondo rolled in and measured Go before taking his head off with a ‘King Kong Lariat!’ Hino then made it to his feet before hitting Go with three consecutive ‘Fuxking Bombs!’ As he went for a fourth the ref stopped the match! DDD! The monster tag team of Kondo and Hino stood tall as Nakajima crawled in and covered Go to prevent further damage. 

Results: Yuji Hino and Shuji Kondo defeat AXIZ (14:30) 

Match 3: Nobuhiro Shimatani vs Yuki Yoshioka 

In the third bout we see NO MERCY’s Nobuhiro Shimatani and the Generation of Miracles’ Yuki Yoshioka start the chapter between the two units. Nobu and Yuki locked up, before Nobu grabbed a side headlock. Before Yuki shoved him right off and hit a leapfrog before connecting with a dropkick. Waiting for Nobu to get up before hitting a series of ‘Japanese Armdrags’ and finally put him down with a ‘Flapjack!’ Covering in the middle of the ring! 1….2….Kickout! Yoshioka wasted no time picking him up and planting him with a ‘Groza!’ Climbing to the top and looking for a ‘Frog Splash!’

Nobu would move out of the way, and get to his feet dropkicking a now kneeling Yoshioka in the back of the head! Looking for his Arm Trapped Crossface, but Yoshioka fight against it! Nobu turns it into a ‘La Magistral!’ 1….2….Kickout! Nobu would bodyslam Yoshioka in the middle of the ring, and hit a ‘Running Shooting Star Press!’ Nobu would pick-up Yoshioka and look for his signature ‘Crucifix Bomb!’ Yoshioka blocks it and pulls him up connecting with a ‘Death Valley Bomb!’ 

Yoshioka would shout out “DARKNESS BUSTER!!” Hooking Nobu up, only for Nobu to spin out of it and pull Yoshioka into a  small package! 1….2…3! DDD!

Results: Nobuhiro Shimatani defeats Yuki Yoshioka(6:00)

Match 4: NO MERCY (KENTA, YUJIRO, Kuma Arashi, and Koji Doi vs CHAOS (Rina Yamashita, Masa Kitamiya, Kazusada Higushi, and Kaito Ishida

NO MERCY waited at the bottom of the ramp for the members of CHAOS, as they charged right at them. With KENTA and Rina going at it, as they meet next week in a Glory Crown Tournament Match. With Koji Doi going right after Kazusada Higuchi, and Masa Kitamiya taking down Kuma Arashi. YUJIRO would rake the eyes of Kaito Ishida and toss him into the ring. YUJIRO slides in, and measures Ishida hitting him with a big time ‘Inter-Colligate Slam!’ Covering him 1….2….Kickout!’ YUJIRO ran off the ropes and looked for a big time Lariat, but Kaito Ishida ducks hitting him with a rolling solebutt! Snapmaring YUJIRO and firing off one of those gunshot kicks to the back! 

Both men would crawl over to their respective corners making a tag. As Higuchi and Koji Doi come into the ring. Doi running at Higuchi rocking him with a big Lariat attempt. As Higuchi shook it off, and grabbed his signature ‘Iron Claw!’ Squeezing Koji Doi’s head bringing him to his knees. Kuma Arashi rolls in, and grabs Higuchi tossing him across the ring with a ‘German Release Suplex!’ Doi rolls out, and as does Higuchi. Due to the lucha rules this allowed Masa Kitamiya to come into the match as a legal man. 

Kuma didn’t see him and was met with a big time ‘Spear!’ Masa makes the cover on Kuma! 1….2….KICKOUT! Masa would then look for his ‘Spike Piledriver!’ However, Kuma would toss him over with a back body drop. Rolling over and making the tag to KENTA! KENTA comes in, and tosses Masa out of the ring. Waving for Rina Yamashita to enter the ring.

