Yuki, Tamura, & Aoyagi v Naito, Andrade, & Diamanté 

The next match is to crown the inagural Trifecta Champions. We got a hot start as Yuki Yoshioka takes out Andrade with a dropkick! Before going over and leaping over the top rope to take him out on the outside. With Naito and Yuma going at one another with a strikes. Then Diamanté grabbing Tamura and slinging him out the ring. As it has turned into all out war on the outside. Yuma would lock Endgame in on Naito on the outside, but Andrade threw a chair at him to break it. Andrade rolls into the ring, only to be dropped by a Yoshioka Darkness Buster! Covering him, but Diamanté broke the cover at 2! Picking up Yuki and gorilla press tossing him into the crowd! 

Naito kept Yuma isolated on the outside with a snap suplex into the guardrail. Tamura got into the ring and tackled Diamanté before hitting Andrade with the Hayato Driver for a 2-count! Tamura then went for the Jackhammer! However Diamanté pulled Andrade down allowing him to deck him with the rolling back elbow! Before he was joined by Naito who double Irish whipped him into Diamanté’s Vuelta Finale! For the win and the championships!

Winners and INAUGURAL Trifecta Champions: Diamanté, Andrade El Idolo, and Tetsuya Naito (9:55)

ASUKA v Seiki (Full Throttle Right to Challenge Match)

ASUKA makes her way to the ring first, enjoying the longer entrance ramp afforded by the stadium but appearing focused on the task ahead. Seiki looks confident as he enters to “shake it down”, carrying the right to challenge sneakers under one arm and walking at a measured pace to the ring. The match starts off slowly, ASUKA seeming uninterested in engaging. Both go for trying to land lower leg strikes, with ASUKA’s slight height advantage keeping Seiki at a distance initially until Seiki manages to catch ASUKA off-balance and twist his way into an ankle lock that has ASUKA scrambling for the ropes. From there the action quickly gets vicious and fast paced. Although ASUKA can’t quite match Seiki’s speed or strength, she manages to dodge the worst impact of his attacks, taking every opportunity to trip or knock him down, following up with kicks and  foot stomps that leave Seiki clutching his ribs. He appears increasingly frustrated and over commits on a spin kick that ends with ASUKA catching him with a big boot and a swift roll-up for a 3 count that may or may not have involved a little support from the ropes. Neither the referee or Seiki seem aware of it though and ASUKA gets the win. 

ASUKA is presented with the right to challenge sneakers, though seems largely unimpressed, seeming more interested in enjoying Seiki’s shocked expression as he shakes his head, walking away from the ring. 

ASUKA def Seiki via roll up (8:01)

Harashima & Marufuji (FT) v Goto & Tanaka (AY) v Sasaki & Eita (GZ)

There’s something of a buzz in the air as all three teams face each other across the ring, with plenty of confident smiles on offer from the competitors. It’s Tanaka, Marufuji and Eita who start off the action. Both Marufuji and Eita attempt to appeal to Tanaka but it’s the M’s alliance connection that wins out, with Eita ending up on the receiving end of Marufuji and Tanaka’s elbows. 

As is to be expected in a 3-way match, the action quickly gets chaotic. Marufuji takes much of the ring time for the Full Throttle representatives, with the other two teams tagging out regularly. Goto does an excellent job of withstanding Marufuji’s chops in the corner, but loses patience when Sasaki requests and is granted a turn, leading to a brawl and an exchange of lariats which Marufuji wisely steers clear of until there’s opportunity to break up a crossface attempt by Sasaki.

The action turns more technical as Harashima and Eita get in the ring. With Goto temporarily down, they manage a few grappling exchanges until Eita’s control of Harashima’s arm is broken up by a freshly tagged-in Tanaka. There’s some tentative cooperation between Eita and Harashima that gets and keeps Tanaka in the corner for a repeated assault of elbows but this disintegrates quickly. It seems like Harashima has the advantage, with dropkicks taking down Tanaka and Eita but he fails to capitalise. A missed leg lariat on Tanaka leaves  him stumbling into a roll up by Eita. He kicks out emphatically at 2 but Marufuji beckons for the tag. Distracted by Marufuji, Harashima misses the dropkick to his back by Eita that sends him careering into the ropes and over the top, knocking his partner from the apron in the process. The resulting dispute between Harashima and Marufuji as they pick themselves from the floor gives Tanaka an opportunity in the ring and he slams Eita to the mat. As he goes to the ropes for a Super Fly, it seems like Sasaki might knock him down but Goto is there to keep Sasaki distracted long enough for Tanaka to land first the Super Fly and then, when Eita gets a shoulder up, to hit him with a Sliding D. 

