Ground Zero #2: Going on the attack

Nobuhiro Shimatani vs Kaito Ishida

Bell rings and the two man charge as Ishida hits a Enzugiri straight to the chest.  This has been a theme for matches featuring Nobu wanting to kick up the high speed just a bit. However, Ishida was expecting him to over commit and had a strike lined up. As Ishida snapmared Nobu right over and fires off a kick to the back. Running off the ropes and hitting a big time PK! Covering Nobu, but only managing a 2-count. Ishida would then for the Tiger Suplex. However Nobu is fighting against it.

Nobu would eventually try to bite the ropes to stop the hold. Ishida let go and slapped Nobu in the back of the head then running off the ropes. Nobu would turn around and hit a big time dropkick! Nobu follows it up with a standing shooting star press! Covering for only another 2-count. Nobu would pick up Ishida and plant him with a big time fishermen’s buster! Nobu then looked to execute his Crucifix Driver. However Ishida did all in his power to block it.  Eventually breaking free, before he would assault Nobu with a flurry of slaps to the face and kicks to the legs. Finishing the flurry off with a Buzzsaw Kick! Stomping on Nobu’s ankle, before applying his Ankle Lock! Wrenching back as Nobu shouted out in pain, as he held the hold for quite some time. Nobu finally got a grip on a bottom rope after failing numerous times.

As the ref pulled Ishida away, Nobu would untie his boot, before holding his ankle. Ishida would proceed to grab the foot again and apply the Ankle Lock. Ishida locks it in then Nobu pushes off Ishida’s arm with his free boot. Rolling through and leaving Ishida holding the boot that he untied. Nobu capitalized by catching Ishida with a small package for the win! 

After the match Nobuhiro Shimatani grabs the mic and begins shouting for Zeus. Asking why he doesn’t have a match at ALL OR NOTHING. Stating he is 2-0 and the other members of NO MERCY have chances to be champions while he and Yujiro just exist. Zeus apologizes and told him that’s just how things lined up for the launch. Shimatani then bucks up to Zeus burying his head into Zeus’ chest. Challenging Zeus and his advisor Keiji Muto to meet him and Yujiro at ALL OR NOTHING. Zeus laughs and accepts, and Nobu tells Zeus he will get a direct fall over him and bodyslam him over the top rope. Chopping him before Zeus grabs him and gives him a Chokeslam. 

Results: Nobuhiro Shimatani defeats Kaito Ishida, and a new match for ALL OR NOTHING is set (7:00) 

Yuji Hino and Shuji Kondo vs Masa Kitamiya and Kazusada Higuchi

Next up, two teams in the Mirrored Dreams Championship fourway do battle here. As Kazusada Higuchi and Yuji Hino start off. As Hino waddles over to the corner and has Shuji Kondo help him take his shirt off. Before making his way back to the middle of the ring and begging Higuchi to chop him. Once Higuchi sends the first chop, Hino grabs his chest. Walking back to the corner and putting the shirt back on. Before firing a loud chop of his own to Higuchi. The two Goliath’s trade chops, before reeling from the abuse . Higuchi and Hino charge and knock each other out of the ring after colliding with a big double shoulder block.

Shuji Kondo climbs into the ring, and Masa Kitamiya climbing into the ring. Kondo charges and catches Kitamiya with the Lanzarse! Kitamiya gets right back up shaking it off with his fighting spirit, and catching Kondo with a big time Spear! Covering for only a 2-count! Masa would go for the Saito Suplex. Kondo blocks it, and plants Kitamiya with a brainbuster. Higuchi comes in and grabs ahold of Kondo with a claw hold! Squeezing on Kondo’s head. Picking him up and slamming him down with a Iron Claw Slam! 

Hino rolls in and chips Higuchi in the back right in between the shoulder blades. Then hitting Higuchi with the Sekaiichi no German Suplex! Masa would grab Hino and drill him with the Saito Suplex! Masa let out a big roar, but then got clobbered by the King Kong Lariat! Covering Masa for the 3-count! As Kondo and Hino stood over the CHAOS team before exiting.