Yamashita enters, and charges only to be met by a KENTA boot! Slapping her a few times busting her lip, and connecting with a head kick! Yamashita was rocked, but shook it off to grabKENTA’s hair and delivers a thunderous headbutt! Running off the ropes taking KENTA down with a big time Lariat! Covering in the middle of the ring! 1….2….YUJIRO breaks it! Urging KENTA to get up, as Kaito Ishida tackles him back out of the ring. Yamashita lifted up KENTA who fought back with an uppercut! KENTA would immediately go for the ‘GO 2 SLEEP!’ However, Yamashita wiggled toward the back gripping his waist. Proceeding to knee KENTA repeatedly in the chest! Picking him up and planting him with a ‘Splash Mountain!’ Covering him in the middle! 1….2….3! DDD! KumaDoi brawled with Masa and Higuchi, as officials tried to separate them. YUJIRO pulled KENTA out of the ring, as Yamashita taunted him. KENTA booting security guards at ringside in rage.

Results: CHAOS defeats NO MERCY(13:24)

Thick smoked filled a dark room, as all the members of Pinche Loco. Sitting at a small round table as Tetsuya Naito and Andrade bickered back and forth. With Diamanté telling them both Tranquilo. Tetsuya Naito said they have full confidence that Eita will become the Glory Crown Champion. Andrade then says they have no doubt that the company will reward Daisuke Sasaki the All Asia TV Championship. However, something does bother him as Zeus mentioned trios belts. Naito then intervened and said he likes the idea, but Zeus should do the right thing and hand them over to himself, Andrade, and Diamanté. Going onto say they don’t care what other three are selected, but they better be ready to lose to the most unstoppable trio. With them all raising their fists up in solidarity

Main Event: Yuma Aoyagi vs T-Hawk (winner faces Eita in the semi-finals of the Glory Crown Tournament)

Yuma Aoyagi and T-Hawk both wanted to compete for the Glory Crown. So both Generation of Miracles members decided to battle it out. The question remains if either one can truly beat the other in under 20 minutes. The two men stared across the ring from each other focused as ever before. The bell would ring, as both men charged with T-Hawk chops Yuma with all of his might. Yuma would fire up, before kicking T-Hawk in the gut and hitting the ‘Rockstar Buster!’ Yuma would immediately go for the pin, but T-Hawk rolled out of the ring. Taking the time to recover from the big move so soon into the match. 

Yuma measured T-Hawk and hit him with a Corkscrew Somersault Plancha! Picking up T-Hawk and tossing him in following up immediately into the cover! 1….2….Kickout!  Yuma immediately tried for the ‘End Game’, but T-Hawk fought to the ropes. Yuma would break the hold, and proceed to stomp on his opponent. Looking to charge off the ropes, and when he does T-Hawk catches him with the ‘Aguila!’ Following that up with the ‘Rojo’ right in the middle of the ring! Wrenching back on the hold tugging Yuma’s head back! Yuma would bang the mat, before reaching and pulling himself to the ropes to force the break! 

T-Hawk would shout out “Ikuzo!” As he would walk back to the corner looking for the ‘Cerberus!’ However Yuma turned around running toward T-Hawk hitting a ‘Shotgun Dropkick!’ Yuma would pull T-Hawk out of the corner and plant him with an ‘Exploder Suplex!’ Picking up T-Hawk and dropping him with a ‘Brainbuster!’ and floating over right into ‘End Game!’ Wrenching back on the hold! T-Hawk would kick his feet wildly as Yuma let go and went for it one more ‘Rockstar Buster!’ However, T-Hawk picked him up and planted him with the ‘Night Ride!’ Covering him! 1….2….Kickout!

T-Hawk let out a war cry, as he would backpedal slightly before charging and rocking Yuma with the ‘Cerberus!’ Falling into the cover. 1….2….3! DDD! T-Hawk would roll over and lock hands with Yuma as a sign of solidarity.

Results: T-Hawk defeats Yuma Aoyagi (17:45)

T-Hawk would catch his breath as Yuki Yoshioka and Hayato Tamura would join the two in the ring. He would tell the fans that’s a fight that only the Generation of Miracles can provide. Saying he is glad he can stand beside Yuma, and will do his best to win the Glory Crown. Citing he is exhausted, but he wanted to introduce the first two Ground Zero trainees! Presenting Tiger Mask W! He is 26 years old out of Okinawa. He will join the unaffiliated portion of the roster in season two. Before announcing Aomine Hayashi who is 21 years old out of Tokyo. He will be joining the ranks of the Generation of Miracles in season two. Instructing the fans to help them close the show. Before shouting “We are the Generation of Miracles and we were born to beat you!” Thanking the fans before dropping the mic. Posing with the trainees to close the show.