Tanaka def Eita with Sliding D (14:27)

Nobu & Yujiro v Muto & Zeus

This match came about due to Nobu Shimatani’s anger at the lack of opportunity he and Yujiro were receiving despite him being undefeated. Now they meet the president and Vice President in tag action. This match was mainly the presidents working over Nobu deciding the isolate him. With Zeus dropping him to the canvas with a Chokeslam, and Keiji Muto following it up with a flashing elbow! Only getting a 2-count though! As Zeus then went for the Jackhammer, but Nobu got a last ditch effort to escape and crawl between Zeus’s legs to make the tag to Yujiro.

Yujiro came in ducking the Bicep Explosion from Zeus, and Yujiro shoved Muto into Zeus. Before flooring Muto with a big time running lariat. Then hitting Zeus with the Intercollegiate Slam! Covering for only a 2- count before tagging Nobu back in. Yujiro and Nobu head for a double team, but Zeus grabs them both by the throat! Yujiro hammerlocks one of his arms behind him giving Nobu enough time for a small package to secure the win!

Winners: Nobuhiro Shimatani and Yujiro Takahashi (7:00) 

PAC v Kushida

KUSHIDA and PAC both make their entrances, both looking to make a mark on their respective brands. The bell rings and they circle each other. PAC lands some kicks to the leg of Kushida before Kushida traps one and turns it quickly into an ankle lock. PAC quickly scrambles to the ropes to break it. PAC and Kushida trade some grapple exchanges which ends with a Bridging German Suplex from PAC with a kick out at 2 from Kushida. 

Kushida works the arm of PAC with stomps and twisting it behind his back. Then moving his attention to the leg, he slams it against the mat repeatedly until PAC can’t get up for a moment. Climbing to the top, Kushida hits a beautiful moonsault but only is able to get a 2 count on the pin. They run the ropes and duck each other’s offense until PAC catches him with a powerbomb but still only a two count.
PAC shows off his athleticism with multiple rope assisted maneuvers like a moonsault, 450, and even a standing Shooting Star Press. Kushida shows off his submission prowess with a Fujiwara Armbar, A Lion Tamer, and a Surfboard Stretch a la Jushin “Thunder” Liger. They are evenly matched for most of the match. PAC lands a nasty German Suplex and looks to take advantage. PAC goes to the top rope to try and hit the Black Arrow but Kushida chops him in the chest. 

Going to the top, Kushida tries for a Hurricanrana but PAC stuffs it and tosses Kushida flat back to the outside with a powerbomb. Kushida gets back in at 20 but is met with a stiff kick to the gut and then PAC locks in the Brutalizer. Kushida has no choice but to tap, PAC will take one home for Anarchy in an excellent match between two of the best in the world.

PAC via Brutalizer (10:41)

Ueno v Yamashita v MAO v Yo-Hey (Full Throttle Lightspeed Championship)

Faced with the obvious opportunities for cooperation between T.O.P teammates MAO and Ueno, Yo-Hey and Miyu team up early to keep MAO occupied and Ueno out of the ring where possible. It’s initially successful, with Miyu attacking Ueno on the outside whilst MAO and Yo-Hey attempt to outrun each other in the ring. Miyu returns to the ring first, enabling her and Yo-Hey to get some shared offence in on MAO, whilst Ueno is still recovering. But their teamwork falls apart when Yo-Hey attempts to use Miyu’s focus on MAO to land a heel kick. Miyu dodges it and lays into Yo-Hey with some rapid kicks. It’s only the interference of Ueno that breaks up her assault, with Yo-Hey forced to roll out of the ring. Reunited, the T.O.P team are able to combine to bring Miyu down but then find themselves at odds over the pin. 

Teamwork now out of the window, the lightspeed title lives up to its name, with offence and pin attempts coming thick and fast. Miyu seems like the obvious target, having taken heavy attacks from MAO and Ueno, but Ueno’s attempts to pursue the pin leave him dazed by a hefty kick to the side of the head. Yo-Hey’s early rest (albeit not voluntary) puts him in a strong position as Miyu is also kept out of the ring by a tope suicida from MAO. He’s able to land impressive dropkicks on both Ueno and MAO and follows up with a Gamen G to a slumped MAO, worn down by the exertion of facing multiple opponents. Ueno and Miyu are just moments too late to break the pin and Yo-Hey is crowned as Full Throttle’s first lightspeed champion.

Yo-Hey def MAO with the Gamen G (16:55)

Jay White v Bryan Danielson

White and Danielson both make it to the ring, determined to beat each other. Jay holds a grudge of Danielson stealing a win from him and has studied him extensively for this match. The bell rings and they immediately start trading chops. Both of their chests lighting up red as they go back and forth until White falls to his knees. Danielson then switches his offense to kicks, finishing with a head kick and a pin. Jay gets the shoulder up at 2 but is visibly upset, realizing he could have lost right there, he kicks it up a notch and takes out Danielson with a short arm lariat.

Jay White grinds away at Danielson with rest holds while digging his elbow into the rib of Bryan. Giving him a moment to breathe just to take it away with a punch or elbow. Jay laughs maniacally as he slides Danielson into a pin but only gets a 2. Danielson gets up and launches him with a few suplexes of different types and tries a pin once again but Jay slithers to the outside. Bryan follows outside with an explosive trio of dives that he’s made a staple of his moveset over the years. Danielson rolls him back in and approaches the corner for a Basaiku Knee but Jay ducks out of the way and uses Danielson’s momentum to lead him knee first into the turnbuckles and rolls him up for the pin. Only a two count still, as Jay starts to lose his patience.

Jay does some damage in the corner with chops and uppercuts until Danielson wearily walks out of the corner only to be met with a Butterfly Suplex. 2 Count and White loses it, absolutely lambasting the ref while Danielson finds his composure. Danielson nails a couple forearm shots to the head before locking the waist and leg and dropping Jay White with the Regal-plex and the 1-2-3. Jay’s temper got the best of him and it cost him big time. Jay laughs in the ring as he’s laid out. The ref tries to remove him with no help, security grab him and take him away as we get the sense this is far from over.

Danielson via Regal-Plex (13:19)

Kotoge & Taiji  v Omori & Kodama (Full Throttle Twin Engines Championships)

Kotoge and Taiji’s upbeat entrance, which sees Kotoge running around the arena, is very different to the more straightforward approach of the champions, though both teams are smiling as the action gets started. Taiji and Kodama face off first with some technical exchanges and a lot of posing with their opponent in a headlock. Kodama gets the first advantage with a suplex but Taiji is up quickly and in Kodama’s grinning face. Kotoge and Omori take a more high speed approach, where Kotoge has a clear advantage and Omori ends up in the corner on the receiving end of Kotoge and Taiji’s elbows. As in their contenders match, the Kotaiji team work well together, with dropkick and baseball slide combos wiping the smiles off their opponent’s faces and wearing them down.

Taiji manages to get Kodama set up for a bloody cross and with Omori tied up with Kotoge, victory looks assured but unbeknownst to the Brave-RE team, their opponents have a secret weapon. Maya Yuhiki appears at ringside, distracting the referee. As Taiji loses focus on the task at hand, Kodama is able to straighten and deliver a low blow. Still distracting the referee, Maya subtly slides brass knuckles from her coat across the ring and into the hands of a waiting Kodama. Kodama wastes no time in assaulting the still bent over Taiji before discarding the illegal weapon and dragging Taiji into position. Kodama lands a Mad Splash, calling the miraculously available referee over to deliver the count.

Kodama def. Taiji with Mad Splash (14:53)

As Kotoge rolls the still dazed Taiji from the ring, Kodama and Omori beckon Maya into the ring, all 3 of them posing with the Twin Engines belts.

Suzu v Takeda (Anarchy Asylum Championship)

Suzu comes with a bag of deathmatch fuckery weapons and Takeda just smiles as they stare at each other waiting for the bell to ring. It does and Suzu immediately opens the bag and pulls out some tubes. She busts about 4 or 5 over Takeda’s head but he just eats them and shouts before grabbing some tubes of his own and smashing them over her dome. Takeda throws her off the ropes and hits her in the gut with another tube. Takeda sets up a door on two chairs and plans to powerbomb Suzu through it but she reverses with a Hurricanrana and goes for the pin. Only a 2 count as she scrambles back to the bag and pulls out some VHS tapes. She picks one up and domes Takeda with it and repeats that a couple times before going for the pin again but again it’s not enough. 

Takeda pulls out a bucket of legos and sprays them across the canvas before forearming Suzu and lifting her into the air. Dropping her head first on the legos and hooking the leg for a pin but this time it’s Suzu who kicks out at 2. Takeda scrambles under the ring to find something a bit more, and he finds just that. Masashi enters the ring with his patented scissors. Placing Suzuki on the ropes where everyone can see her, he carves into her head with the blade of the scissors and blood pours down her face.

Takeda goes for the pin but just as the ref is about to count three, Suzu grabs his hand and stops it from hitting the mat. The crowd roars as the resilient Suzu gets to her feet and grabs one more thing from her bag of tricks, her famous bucket of bells as she pours them over head and roars back with strong forearms to Takeda. Suzuki grabs him by the waist for a German Suplex Hold and hits it but Takeda kicks out again. Suzu is beside herself as she doesn’t know what else to do.

Takeda gets to his feet and throws everything but the kitchen sink at Suzu Suzuki. The Kokutai Ichikaisen Slam gets kicked out of, The U-Crash gets kicked out of, The Reverse U-Crash gets kicked out. Finally, It takes the Reverse U-Crush Kai to put away Suzu Suzuki and for Takeda to retain his title. Suzu lays on the floor exhausted but Takeda pulls her up and hugs her close and raises her hand. Takeda takes his belt and leaves as Suzu cries in the middle of the ring. Happy with the adulation she’s receiving from the crowd. She leaves and the two young boys sweep the ring.

Takeda via Reverse U-Crush Kai (11:33)

Golden Lovers v B.E.E.F (Okada/Ashino) (Dual Wings Championships)

Two undefeated teams face off for the vacant Dual Wing Championships. Mike Bailey and Shotaro Ashino start the match off, Bailey tries to keep his distance as he throws some low kicks out there. A few connect before Ashino grabs it one time and hits him with a huge Capture Suplex and goes for the pin but gets a 2 count. Ashino keeps Bailey grounded with wrestling holds and transitions as he knows Bailey is dangerous on his feet and in the air. Ashino grips Bailey’s waist and tries for a Deadlift German Suplex but Bailey flips out and then hits his backflip knees to Ashino’s chest for the pin. Only gets a two count, then he goes over to tag in Ibushi.

Kota showcases his athletics with dives and springboards and gets a few near falls but Ashino starts to decimate him with suplexes and then tags out to Okada. Kinya works his back and neck area with forearms and submissions. He tries to fight his way to Bailey but fails many times before he gets lucky with a lucky Enzuigiri and is able to get Bailey back into the match. He launches a flurry of quick succession and drops Okada before launching off the ropes and coming back with a Corkscrew Splash and a pin for a deep 2 count. Bailey tosses Okada to the outside of the ring and tags in Ibushi.

Bailey uses the post to hit a Moonsault on Okada and holds him up while Ibushi comes back from knocking Ashino off the apron to hit a Moonsault from the opposite corner. Ibushi rolls Okada back in the ring and hits Kamigoye and pins Kinya Okada. Golden Lovers are your Inaugural Dual Wing Champions. Ibushi and Bailey embrace as they hold the belts and wrap them around each other’s waists before bowing and leaving up the ramp.

Ibushi via Kamigoye (14:03)

Shinsuke v Shingo (All Asia TV Title)

This was a bout filled with stiff strikes with each man trying to one up the other! As Shinsuke would knee Shingo in the gut to finally get the advantage. Capitalizing with a Reverse Exploder Suplex! Shingo would then get up immediately and head for a Pumping Bomber only to be met with a Jumping Armbar from Nakamura! Nakamura would crank back on the golf trying to take Takagi’s arm off. However Shingo was able to clasp his hands and slowly get back to his feet before buckle bombing Shinsuke! The brief window allowed him to hit the Noshigami followed by a big Pumping Bomber for only a 2-count! 

