WCA AA Evolution Cup: Night 6

Takashi Sugiura/Aomine Hayashi vs Keisuke Ishii/Yuki Tanizaki

Hayashi sprints to the ring as Sugiura takes his time before standing in the left corner, prepping for the competition. Tanizaki rushes in as well while Ishii follows closely behind but admiring his crowd on the way there. Ishii looks to start this one against Sugiura but Tanizaki tugs his shoulder and urges Ishii to let him start the match. After a reluctant sigh, Ishii agrees and steps out onto the apron as the bell rings. Tanizaki jets forward and fires off shot after shot at Sugiura but it doesn’t seem to mean much as Sugiura just pushes him off. Tanizaki gets back up and continues the assault but is still not able to get Sugiura to budge. A big chop seems to end his hopes as Tanizaki lays on the mat in pain while Sugiura tags out to Hayashi. 

Aomine starts by putting the boots to Yuki, really wearing his fellow rookie down. He tosses Tanizaki in the corner and starts targeting the rib area with strikes. Tagging back to Sugiura, he immediately continues to work over the midsection of Yuki with no help in sight for the young man. A trio of German Suplexes from Sugiura as he looks to put away Tanizaki early but only gets a 2 count on the pin. Yuki fires himself up and slaps Sugiura with a lot of power behind it. Sugiura looks both offended but impressed, he throws one back and they go back and forth. As Sugiura winds up for the final blow, Tanizaki is able to grab his arm and lift him over his shoulder with a Judo throw and tag Ishii.

Ishii pelts Sugiura’s back with kicks stiff enough the thud echoes throughout the arena. Sugiura returns it with chops as they brawl back and forth at a breakneck pace. Big move after big move but Ishii is in the driver seat. He’s about to hit a devastating Exploder Suplex but Suguira elbows his way out. Ishii is dazed long enough for Sugiura to tag in Hayashi.

Hayashi takes the legs as he attempts to take Ishii’s base away and is able to do so before taking his back. Wrapping his legs around Ishii’s waist, he wraps one of his arms under the neck and wrenches back hard. As Suguira comes in to make sure Tanizaki isn’t able to break it up, he gets caught with a thunderous Big Boot which sends him to the outside. Tanizaki breaks up the hold for his partner before exiting to the apron. Yuki does some jaw jacking which gets the attention of Hayashi as he goes over to yell back at him which allows Ishii to light him up with a kick to the back of the head. Ishii tags in Tanizaki who hits a Brainbuster before tagging back in Ishii who locks in the Carolina Reaper and makes Hayashi tap out!

Ishii via Carolina Reaper (13:02)

Daisuke Sasaki vs Kushida

Sasaki extends the hand to Kushida, and leaves one held behind his back. Kushida was skeptical, but ultimately shook the hand. Only for Sasaki to pull him into the Crossface Lock, but Kushida fought to make it to the ropes. Sasaki relentlessly stomped away at Kushida, as he dragged him to the middle of the ring. Sasaki would look for the Pedigree, but Kushida gave him a back body drop. Kushida would then spring off into the ropes, and nail a Handspring Back Elbow! Kushida would then hit a standing Moonsault, and cover. Only managing to gain a 2-count!

Kushida locked in the Hoverboard Lock, but Sasaki put up a fight swinging his body around wildly. Looking for a way out, but Kushida eventually let go. Opting to put him away with the Back to the Future, only for Sasaki to knee him in the head. Sasaki would then shove the ref in a charging Kushida’s path. Kushida moved the ref out of the way, only for Sasaki to nail him with a low blow! Sasaki would then catch Kushida with a small package for the win!

Sasaki def. Kushida (9:32)

Shuji Kondo vs MAO

MAO would step up to Kondo, and puff out his chest trying to match up with the unchained King Kong. However, it was to no avail. He charged off the ropes and went for a shoulder block only to be knocked down. Staring up and realizing that Kondo hadn’t moved a inch. MAO got to his feet and caught Kondo with a Enzugiri! Following it up by a thrust kick, before taking to the skies with a springboard moonsault press! Covering Kondo in the middle of the ring, but only managing to gain a 2-count! MAO charged off the ropes only for Kondo to get up, and catch him with ‘The Original!’ Covering him for a 2-count!

Kondo then looked like he was going to try and finish it off with a King Kong Lariat! However, MAO jumped and yelled for him to stop. Pointing to the audience, as Kondo looked and MAO nailed him with a right hand! MAO looked for a Michinoku Driver, but Kondo slid out the back! Looking to throw him with a German Release Suplex! MAO landed on his feet, but stumbled right into a big King Kong Lariat! Kondo covers! 1….2….3! DDD!

Kondo def. MAO (10:45)

Shimatani vs Mike Bailey

It’s been a tough couple of nights for Bailey and he seems to be taking it hard, lacking a spring in his step as he waits in the ring for his opponent. At least it’s someone he is used to getting the better of in Shimatani. Shimatani slides into the ring quickly, bouncing onto his feet and offering a hand to Bailey. Bailey takes it and with a seemingly serious handshake, the match is on!

There is a brief lock up, with Shimatani twisting behind Bailey to grab his waist. Bailey is having none of it though, pushing Shimatani into the ropes. He aims a kick at Shimatani’s head as he comes back but it’s easily ducked and Bailey has to leapfrog over the running Shimatani on his return. Bailey rolls backwards, looking to trip Shimatani onto the mat but Shimatani sees the opportunity for a flash pin and falls on the rolled up Bailey, legs kicking furiously for purchase as he pins Bailey’s shoulders to the mat for a 1, 2…3!!! Bailey springs out a second too late, only to stare in horror as Shimatani does a victory lap of the ring. Both look as shocked as each other as Shimatani beats Bailey to the top of the table in the scores, matching Sasaki and Kondo.

