Ground Zero #3: Why are you here?

Zeus opens the show standing in the ring with newly appointed head trainer of the dojo, Ultimo Dragon. He then invited the two trainees into the ring handing one a mic. “Oi my name is Aomine Hayashi , and I am one of two trainees from this dojo class. After our debut tag match at Heartbreak Mosh, I will be departing to Anarchy to start my excursion. I hope for nothing more than your support, thank you.” Aomine passed the mic to the masked trainee, as he spoke into the mic confidently. “My name is Dragon Mask W, and I am the other trainee. I will be departing to the land of juniors over at Full Throttle I hope to make an impact, thank you.” The two men bowed, before exiting and Zeus would then turn the show over to the Generation of Miracles and the INAUGURAL Glory Crown Champion, T-Hawk.

The men filled the ring, as T-Hawk grabbed the mic and thanked everyone for coming out. Before he could even utter a word, Mizuki Watase appeared at the opposite entrance of Korakuen Hall. He climbed into the ring and grabbed a mic. “Sorry for the interruption. I am Full Throttle’s Mizuki Watase, and I plan on starting an excursion here at Ground Zero. I would like to join the Generation of Miracles, because despite being on another brand I plan to do the same as the rest of you. Reach the top of the World Class Alliance.” The group looked at each other. T-Hawk, Yuki, and Yuma all shook his hand and welcomed him. Tamura grabbed the mic. “Y’all are so pathetic! He interrupts a great moment for us to celebrate T-Hawk and we are supposed to be okay with that? He’s an outsider why should we help this loser? You know what?  Face me tonight and show you have a desire to fight alongside us. To me it sounds like you’re in a rush to be accepted, because you aren’t currently back on your brand. As a matter of fact face me right now!“ he said dropping the mic, as it seemed everyone was willing to let the match happen.

Hayato Tamura vs Mizuki Watase

The bell rang, and Watase shot out of the corner with a big time shotgun dropkick! Tamura bounced back into the corner before rolling out of the ring. Watase would walk over to the rope, and deliver a plancha to the outside! Watase slid back in looking for a Tope Suicida, and as he flew out of the ring Tamura clobbered him out of the sky with his arm! Tamura let out a shout before rolling him back into the ring. Hayato Tamura looked poise to finish it, but he rolled in and took his time. Booting Watase in the face repeatedly, begging him to get to his feet. 

Watase crawled up Tamura and fired some forearms at him, although he was out of it. Watase then got to his feet and slapped Tamura in the face! Tamura charged off the ropes and nailed him with a lariat! Picking him up, and planting him with a Jackhammer. Covering Watase with the ref giving a 2-count, and Tamura pulling Watase’s head off the mat. Tamura would set Watase up, and run out dropping him with the Muscle Buster. He would then get up and tell the ref to stop the match. The ref rang the bell, and Tamura grabbed a Generation of Miracles T-Shirt laying it on the shoulder of a coming to Watase. Helping him to his feet and welcoming him into the fold.

Results: Referee stops the match, and Watase is brought into the Generation of Miracles(10:00)

Masa Kitamiya, Kaito Ishida, and Rina Yamashita vs KENTA, Yujiro Takahashi, and Koji Doi

It’s another CHAOS vs NO MERCY affair, as Koji Doi gets a chance for some payback on Kaito Ishida. As well as the first chance to see one half of the Mirrored Dreams Champions, Masa Kitamiya. NO MERCY didn’t waste any time going on the attack. CHAOS did not backdown, and they fought right back. Koji Doi was slinging Kaito Ishida around on the outside making him pay for his interference at ALL OR NOTHING. Rina Yamashita would takedown both KENTA and Yujiro with a double lariat.

Masa would come in for a double team on Yujiro, but KENTA broke it up! Masa would slap KENTA around, which caused KENTA to go into a rage. Booting Masa in the face before punching him in the jaw, and kicking him in the head knocking him out! Yamashita kneed him in the gut! As Yujiro drop kicked her in her knee! Grabbing her for what looked to be Big Juice, but he simply threw her in the air giving room for KENTA to come in with a knock out knee to a falling Rina Yamashita! KENTA covered her in the middle of the ring for a 3-Count! 

Koji Doi had Ishida in a Torture Rack on the outside, as KENTA grabbed the mic. “Yamashita! I told you that you were a thousand years away from truly being able to beat me. Ishida is paying for his crimes, and that lives you left big boy. I want someone to inform you when you wake up that at Heartbreak Mosh…those Mirrored Dreams belts are coming to me and Yujiro.” He then dropped the mic on a unconscious Masa before NO MERCY made their exit.

Results: NO MERCY defeats CHAOS, and a title match is set (13:22)

Go  Shiozaki vs Yuki Yoshioka 

Go Shiozaki gets his first taste of singles action against Yuki Yoshioka. They shake hands to start the match, and Go fires off immediately with a chop! Yoshioka crumbles to his knees. Go would then drag him to the corner and fire off the machine gun chops. Go would then run off the ropes and Yoshioka finally was able to hit a big time dropkick! Yoshioka would then climb to the top and hit the Inferno! Covering him for only a 2-Count!

Yoshioka would pick up Go, and hit him with a big time Darkness Buster! As Yoshioka would climb to the top rope and look for the Frog Splash, but Go got his knees up! Go would then grab him and hit the Go Flasher! Before measuring him and hitting the Gowan Lariat! Covering him for a emphatic 3-Count! T-Hawk would check on Yuki Yoshioka, as Go Shiozaki pointed at the Glory Crown Championship signaling his challenge. 

Results: Go Shiozaki defeats Yuki Yoshioka(13:00) 

Main Event-All Asia TV Championship: Shingo Takagi(c) vs Nobuhiro Shimatani

Nobuhiro Shimatani is accompanied by the rest of NO MERCY for his big night. As the bell rings, and Nobu catches a charging Shingo with a small package! Only a 2-Count, and Shingo swings for the fences with a Pumping Bomber! However, Nobu ducks it and gives him a backside! Shingo powers out at 2, but Nobu fires away with a dropkick right into the face of a kneeling Shingo! Nobu picks up Shingo, but Shingo fakes Nobu spiking him with a death valley driver! Shingo then went for the Noshigami, but Nobu turns it into a Yoshitonic! Covering him in the middle for a 2.9! 

Shimatani makes sure Shingo stays down with a running shooting star press! Picking Shingo up and looking for his signature Crucifix Driver! However, Shingo breaks free to hit the Made in Japan! Only managing a 2-Count! Shingo waits for Nobu to get up jabbing him in the jaw, and following it up with a lariat. Before picking him up, and dropping him on his head with Last Falconry! Covering for a 3-Count! He escapes with the title! Yujiro and KENTA pull Nobu out and place him on the shoulders of Kuma Arashi as they carry him to the back.

Shingo celebrated his win, as Pinche Loco filled the ring with them demanding a shot at the TV title. Takagi demanded to know which member, before being told Tranquilo. Shingo then agrees if he gets a Trios Championship match next week with two mystery partners. Andrade, Diamanté, and Naito have to be convinced by Eita and Sasaki but they agree. Exiting as Shingo closed the show posing.

Shingo Takagi defeats Nobuhiro Shimatani to retain the All Asia TV Championship(15:45)