Results:Yuji Hino and Shuji Kondo defeat Masa Kitamiya and Kazusada Higuchi(12:22) 

Hayato Tamura vs Tetsuya Naito

Pinche Loco’s uncontrollable charisma, Tetsuya Naito battles Hayato Tamura of the Generation of Miracles. Naito comes into this match declaring he, Diamanté, and Andrade would be the first trios champions in brand history. While Tamura suffered a crushing loss against Shingo Takagi last episode. He’s looking to bounce back, against someone who might not see him as much of a challenge.

The match starts off with both men going for a lock up, and Tamura easily overpowered Naito to the mat. Naito was caught off-guard a little bit, but when they went for the second lock up Naito kicked Tamura in the gut. Raking Tamura’s eyes before snapmaring him and applying the leg scissors. Squeezing Tamura’s head as hard as he could. While drilling him in the top of the head with punches. Yuki Yoshioka and Yuma Aoyagi cheered him on from ringside. Diamanté and Andrade would shout at them from across the ring. 

Naito let go of the hold and stomped away at Tamura, as he picked him up and Irish whipped into the corner. Running and Tamura tossing Naito to the apron. Naito tripped Tamura in the corner following up with a slingshot basement dropkick. Dragging him out and covering him for a 2-count. Naito would then plant Tamura with a big time Gloria. Before signaling for the end and looking for Destino. However Tamura turned it into a running Oklahoma Stampede! As he then looked for a lariat!

Tamura charged off the ropes, but Diamanté tripped him up. Yuki Yoshioka slid into the ring and hit a tope con hilo out onto Andrade and Diamanté. As Naito got back to his feet, and went after Tamura only to be caught with a big lariat! Tamura would pick up Naito and plant him with a Jackhammer! Covering him for the 3, and the win! Big win for Hayato Tamura.

Afterwards Tamura grabbed the mic, and asked Naito how is Pinche Loco going to be the first trios champions? When himself, Yoshioka, and Aoyagi will become the first trios champions. Before dropping the mic and filling the open slot in that title match.

Results: Hayato Tamura defeats Tetsuya Naito(10:00) 

Eita vs T-Hawk

Next up, we have the first of two semi final matches in the Glory Crown Championship tournament. As Eita and T-Hawk do battle and these two are no strangers to each other. Former partners now with a chance to stand at the top of the mountain. However, they must overcome one another to get there. The bell ring, and T-Hawk immediately charges at him looking for a big time chop! However, Eita ducks goes at T-Hawk’s eyes. Charging off the ropes, as T-Hawk catches him with the Aguila!

Following it up with a big double chop to the chest! Covering Eita in the middle of the ring for a 2-count. T-Hawk would immediately go to the corner going for the Cerberus! However when he charged out the corner, Eita caught him with a Casadora Driver! Covering him in the middle of the ring. Getting a 2.9 count, and almost getting the win right off the bat! Picking up T-Hawk and planting him with the pumphandle powerbomb for another quick 2-count! Eita, then immediately went for the Numero Uno! T-Hawk scurried to the ropes for an escape.

Eita stomped on him going to bounce off the ropes, but T-Hawk pulled him back. Planting him with a Urajigoku then immediately following up with the Cerberus! Covering him for a 2.9 count, as Eita barely escapes the jaws of defeat. T-Hawk would jump right on him and pick Eita up planting him with a Nightride! Covering him for the win! 

Results: T-Hawk defeats Eita(13:00) 

T-Hawk would extend his fist to his former tag partner, who bumps it and rolls out of the ring. T-Hawk advances to ALL OR NOTHING.

All Asia TV Championship: Shingo Takagi vs Daisuke Sasaki

As the ref went to ring the bell while the two men engaged in a handshake. Sasaki punted Shingo down low! When the ref rang the bell to signal the start of the match. Sasaki immediately followed up with his Hurricanrana trap pin! Only managing to get a 2-count! As Shingo powered out and Sasaki went right for the Cross Facelock! Shingo would immediately fight his way to the ropes to force a break. Sasaki got up belittling Shingo, and face washing him with his boot. Sasaki went for a La Mistica, however Shingo pushed him off slightly so he could fix his positioning and plant him with MADE IN JAPAN!