Shimatani def. Bailey (1:09)

Rey Fenix vs Sho

Both Fenix and Sho have had a solid tournament thus far, though with some of their points coming from notably weaker opponents. At this point in the tournament, neither man can afford to start slipping behind now. Sho does his best to look nonchalant as Fenix springs into the ring but it’s clear that Fenix represents a real challenge to his progress in this tournament. The crowd are hot for this one, with their clapping setting the pace for the rapid start to this match as Sho barrels into Fenix with a shoulder. Fenix is down but only for a second, springing back to his feet easily. He beckons for Sho to try again and Sho obliges, running at Fenix with a forearm. Fenix ducks under, clocking Sho on the side of the head with a follow up kick. Sho stumbles backwards and into the corner, giving Fenix the perfect chance to spring up and hit Sho with a springboard spinning back kick. Sho stumbles forward as Fenix climbs the ring post but manages to narrowly evade the follow up springboard dropkick.

As Fenix gets to his feet, Sho takes the opportunity to land some choice kicks on his opponent’s chest, managing to stagger Fenix, even as he calls for more. Sho uses the ropes as momentum for a forearm that finally knocks Fenix down but barely gets a 1 count on the cover.

It’s back and forth as both make maximum use of the ropes to propel their offence. Fenix has to dodge Sho’s running lariat but finds himself caught out by a low dropkick that has him scrambling away from Sho’s attempts to get Fenix to the mat for a longer stay. Fenix uses the ropes to get to his feet but finds himself dragged away from them in Sho’s attempt at a German suplex. Only a few choice elbows finally convince Sho its a bad idea and, with Sho still reeling, Fenix follows up with a twisting springboard dropkick to fire Sho back against the ropes. A follow up running forearm has Sho over the top and to the outside, and Fenix backs up, running into an acai moonsault to Sho on the outside! Both men are down! Fenix, up first, drags Sho back to the ring but Sho is keen to show he’s not beaten, landing a flurry of punches to push Fenix back to the corner. Sho takes a run up to land a heavy additional punch but Fenix springs over Sho’s head and rolls away. Sho follows him, Fenix going for a headscissor takedown, only to find himself caught with legs over Sho’s shoulders and in Sho’s grip. Sho hoists him up and then drops him down into a powerbreaker! Again he scrambles for a cover but Fenix is out easily at 2.

Back on their feet again, Fenix springs off the ropes and into a powerful lariat from an increasingly desperate seeming Sho. Sho grabs Fenix by the wrist, pulling him up and into position for a shock arrow. Fenix struggles out but Sho isn’t willing to let it go, keeping control of Fenix’s wrist until a kick to the head from Fenix forces him to release his grip. Fenix staggers back into the ropes from the force but rolls through into a jumping cutter! He tries for a pin but Sho gets his shoulder up at 2. Fenix adds a legdrop but still Sho kicks out. Looking around, Fenix hurries quickly to the ropes, dragging Sho into position to hit him with a beautiful frogsplash. But Sho gets his knees up! Both men are rolling on the mat, clutching their chests. Sho is on his feet first but just barely. He swings at Fenix but Fenix is ready, hitting Sho hard in the chest with the full force of his shoulder. While Sho is still reeling, Fenix hoists Sho up onto his shoulders and slams him down. Fenix driver! Sho’s arm waves limply as the referee counts to 3. Fenix wins!

Fenix def. Sho. (17:12)

Fuminori Abe vs Shota

Shota and Abe make their way down to the ring, both close together in points so this is an important matchup for them. The bell rings and Abe continues a trend for Shota as he attacks quickly and stays on top of the smaller man with strikes. Pulling Shota to his feet, Abe begins some kicks to the ribs which right as Shota appears to block he gets clocked with a vicious Enzuigiri. A pin gets a two as Shota is scrambling early into the matchup. He gets up to his feet in a fury and fires off some chops but Abe isn’t having it, he grabs Shota by the head and hits an absolutely disgusting headbutt. 

Abe pins Shota but only a two count again. Shota kicks Abe’s leg as he walks towards him and staggers him until he gets up. Multiple suplexes from Shota gets him in the driver seat. Some chops from Shota, drive Abe into the corner. Shota lifts him up to the top rope and climbs up with him, a big move surely is to come. They fight up top, position is hard to come by but Shota isn’t gonna give up that easily. With one last blow to the rib, he has gotten control and slams Abe down hard with a vicious superplex that rattles the ring.

Crawling to the cover, Shota gets an arm around Abe but gets a lazy 2 kick out. That would be an encouraging sign if Shota himself wasn’t on his last legs. He slinks towards the top rope and looks to end it with a Frog Splash. Abe has other plans, he gets to his feet and hits another grotesque headbutt that leaves Shota out. Seeing an opportunity, Abe climbs up and lifts Shota high into the air before dropping him down with an Avalanche Brainbuster. 

Abe isn’t in position to put away Shota right away, right as he’s ready to go for the pin he sees Shota staring lasers back at him on his knees. In a possibly dangerous move, Shota goads Abe into attacking him. Abe complies and the two men battle it out as sweat flies with each powerful strike. A usually courteous crowd has erupted into deafening cheers as the intensity has reached another level. Shota is able to miraculously gain the upperhand which he isn’t slow to capitalize on. Lifting the lifeless carcass of Abe up before hitting his classic trio of suplexes finished off with a Frog Splash that felt like it stopped time. Hooking the leg and the one two three followed shortly after, Shota is victorious.

Shota via Frog Splash (14:39)

Scores Night 6: