WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 3

KANON v Yuki Tanizaki v Aomine Hayashi

Anarchy’s newest additions all included in this match with two excursion members from the partner brands and a transfer, KANON. The young boys run to the ring and get ready as KANON saunters down the ramp with an intense swagger and one thing on his mind, domination. The bell rings and the three men circle each other before Tanizaki finds himself in the middle as Hayashi and KANON exchange glances before closing in. Yuki tries to fend for himself with some forearms to the chest of KANON and Hayashi but is quickly overcome as Hayashi launches him with a biel throw and KANON stomps away in the corner before high fiving Hayashi after a job well done. That didn’t last long as KANON kicks Hayashi in the gut which causes him to keel over. KANON hits the ropes and hits a rising Double Footstomp to the back of the neck of Hayashi and goes for the pin. Hayashi is able to kick out at two but KANON maintains pressure as he whips him into the corner, but before KANON could do anything, Tanizaki rushes in with an explosive Yakuza Kick and causes Hayashi to roll to the outside. Yuki is fired up as he screams forward and fires forearms, some connecting and some not but he is too blind with fury to care too much. KANON takes some shots but is able to outlast the onslaught of Tanizaki before he tires himself out. Yuki falls to KANON’s feet as KANON looks down with a cocky disposition before lifting him up for a sheer drop brainbuster and then locking in the Cobra Twist for the submission victory. KANON looks dominant in his debut and ready for more.

KANON via Cobra Twist (5:11)

Sho v Abe

A rematch of the first singles match for both competitors in Full Throttle, Sho and Abe come to the ring looking serious. Sho has yet to really shake off his losing streak since joining the company and Abe represents the perfect challenge to turn things around. 

Sho comes firing out of his corner immediately at the bell with a boot to Abe’s face. He swings the dazed Abe into the ropes and bouncing back into a hefty lariat from Sho. Abe is already down for a pin! He kicks out violently at less than 2 but it’s still a big boost to the intensely focused Sho. 

Back on their feet, the two go for a little grappling action, twisting each other’s arms to get some leverage. Abe is able to get Sho down with a little kick to the back of his knees but Sho twists out of any follow up, leaving the two circling and wary. Sho is clearly eager to get Abe to the mat, lunging forward whenever he sees an opening with Abe dancing away, light on his feet. A misstep by Sho gives Abe an opening at Sho’s leg, twisting him into an ankle lock, both grimacing as Abe twists without mercy. Sho hops to the ropes, glaring back at Abe as his leg is finally released. Abe seems to be sticking to the same tactic as their previous match, targeting Sho’s now tender ankle, but Sho is more prepared, adjusting to keep this mat on their feet and Abe off balance. 

As Abe goes in to lock up with Sho yet again, Sho pushes him back to the apron, pulling back enough to land a thunderous slap across Abe’s face. Abe looks momentarily stunned to be slapped first before responding in kind. They slap each other back and forth across the ring until Sho finally knocks Abe down. Furious, Abe is on his feet and launching a dropkick at Sho’s leg immediately. Abe makes the most of his opportunity, landing elbows on Sho’s knee and twisting his ankle. Yet again, the ropes save Sho from further punishment but he’s very definitely unsteady on his feet as he stands. 

They trade blows again. As Abe lunges for Sho’s legs, Sho sees a chance, grabbing Abe around the waist and hoisting him up for a power breaker! He hits it but grabs at his knees in pain, unable to recover quickly enough to secure the pin. Both roll away to opposite corners, needing to use the ropes to hoist themselves to their feet. Sho is faster though and it’s the perfect opportunity for a spear! Sho is on the downed Abe immediately. Abe kicks out at 2 but can’t recover fast enough to avoid Sho twisting him over and into a Kimura! Abe struggles but is forced to submit. A dominant victory for Sho!

Sho def. Abe (10.21)

Kushida vs Shota

The match starts off with Shota extending his hand to Kushida. Kushi isn’t too sure about it, but ultimately shakes his hand. Before Shota would poke him in the eyes, and catch him with the small package! Covering! 1….2….Kickout! Shota then crawls back against the ropes on his knees. Trying to scurry away from a recovering Kushida, who drills him in the head with a Buzzsaw Kick! Shota is in the ropes but Kushida doesn’t care and locks in the Hoverboard Lock! He wouldn’t let go, until the ref got to a count of four! Pulling Shota back to the middle of the ring, and pinning him looking for a quick pin while he recovered from the pain! Shota kicked out at two! Kushida would begin to deliver small little kicks to Shota’s arm. Before climbing to the top, and hitting a Moonsault onto the arm!

Kushida would then grab Shota into a hammerlock, and hit a backdrop suplex onto him. Kushida then grabbed the weakened Anarchy star, and looked for Back to the Future! However, Shota blocked it from happening. Kushida then backed up going for a rolling solebutt, however Shota pulled the ref into the line of fire. When he crumbled over, Kushida pulled his fist back blasting Shota with that right hand! He then bounced off into the ropes looking for the handspring elbow. However, when he bounced back Shota caught him with a Mr Gannosuke Clutch for the win!

Shota def Kushida (12:22)

Rey Fenix vs Daisuke Sasaki

Two competitors on two separate sides of the spectrum with Sasaki having two wins and Fenix yet to taste victory in the tournament. Both men have more than enough motivation to secure a win tonight but only one will walk out the victor. Both men make their entrances and eye each other as the bell rings, Fenix trying to catch Sasaki off guard with his speed but Sasaki is able to keep an alright pace before catching Fenix with a back elbow. Sasaki goes to work, doing damage to the head of Fenix and ripping away at the mask but not being able to get it off. Hard punches to the head of Fenix as he has him in a headlock, just slowly grinding away and further exhausting the luchador.

