WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 4

Buffalo Tamura vs Hayato Tamura

Buffalo Tamura makes his Ground Zero debut against the Number One Contender for the All Asia TV Championship, Hayato Tamura. As he looks to build some momentum heading into his title bout with Shingo Takagi. Buffalo doesn’t back down, and he gets into a shoulder tackle battle with Tamura. As after a misdirection he actually wins the battle! Buffalo would then grab him, and hit a series of Belly to Belly Suplex throws! He picked up Tamura for a Oklahoma Stampede, but Tamura slid off him. Putting all his force into a lariat that sliced through the rookie. Tamura picks up Buffalo, and hits a massive Jackhammer! Before covering him for the 3-count! Hayato shook his head in approval after the match at the rookie. 

Tamura def Buffalo (5:45)

Shota v Kondo

Shota has done okay for himself thus far but still finds himself behind some of the other names in the block and needs to kick it into high gear if he wants to win the whole thing. Kondo sees himself in a 3 way tie with Shimatani and Sasaki at second with 4 points and he knows he can’t lose here. As the bell rings, Kondo rushes Shota and flattens him in the corner. He lays in with pounding forearms and lariats. Multiple pins but Shota for better or worse kicks out every time. It’s obvious to everyone except probably Shota himself that he’s outmatched here and kicking out is just delaying the inevitable.

Kondo gives him all his big moves, Lanzarse, Whale Hunt, Pop up Powerslam, etc. and still Shota kicks out. Kondo watches as he climbs to his feet, barely holding himself together but a fire in his eye. Frantic forearms from Shota before he crumbles to his knees. Kondo lets him fall and revs up in the corner for the nail in the coffin, one final Lanzarse to end it all. As he goes to lift Shota in the air, Shota is able to get his hand behind the neck of Kondo and latch in a small package and gets the 3 count! When all hope seemed lost, Shota did it and placed himself in firm contention for the finals.

Shota via Small Package (8:48)

Nobuhiro Shimatani vs Sho

Sho is first out into the ring, full of bravado from his winning streak. He busies himself with fiddling with his kneepads, seemingly ignoring the exuberant Shimatani who bounces his way into the ring. Shimatani approaches Sho for a handshake, which Sho eyes warily as he approaches the centre of the ring. Just as he gets close enough to touch, Shimatani bounces back to his corner, waving Sho off and calling for applause from the crowd.

The bell rings and Sho is out of his corner immediately, spearing Nobu into the turnbuckle! Sho drags Shimatani to the centre of the ring, twisting him into an ankle lock that has Nobu bucking and scrambling wildly for the ropes. It’s fast paced immediately when Nobu gets to his feet, both running to avoid the other. Shimatani avoids two lariats by Sho but runs straight into the third. Sho raises his hands to cheer but Nobu is on his feet immediately and knocks Sho into the ropes with a standing dropkick. As Sho stumbles backwards, Nobu trips him into a schoolboy. Sho springs out emphatically at 1 but Shimatani makes sure to get in a few kicks while he’s still on the ground.

Sho is on the defensive as Shimatani unleashes a barrage of forearms into Sho’s chest but a hefty punch from Sho has Nobu stumbling. Sho dives in, grabbing Shimatani around the waist for a german suplex. As Nobu gets to his knees, Sho is ready and waiting, grabbing Nobu’s arm and pulling him into the snakebite. Nobu doesn’t stand a chance! Fading quickly, he taps.

Sho def. Nobu (5:26)

Rey Fenix vs Abe Fuminori

Fenix would start off this match with a superkick that sent Abe stumbling out the ring. Before he ran off the ropes and executed a beautifully done tope suicida! Fenix would then toss Abe back into the ring, and as he got into the ring Abe fired a slap at the side of his face. Grabbing him by the head and tossing him into the corner following it up with the spinning back kick. Pulling Fenix out of the corner, and into a German Suplex Bridge! Only managing a 2-count! Abe would then call for the SHAWNCAPTURE!!! He went to run into the ropes, but Fenix turned him around and hit a Spanish Fly! 

Fenix then crawled out onto the apron, and managed to perfectly time his springboard and connect with a 450 Splash! Covering Abe, but only receiving a 2-count! Fenix would try, and finish it off with a Black Fire Driver! However, Abe smoothly slid out, and turned Fenix’s mask all the way around! Drilling him with a punch to the jaw followed by a Octopus Hold! Fenix couldn’t see, and had no choice but to submit!