He went for Last of the Dragon, but Shinsuke fought out kicking Shingo in the back of the leg. Drilling him with a Bomaye to the back of the head! Covering for only a 2-count as well! Shinsuke then went to the corner looking to end it finally, but as he charged Shingo caught his leg! Then set him up lifting him up and dropping him with the Last of the Dragon! Covering him for a 3-count! Shingo retains the gold here! After the match Yujiro Takahashi and Nobuhiro Shimatani enter the ring.

Yujiro tells Shingo he’s gotten lucky twice, but in his next title match he won’t be getting lucky. Yujiro got nose to nose with Shingo before telling him his next challenger is…Nobuhiro Shimatani! Nobu looks shocked, as Yujiro comes to him and said you’re undefeated. You can do it, do your best Nobu-Chan. As he steps up to challenge Takagi himself.

Winner and STILL All Asia TV Champion: Shingo Takagi (13:33)

Ishii/Irie/Hash v Endo/Shota/Soma (Anarchy United Six-Man Championships)

Ishii enters with his Dream Futures trio of Irie and Hashimoto while Endo chooses his LeatherZ team of Shota and Soma for the United 6 Man Championship Challenge. The two captains kick off the match together as they exchange kicks for a moment before Endo tries to use his quickness to gain an advantage. Endo goes for his patented backspring elbow but Ishii knocks the breath out of him with a stiff kick to the back. He levels Endo with some stomps and knees before tagging in Irie. Shigehiro continues working on the back with some Senton’s and repeated pins but Endo keeps kicking out, weaker each time. Irie sets Endo up for the Cannonball in the corner but Endo escapes and is able to tag in Soma.

Soma works over the bigger Irie by focusing on the back area for a bit. Takao locks in the La Solarina on Irie and wrenches it, Irie was close to tapping but Ishii and Hashimoto come in to break it up and cut off the others. All 6 wrestlers are in the ring at once, they fight it out with everyone on Dream Futures hitting a dive. Dream Futures get back on the ramp and Irie tags out to Hashimoto who decimates everyone with suplexes. She goes to pin the now legal Shota but he gets his shoulder up weakly, at 2.

Hashimoto lines up a lariat and knocks Shota senseless. The ref checks him and calls for the bell. Shota was knocked out and unable to answer the count so Dream Futures took the match and the titles. Endo picks up his partners and leaves as the new champs celebrate their win in front of the sold out crowd. They all hug each other before exiting towards the ramp and to the back.

Hashimoto via Lariat KO (12:20)

AXIZ v Kitamiya & Higuchi v Hino & Kondo v Kuma & Koji (Mirrored Dreams Championship)

This is a four team elimination match where the last team standing will be declared the winners. The other three teams decided to jump Shuji and Yuji since they’re the only undefeated team. It all works in the long run as Go Shiozaki takes down Yuji Hino with a Lariat to eliminate the Kondo and Hino tag team! Go Shiozaki laid there on top of Hino taking a deep breath. When Kuma Arashi came flying off the top rope with a diving senton crushing him! Nakajima comes in not standing for it delivering a flurry of kicks to not just Kuma, but Masa Kitamiya as well! 

A big roundhouse stuns Masa Kitamiya to the ground. And he measures Kuma Arashi for the same, but is met with a big Koji Doi Lariat! Then Koji holds down both of his legs as Kuma climbs the top and hits a second diving senton that eliminates AXIZ! Kaito Ishida is now ringside and he slides a wrench into his boot. He climbs into the ring and punts Kuma in the head while the ref isn’t looking! Masa then takes out Koji with a spear! Higuchi picks up Kuma and delivers the Brain Claw slam! Covering Kuma in the middle of the ring for the 3-count!

