World Class Alliance

Anarchy #4

“Final Countdown” plays as the feed begins for another week of Anarchy. Danielson angrily walks to the ring with mic in hand, “You think you’re funny don’t you Jay? You think you can just bruise and batter me within an inch of my life and get away with it? I don’t think so. Get your ass out here and look me in my black eye or else you’ll get a lot worse than that…”

Ground Zero #3: “Why Are You Here?”  

Zeus opens the show standing in the ring with newly appointed head trainer of the dojo, Ultimo Dragon. He then invited the two trainees into the ring handing one a mic. “Oi my name is Aomine Hayashi , and I am one of two trainees from this dojo class. After our debut tag match at Heartbreak Mosh, I will be departing to Anarchy to start my excursion. I hope for nothing more than your support, thank you.”

Full Throttle #3: Let it snow (or not)

Full Throttle are in Shizuoka for this, the follow up to the dramatic conclusion of ALL OR NOTHING. Here to welcome the crowd is GM Toi Kojima, and Special Advisor Satoshi Kojima. Toi makes the opening address, which is uncharacteristically emotional for the start of a show as he expresses his gratitude to Kojima, to World Class Alliance and the Full Throttle fans for supporting the promotion. Toi has to pause to collect himself as he thanks the crowd for believing in him and promises to continue to make them proud. Special Advisor Kojima has to take over the opening call duty, but not before putting his arm around the emotional Toi and giving him a pat on the back that makes Toi stagger slightly.