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Ryota Hashimoto v Yuki Tanizaki: Sparks farewell match

Both sparks make a running entrance to the ring, each looking a little nervous to be on so big a stage. Ryota is coming in lagging behind the older Tanizaki, whose aggressive offence has helped him to stand out, but is definitely the crowd favourite, making time to stand on the ropes and wave at the crowd as his name is announced. 

Kicks are a strength of both Sparks, having trained under Satomura, so it’s unsurprising that today’s battle starts off with a kick exchange until the taller Hashimoto manages to push Tanizaki back and takes the opportunity to get him down to the mat. He’s too confident though, as Tanizaki manages to use Ryota’s headlock attempt to grab a wrist and twist his way into an armbar. Hashimoto’s legs scramble quickly for the ropes but it’s a reminder that he’s the less experienced one here. 

They lock up again, exchanging arm control until Tanizaki manages to throw Hashimoto to the ground and goes for the ropes to propel a PK attempt. Hashimoto ducks under, knocking Tanizaki down and rolling him up. It’s barely a 2 count but things are even again for the Sparks. 

Things get heated with a forearm exchange, Tanizaki screaming at Hashimoto before again going for the propulsion of the ropes.A beautiful standing dropkick from Hashimoto catches him off the run though and Ryota gets the cover. Tanizaki kicks out, managing to get to his feet and they continue to strike each other but the aftereffects linger and Hashimoto is able to duck his blows and wrap around his waist for a bridging suplex that puts Tanizaki away.

Hashimoto def. Tanizaki (6:46)

Rolling out from under his opponent, Hashimoto looks emotional, raising his hands. He turns to Tanizaki, lying dazed on his back, and reaches out his hand to shake. Tanizaki bats it away, rolling away and out of the ring, head held down.

LeatherZ (Endo/Soma/Shota) vs Takashi Sugiura/Buffalo Tamura/Akira Sakazaki

This is the debut of Anarchy’s first dojo students. After this match they will declare where they will be spending their learning expedition. Akira runs to the ring in baby blue tights with a yellow lightning pattern on the sides. Tamura meets him as he’s adorned in tight trunks with “BUFFALO” in bold letters on the back. Sugiura chose to take them under his wing in their first match to show them the ropes.

Sugiura starts the match with Endo, attacking him with chops and Endo matching him. A big suplex takes out Endo and Sugiura tags in Tamura. He gets off a couple Mongolian Chops before Endo levels him with a dropkick and a standing Shooting Star Press and a pin. Tamura kicks out at the last second and crawls to his corner for reprieve. Tagging out to Akira as Endo tags in Soma. Akira tries some forearms but Soma is not having it at all as he rocks Sakazaki with an elbow and an elevated German Suplex Clutch. Sakazaki kicks out at two but Soma drags him to his corner and tags in Shota. 

Shota lays in some kicks to the chest of Akira. Sakazaki shows off a little bit of promise as he escapes some strikes from Shota and hits a Springboard Moonsault for 2 count. Endo tags in and takes down Akira with a combo of chops and suplexes as Sakazaki is knocked for a loop. Rising to the top rope, Endo looks for the end as he hits the Shooting Star Press and Shota & Soma clear the other side of the ring. Endo collects the win for his team. After the match the rookies would declare which brand they would be joining for their excursion. Akira Sakazaki would be joining Full Throttle while Buffalo Tamura will be joining Ground Zero. 

Endo via SSP (7:31)

WCA Mirrored Dreams Championship Cage Match: Masa Kitamiya and Kazusada Higuchi(c) vs KENTA and Yujiro Takahashi 

Both teams were sure to enter the cage with lots of weapons on hand. With nothing, but pure destruction on their mind. The bell rings with Yujiro and KENTA throwing their trashcan filled with various weapons at the champion. Lacking in size they wanted to strike first, as KENTA drags Higuchi to the corner and follow up with some Shinjiro Otani like face washes into the cage. Yujiro fired away with forearms on Masa who seemed unfazed. Clobbering Yujiro who fell to the ground. Grabbing a cheese grater and shoving it in Masa’s crotch and yanking back on it! Masa fell to the ground as Yujiro planted him with ‘Pimp Juice!’ KENTA then climbed to the top with a chair and came flying onto Masa with a chair assisted double foot stomp! KENTA covered, but before the ref could count 2 Higuchi had already applied the claw hold to KENTA! Grabbing him and tossing his whole body into the cage with a claw slam! 

Yujiro would dropkick Higuchi in the knee, and go for his Deadlift German Suplex hold, but Higuchi was too big. Masa soon came in taking his head off with a chair shot! