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Where writing about wrestling just becomes writing wrestling. Welcome to the fictional world of World Class Alliance. A wrestling co-production and writing experiment, brought to you by @ADumbMillennial, @MaskofIo99 and @ruthisanotter.

The premise: Under the umbrella of one company, the World Class Alliance, three brands and their writers compete to present their vision of great professional wrestling. With rosters drafted from a mix of companies, every two weeks our writers present you with a show, culminating in a company PPV.

Ground Zero is your standard Puro promotion with units and big boy battles. However all of the tag matches operate on Lucha. There are a few unaffiliated members of the roster serving as the home unit, but the main focus is on the four way unit war ongoing. Between the KENTA led unit who shows no fear and they’re NO MERCY. The unit that is led by Shinsuke Nakamura who’s end goal is to bring everlasting CHAOS. The unit that prides themselves on Lucha pride and being true rudos, because they’re Pinchè Loco. Then the smallest unit that was born to beat you, they’re the Generation of Miracles. Join the factions and the home army as each try to prove their pro wrestling is the strongest

Profile: Anarchy is just like its name entails, all out chaos. It mixes just about every style of professional wrestling under one umbrella. The hardcore division is full of complete psycho’s trying make a name for themselves in the most off the wall ways possible. Intergender is also in play as we have two of the best women on the joshi scene on the roster who can stand up against the world’s best competition. All of this is spearheaded by Puroresu legend Kenta Kobashi and his special advisor, Jun Kasai. Join us on this journey as we redefine what pro wrestling can really be. 

Profile: Full Throttle is a showcase of the best of juniors wrestling, with a dash of chaos and the best in the business to keep them all in line. The perfect blend of youth and experience makes for fierce competition and exciting matchups. Lead faction S&M’s alliance try to defend their position against the next generation factions of BRAVE-RE and Jackets2, with the young but determined Trouble On Purpose (T.O.P) and A-YO hot on their heels and the main unit full of egos set on being the leaders of Full Throttle.

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