Shingo figured that wouldn’t be enough so he would sit him up and run off the ropes nailing him with a sliding lariat! Covering, but only getting a 2-Count! Shingo is feeling it as he tosses Sasaki back into the corner and hit him with the flurry of chops and straight punches to the jaw! Grabbing him for what looked to be a second MADE IN JAPAN, but it was turned into the Sol De Japón! Letting out a war cry as he went for a big Pumping Bomber. Only for Sasaki to blast him with a superkick! Sasaki then followed up with a big time German Suplex! Scaling up to the top rope, and measuring Shingo!

Sasaki comes flying off with a Hitman Diving Elbow Drop right into the heart of Takagi! Sasaki then gets him back up and hits him with the Now or Never! Covering him, but only mustering a 2.9! Sasaki feels himself closing in on a victory, as this La Mistica lands and gets him the leeway he needs to lock in the Cross Facelock! Wrenching back on it, but Shingo won’t give up. Sasaki then looked to hook the other arm for his take on the Beast Bite. However, that allowed Shingo to roll back and roll him up! Sasaki quickly kicks out, before kicking a waking Shingo in the gut. Charging off into the ropes, as Shingo gives chase with a Pumping Bomber into the ropes! 

Sasaki stumbles into the middle of the ring, and Shingo fires off with clubs to the chest and back! Before lifting Sasaki up and planting him with a Last Falconry! Covering him for the win, and the championship!

Shingo Takagi defeats Daisuke Sasaki to become the inagural All Asia TV Champion(16:46) 

Shingo is rewarded the belt, but it doesn’t take long for CHAOS leader, Shinsuke Nakamura to enter the ring. Pointing at Shingo and then the belt. Signaling his challenge for ALL OR NOTHING.

Main Event-Winner Advances To The Glory Crown Championship Match at ALL OR NOTHING: Rina Yamashita vs KENTA

KENTA was decimated by Rina Yamashita last week. He’s looking to get her back, while Yamashita looks to do what she did last week and beat KENTA to get one step closer to the Glory Crown. The bell rings, and the two approach each other in the center of the ring. Soon Rina throws a punch to the jaw of KENTA that rocks him. KENTA shakes it off and bounces back with a boot to the face of the Deathmatch Amazon. Rina throws a boot of her own, before grabbing KENTA and headbutting him sending KENTA to his knees. Both are now split wide open. Rina let’s out a shout as she tosses KENTA out of the ring. 

Rina would place him on the announce table placed ringside. As Milano Collection AT and KZY clear the table of their things. Rina pulled the barricade back some. As she climbed to the top and dove all the way onto KENTA putting him through the table with a big time splash! Both laid there broken as KENTA’s second, Yujiro Takahashi shouted “KEN-CHAN!” and Rina’s second, Kaito Ishida slid her a water bottle. Rina got back to her feet first and dragged KENTA back into the ring.

The ref refuses to count out either due to the stakes of this match. Rina picks up KENTA and blasts him with a lariat! Covering him only managing to get a 2.9 count! Rina went for the Splash Mountain, but KENTA fought so she just dropped him with a Razors Edge! Before begging him to get up and fired off with another punch at the jaw of KENTA. KENTA this time punched back and they traded punches back and forth. Before Rina started biting the bleeding forehead of KENTA!

KENTA replied with smearing the blood from Rina’s head near her eyes almost blinding her. Before he caught her with the spinning backfist! And grabbed her braids and proceeded to keep firing away with Kawada style kicks to her head until her face was in the mat. Then he stomped on the back of her head! When he was pulled away Rina slowly raised up flipping him off.

KENTA charged and blasted her with a Busaiku he no Hizageri! KENTA then picked up Rina and nailed her with the Go 2 Sleep! Covering her in the middle of the ring. 1…2…3! DDD! KENTA advances to the finals after a bloodbath with Rina Yamashita!

KENTA defeats Rina Yamashita(15:00)

KENTA goes on to face T-Hawk at ALL OR NOTHING for the Glory Crown! KENTA grabbed the mic, and thanked Rina for the fun. Reminding her that she’s still 1000 years away from being able to beat him. She belongs fighting at the top of Ground Zero, don’t get him wrong. However, she’s only good and he’s fucking KENTA! The rest of NO MERCY fill the ring, and KENTA says that they have a chance to leave a big impact at ALL OR NOTHING. In this race to be the top unit there can only be one that shows NO FEAR and NO MERCY! KENTA dropped his mic, as the group posed while we go off the air.