Abe def Fenix (10:22) 

Daisuke Sasaki vs Mike Bailey

Bailey comes into this match riding high, not having lost a single match in the tournament. Sasaki has only one loss but you wouldn’t know it from the scowl on his face as he enters the ring. Bailey offers a handshake. Sasaki eyes it suspiciously, looking from Bailey’s face to his hand and back again before backing off into his own corner. Snubbed, Bailey shakes the hand of referee Kiso instead and the bell is rung.

Bailey keeps Sasaki away from the centre of the ring with some sharp low kicks until Sasaki gets him in a headlock. Escaping, Bailey fires off some mid-kicks that seem to wind Sasaki briefly but Sasaki manages to grab Bailey’s heel and topple him off-balance with a poke to the eyes. Sasaki follows him down to the mat, locking in the crossface as Bailey turns to scramble away. Bailey drags himself to the ropes and Sasaki finally starts to look more cheerful. 

Locking up again for an exchange of headlocks, a hip toss from Bailey has him briefly in control before then finding himself trapped between Sasaki’s thighs. They seem evenly matched as they grapple again, Sasaki ending up on the ropes this time and at the mercy of a series of kicks from Bailey that have him slumping down and sliding out of the ring. Bailey wastes no time in getting out on the apron, setting himself up for a moonsault onto the stumbling Sasaki. Sasaki dodges out of the way at the last minute, straight into the waiting arms of Daisuke Harada! Harada grabs Sasaki around the waist and suplexes him onto the thin mats surrounding the ring. 

Bailey, still recovering, looks on in shock as Harada rolls the groggy Sasaki into the ring. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, he dives into the ring for the cover. 1, 2…and a kick out! Bailey scrambles to his feet, going for a standing moonsault knee drop but Sasaki is gone and Bailey is left clutching his knees in pain. Harada watching from the outside, swiftly climbs into the ring, going straight to where Sasaki is still struggling to stand. He grabs Sasaki by the hair but has left himself fully open to a brutal low blow from Sasaki. Harada dealt with, Sasaki runs over to the still kneeling Bailey pulling him into position for a pedigree and it’s all over!! Sasaki pins Bailey!!

Harada, still curled up in the corner, appears to be shaking with a mix of pain and pure rage. Sasaki, on the other hand, looks delighted. Harada slowly slides out of the ring, bent over double, only standing up to grab hold of an empty ringside chair and slam it down before slinking away. 

Sasaki def. Bailey (8:11)

MAO vs Kushida

Both men are looking to find themself some better luck in this tournament as they share one win between the two of them. Kushida is no stranger to winning tournaments but he seems to be having trouble with this particular group. If he doesn’t kick it into second gear he might be on the outside looking in and MAO might not be far behind. They are both determined to better their odds tonight but know it won’t be easy. As the bell rings they study each other before Kushida slides behind and takes MAO’s arm with him. MAO is able to use his Judo background and regain control enough to throw Kushida over his head and Kushida is shocked by his strength.

Kushida realizes this match might very well come down to his MMA expertise, he looks around for another opening but MAO snuffs them out pretty quick. MAO does a backflip and lands behind Kushida and grabs his waist before taking him over with a German Suplex and goes for the pin but only a two count. Kushida rolls to the outside but MAO continues out with him, stalking him on the apron before lining up a PK. Right as he’s about to connect, Kushida catches his leg and hits a wicked Dragon Screw Leg Whip and sends MAO to the floor with a violent jerk. He continues his attacks with stomps and other brutal means before placing MAO’s legs in between the turnbuckle and slamming it into the hard metal at a relentless pace. Kushida was determined to make sure MAO was not going to be the same after this match, winner or not.

Kushida stops and brings him back into the ring, latching on a signature Single Leg Boston Crab. MAO is fighting for the ropes but Kushida releases just to drag him back center and lock it back in. Finally, MAO is able to reverse pressure and kick Kushida off and find some space and assess the damage. He’s hurt badly and knows it, if he has any chance to win he’s gonna have to do it quickly. He hobbles to his feet and walks towards Kushida and lays some shots into him.

MAO leads Kushida to the corner gingerly, he softly jogs to the opposite post and returns with a big splash but lands on his leg and has to stop for a moment. Kushida takes the moment of weakness to try and lock in the Hoverboard lock but MAO is able to roll over with momentum and attempt a leverage pin but only gets a two count. Kushida goes back to the leg, slamming it to the mat repeatedly as MAO grimaces in pain. It seems inescapable but with the last bit of strength MAO has, he is able to kick off Kushida and toss him over and getting to his feet as he saunters forward and leaps into the air for what appears to be a Hurricanrana but turns out to be the MOMO LATCH!! MAO gets the 1-2-3 and secures a victory over Kushida in surprise fashion.

MAO via MOMO LATCH (13:25)

Scores Night 4: