Ground zero #4: Dragon slayer

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rina Yamashita 

Rina Yamashita has hit a rough patch since falling to KENTA in the Glory Crown Semifinals. Now her leader hopes to get her back on the right track. As he responds to her handshake with a well placed knee lift to the gut. Then kicking her in the side of the head begging her to come back after him. As Rina got up and went for a big time lariat, but was caught in a flying cross armbreaker! Wrenching back on the arm, as Rina shouted out in pain. She had one open window to re-lock her hands and she took it. Slowly making her way back to her feet and delivering a deadlift one-handed powerbomb! Covering Nakamura, but only managing to get a 2-count! Rina then climbed to the top and hit a diving body press! Covering for yet another 2-count.

She went for the Splash Mountain only for Nakamura to slide out the back and hit the sleeper suplex! Before mowing over Rina with a big time Bomaye! Covering Rina, but she got her foot on the bottom rope at 2.9! Nakamura is feeling it as he went to the corner to catch her with a final Bomaye. However, Rina moved and caught Nakamura with a Lariat! Both competitors crumbled to the mat as the time limit expired signaling a draw. Both shook hands after the match, and perhaps Rina got the awakening she needed. 

Results: Rina Yamashita and Shinsuke Nakamura go to a draw(15:00) 

T-Hawk, Yuki Yoshioka, Mizuki Watase, and Hayato Tamura vs Go Shiozaki, Rey Fenix, Shuji Kondo, and Yuji Hino

This a four on four elimination match pitting the Generation of Miracles against Go Shiozaki, Yuji Hino, Shuji Kondo, and Anarchy’s Rey Fenix. Elimination can occur by pinfall, submission, or over the top rope. It didn’t take long for the eliminations to start piling up. As Yuki Yoshioka lowered the rope sending a charging Shuji Kondo flying over the top! However, his time to celebrate would be brief as both he and Mizuki Watase were pummeled by the incoming Yuji Hino. Who grabbed Yuki Yoshioka and planted him with a FXCKING BOMB!  Covering him for the 3-count! The Shiozaki Gundam team disposed of T-Hawk and Hayato Tamura.

As they focused their attention to Watase, as they mauled the new Generation of Miracles member. Go Shiozaki hit him with a big Lariat! Fenix followed it up with a Firebird Splash, and Hino went up top looking for his Frog Splash. However Tamura rolled in and shoved him off to the floor eliminating him! Fenix grabbed Tamura and dropped him with the Fire Driver! Covering him for the 3-count! Fenix then grabbed Watase and proceeded to hit him with the ‘Black Fire Driver’, but after he did so he was met with a knee from T-Hawk!

The Glory Crown Champion wasted no time in dropping Fenix with the ‘Night Ride!’ Covering Fenix for the 3-count! Go Shiozaki re-emerged as he and T-Hawk traded off a series of chops. As T-Hawk went for a ‘Night Ride’, however Go slid out the back and on to the apron! T-Hawk went to knock him down, but Go caught his strike! Lifting him up and dropping him to the floor with a modified ‘Go Flasher!’ Go let out a might roar getting back into the ring to celebrate his victory. However, MIZUKI WATASE RUNS BEHINDS HIM AND DUMPS HIM OUT THE RING! WATASE WAS NEVER ELIMINATED! DDD! The Generation of Miracles win, and Mizuki Watase is the sole survivor! Shiozaki looks pissed off, but he just towers over T-Hawk raising the Glory Crown. While the other members get in the ring to congratulate Watase. 

Results: Mizuki Watase wins the 4 on 4 battle royal as the sole survivor(13:45)

Zeus Segment 

Ground Zero President, Zeus comes down to the ring with a microphone in hand. Zeus acknowledges that those involved in the Mirrored Dreams Championship match are not here and are in fact banned tonight. He notes that the constant fighting between NO MERCY and CHAOS is ridiculous and it needs to stop. So Zeus announces that the Mirrored Dreams Championship match will take place inside of a Steel Cage with various weapons hanging off the cage. It will be known as the Doomsday Cage Match.

He has spoken to both teams, and not only have they agreed. They will sign the contract live at the Heartbreak Mosh press conference. So be sure to tune in to get their thoughts. Now let’s get to the main event, he can confirmed Shingo Takagi does have partners. However, out of respect for the TV Champion he will not reveal such a thing. Zeus then exits the ring peacefully sitting ringside for the main event.

Main Event-Ground Zero World Trios Championship: Tetsuya Naito, Andrade, and Diamanté(c) vs Shingo Takagi, X, and XX 

The champions sit in the corner staring at Shingo asking where his pareja’s are? Shingo then pointed to the ramp as Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys play throughout the arena. It’s the Golden Lovers from Anarchy! Mike Bailey and Kota Ibushi coming down to the ring to team with Shingo and possibly take home some Ground Zero Gold! Shingo hits both Andrade and Naito with a double Pumping Bomber! As Mike and Kota go to work on Diamanté with a double team kick flurry! Sending Diamanté out of the ring, as both Kota and Mike hit stereo triangle moonsaults out onto the champs! They threw Naito in the ring to Shingo who covered him for only a 2-count. Soon Naito would gain the momentum back with a eyerake followed by ‘Gloria!’

Naito made it over to Andrade who came in the ring and laid into Shingo, but Ibushi and Mike came into the ring to save their partner. Showcasing some more double team work taking out Diamanté and Naito. Kota Ibushi grabbed Andrade and hit a rolling fireman’s carry toward the corner. Where Mike hit the ‘Ultima Weapon!’ Ibushi hopped to the top and followed with a ‘Phoenix Splash!’ Shingo would then pick up Andrade and hit a Made in Japan! Only getting a 2.9! The Golden Lovers were pulled out of the ring, as Shingo went for the ‘Pumping Bomber!’

Diamanté slid into the ring and hit Shingo with the ‘Vuelta Finale!’ Covering Shingo in the middle of the ring for a 3-count! Diamanté would then grab the All Asia TV Championship, as Pinche Loco have seemingly chosen Shingo’s next challenger for Heartbreak Mosh.

Pinche Loco defeat Shingo Takagi and The Golden Lovers to retain the Ground Zero World Trios Championship(14:00)