Winners and INAUGURAL Mirrored Dreams Champions: Masa Kitamiya and Kazusada Higuchi (12:45)

Semi-main event: T-Hawk v KENTA (WCA Glory Crown Championship)

The time to crown the first ever Glory Crown Champion has come, and KENTA looks to cement himself at the top of the mountain. Why T-Hawk promised to be the man who will push Ground Zero forward. KENTA blasted him with a big time boot to the face! Then T-Hawk wasted no time in catching the second boot and trapping KENTA in the Rojo! KENTA shouted as T-Hawk reached back, but T-Hawk ultimately let go and stomped on his back. He raised KENTA up and proceeded to hit him with a few chops and this fired KENTA up. As his spinning backfist was followed up with a palm strike and a kick to the head that sent him to the ground.

KENTA would then measure T-Hawk and blast him with the Busaiku he no Hizageri! Covering him for a 2-count. KENTA went for the Go 2 Sleep, but T-Hawk fought out! KENTA charged and was met with Aguila! Then T-Hawk planted him with a  Urajigoku then immediately following up with the Cerberus! Covering for a 2.9-count!  Causing T-Hawk to dig dip and take KENTA to the top rope to put him down with a Avalanche Nightride! Covering him for the 3! T-Hawk has done it! The rest of the generation of miracles pour into the ring. As T-Hawk has the belt strapped around his waist. Tears filling his eyes as he celebrates with his unit.

Winner and INAUGURAL Glory Crown Champion: T-Hawk (17:46)

Semi-main event:  Ben-K v Sugiura (Anarchy Openweight Championship)

It’s been well documented that Ben-K’s path through the tournament has gone incredibly well for him so far. Beating both his opponents in a combined time of less than a minute. Sugiura doesn’t give a damn about that, he’s looking to add another title to his stacked resume. The bell rings and Ben-K goes right for his spear but is met with a pounding knee to the head. Sugiura goes for the pin immediately and gets a close 2 count which the crowd eats up.

Sugiura stays on the attack, firing away forearms until the ref has to check Ben-K. He’s fine to continue as he gets to his feet gingerly and asks for more. Sugiura goes in for a lariat but just in time, Ben-K moves out of the way and hits an Enzuigiri to the back of Sugi’s head. This allows an opening for Ben-K, he gets started on the offensive with some suplexes and knees which get him some near falls but Sugiura isn’t going away easy like Ben-K’s past opponents. Picking up Sugiura, Ben-K fires off some slaps to the face but it only fires up Sugi more.

Sugiura hits Ben-K with a trio of lariats but still Ben-K kicks out, the fans starting to wonder if Sugi just suffered too much damage to compete with the more fresh Ben-K. Sugiura gets to his feet and lifts Ben-K up for a Brainbuster before dropping him down with force. Sugi hooks the leg but Ben-K kicks out. Then the Olympic Qualifying Slam, again a kick out.

Sugiura has one last thing he can think of and it’d be only fitting, Sugi goes to the corner and has his sights locked on Ben-K. Firing out with the speed of a missile, Sugiura is looking for the Spear to end it but Ben-K leaps over Sugiura and headbutts Sugiura in the back of the head. Sugi falls to his feet but Ben-K lifts him up by the waist and begins to spin before crashing to the mat with the Ben-K Bomb. The leg is hooked and 1-2-3. Ben-K is your first ever Anarchy Openweight Champion!

Ben-K via Spinning Ben-K Bomb (19:05)

Main Event: Mochizuki v Hiromu (Full Throttle Openweight Championship)

Hiromu is first to enter, his coat a mass of pink, green and white with a layer of peacock feathers around his shoulders, just touching the green tips of his hair. Light on his feet, Hiromu is lapping up the attention of being in the main event. He waits for his opponent with an air of amused anticipation, leaning casually back against the ropes in his corner. Mochizuki’s entrance looks a little more serious, but the man himself looks cocky and confident. He can’t quite match Hiromu’s swagger but he’s clearly very ready for this match.

The two eye each other across the ring, each affecting a casual aura but with an underlying tension. The Full Throttle Openweight Belt, gold on red leather, is brought into the ring and shown to each competitor before being lifted aloft for the crowd to view. Mochizuki is the first to step forward, offing a handshake. Hiromu’s acceptance is cautious but the brief clasp of hands earns a round of applause from the crowd.

Hiromu doesn’t take his eyes off Mochizuki as they lock hands, somehow slipping out of Mocchy’s attempt to take him down and walking off smirking. Mocchy returns the smirk, then springs into action to knock Hiromu to the corner and land an flurry of strikes. He whips Hiromu back towards the opposite corner, Hiromu narrowly dodging the running forearm to instead trip Mocchy into the corner and land a kick to his back. They continue the pattern, slow to engage initially and then a flurry of activity as they try to score points on the other and walk away before the risk of retaliation becomes too great. There’s a certain respect in their wariness, though both play it off as being cocky.

An exchange of running lariats into opposing corners leaves Hiromu on the apron as he scrambles away from Mochizuki. Mochizuki sweeps Hiromu’s leg from under him, bringing him crashing down and set up for a baseball slide that knocks him to the floor. As he struggles to his feet, a running kick from Mocchy on the apron knocks him down yet again and clutching his chest. The two exchange forearms out on the floor, all attempts to create distance forgotten as they are fully drawn into the fight. Hiromu spins Mocchy into the steel barriers, then pushes him back there yet again with a powerful dropkick. He rolls Mocchy back into the ring for a 1 count.

More elbows follow from both sides, Hiromu growing increasingly vocal. A flurry of kicks from Mochizuki that bring him to his knees only seems to make him louder. Mocchy pulls Hiromu to his feet to land another kick to his chest. Hiromu flexes, screaming in response and refusing to back away. Once, twice, three times more Mocchy lands a hefty kick across Hiromu’s chest and Hiromu refuses to back down. Mocchy steps back momentarily, only to find himself knocked down by a lariat and Hiromu mounting his chest to land some heavy strikes. The aggression between the two is powerful, noise from the crowd growing louder with every strike.

Another elbow exchange in the middle of the ring, this time both clasping the others wrist, not letting go. They break away only to breathe heavily, hands resting on their knees as the eye each other up. Locking up again, they struggle for control, each trying to lift the other. Hiromu is first to be successful, hoisting Mocchy on his shoulders and running to slam him into the ring post. Hiromu follows up with a dropkick. As he stumbles to his feet Mocchy looks dazed. But he’s not done yet. He catches the running Hiromu with a lariat, taking him down before hoisting him up for a backdrop and a 2 count.

Both look exhausted as they stumble to their feet but Mochizuki looks on amazed as Hiromu stands, screaming and spreading his arms, calling for more. The next exchange of elbows is notably slower and Hiromu is able to knock Mochizuki down and keep him there for two. Again and again he goes to lift Mocchy onto his shoulders, each time Mocchy struggling out a little less convincingly. Eventually its enough and he spins Mochizuki into the Timebomb. Mocchy resists the pin though, getting a shoulder up at 2.9. Hiromu drags Mocchy by his arm towards the centre of the ring, falling to the mat and trapping Mocchy’s arm and head between his legs for a triangle choke. Mochizuki struggles briefly but after all they have been through, it’s too much. He taps.

Hiromu def. Mochizuki by triangle choke (23:19)

Hiromu looks emotional as he grabs at the red belt presented to him, clutching it to his chest. He holds it aloft for the crowd to see and then turns towards the defeated Mochizuki, bowing. Mochizuki bows his head in recognition, sliding out of the ring.

Hiromu is slid a microphone, which he holds up as he brushes his hair from his face. Around him, the outside of the ring starts to fill with the rosters of all 3 companies standing together.

“Well, I won!”

Hiromu laughs with the audience around him.

“We put on quite the show today. Maybe people didn’t expect it of us. We’re a new company after all. But I, Hiromu, I want to promise you – all of you out there watching me – I promise you to be the most exciting champion you can imagine. More than you can imagine. I know you want to see that. Everyone wants to see that! I promise you motto. Motto, motto, motto, motto!!!!”

Alongside Hiromu, the night’s other champions start to climb into the ring – Ben-K, T-Hawk, Masa, Higuchi, Hashimoto, Irie, Ishii, Takagi, Shingo, Bailey, Ibushi, Takeda, Kodama, Omori, Yo-Hey, Andrade, Diamanté and Naito.

With the World Class Alliance’s first collection of champions fully assembled around him, Hiromu lifts his belt to the sky, signalling for the flurry of gold and silver streamers that fall from the ceiling and onto the ring.