Sasaki sets up Fenix in the corner and struts to the other corner, rushing in with a perfect dropkick and goes for the pin. Fenix kicks out, scrambling to his feet and trying to find some offense with a flurry of punches which find their target and gets Sasaki on the defensive. He goes back to what he knows, blazing speed and screams off the ropes multiple times before hitting a nice dropkick that sends Sasaki to the outside. Flying through the sky with ease, Fenix hits a stunning Tope Con Hilo and rolls Sasaki in the ring for a pin attempt. He gets a close two before hitting a moonsault double knee attack for another close two.

They battle back and forth for a bit, Fenix using his speed to keep Sasaki off balance and it works. Some more amazing aerial work and Fenix looks primed to put it away when he hits a Spanish Fly. He goes to the top instead of going for the pin and looks for a 450 but Sasaki is absent as he had rolled to the apron. Fenix follows over and catches a smack that staggers him and causes him to back up a bit. Sasaki comes in and hits a nice German Suplex before calling for the end. Dropping down and clasping his hands around the head of Fenix, Sasaki looks like he’s gonna cruise to his third victory. Daisuke lays the elbows into the back of the head of Fenix but still Fenix fights his way to the ropes and is able to break the hold. Exhausted, Fenix is up to his feet but it’s clear he’s gonna have to come up with something big and fast if he wants to come out on top. Sasaki lies in some chops but Fenix isn’t scared to retaliate and lights him up. Sasaki’s chest burning red, Fenix feverishly whips him into the corner and picks Sasaki up for the Black Fire Driver. Landing it flush and getting the pinfall victory, Fenix secures his first points of the block and looks to keep his momentum going forward.

Fenix via Black Fire Driver (14:22)

MAO vs Nobuhiro Shimatani

This match is exactly as you’d expect: fast and loud! Nobu and MAO spend the first 30 seconds just trying to scream the loudest and work up the crowd. When they finally run at each other from their opposing corners, Nobu has the better strategy, ducking under MAO’s kicks and tripping him up into a schoolboy pin. Bursting out, MAO wastes no time in trying to get revenge, working Nobu back as he tries to dodge MAO’s kicks. The ropes stop his progress and Nobu is forced to take a series of sharp kicks to his chest with no way to escape. With Nobu clutching his chest in pain, MAO sees an opportunity, running at Nobu with a big boot. But Nobu drops down at the last second, pulling down the top rope with him and sending the speeding MAO over the top. Nobu springs over the rope with a plancha to MAO on the outside. Nobu takes a lap of the ring, hands raised and cheering as MAO rolls around on the floor. 

Both get back in the ring for yet another fast paced exchange of dodged kicks, missed dropkicks and tricky pin attempts from Nobu. MAO kicks out at every one, seemingly still full of energy and making Nobu pay with some further kicks to his chest and back when he doesn’t get to his knees fast enough. It looks like the two are evenly matched and the pace is furious. Surely they can’t keep it up?

A screw high kick from MAO sends Nobu backwards but he responds with a headbutt! A slightly wobbly MAO goes for a lariat but Nobu has him around the waist and rolled up again, Nobu scrambling to hold the pin. MAO kicks out and goes for the lariat again. Nobu grabs his arm and tries to work it into a backslide pin but with no luck. MAO scrambles out and hits Nobu with an enzuigiri, followed by a spinning heel kick. Nobu barely stays on his feet and he’s an easy target for MAO to finally hit that lariat. Shimatani kicks out at 2 but is not in good condition. MAO grabs at Nobu, trying to lift him up for a Michinoku driver. Nobu struggles furiously to escape, pounding at MAO’s back until MAO lets go. 

With the two facing each other, finally starting to look a little worn out, MAO attempts a distraction punch but Nobu knows him too well and lands a punch of his own first. Somehow the two get even louder as they land their punches. MAO goes to add a run-up to his arm but Shimatani hits him with a dropkick and then a fisherman suplex. Nobu grabs MAO’s arm, pulling him to his feet and gets set up for a crucifix bomb. MAO just wriggles out in time, grabbing Nobu’s waist for a suplex but Nobu is ready and rolls through for a 1-2-3 pin! Nobu wins and MAO is without a single point on day 3 of the tournament.

Nobu def MAO (8:41)

Shuji Kondo vs Mike Bailey

Shuji Kondo was making his way to the ring, and that’s when he was attacked from behind with a chair! It’s Daisuke Harada! He then would toss Kondo into the ring. As Mike Bailey would take advantage, and cover Kondo! Kondo powered out of the pin! Bailey would then run off the ropes, as Shuji Kondo caught him with The Original! Measuring Bailey, and hitting him with the Whale Hunt! Kondo then goes for the running King Kong Lariat! However, Daisuke Harada throws the chair at his back! Mike Bailey catches Shuji Kondo off the ropes, and planted him with a Flamingo Driver! Climbing to the top rope, and hitting the Ultima Weapon for the win! Afterwards Harada climbs into the ring, and crushes the chair over the head of Mike Bailey!

Harada then demands a microphone, as he raises it to his lips. “You are having a big junior festival, without the best junior in the world? That’s blasphemous, and for that very reason you see. I’m going to ruin everyone from Ground Zero’s chances to win this thing. That’s a promise. I won’t reveal when I show up, but Kondo was just victim number one. Sasaki and Shimatani are next. I’ll be sure the only thing people are talking about, after all of this is Harada Daisuke!” Harada shouted as he dropped the microphone, and exited the ring.

Bailey Def. Kondo (4:45) 

Scores Night 3: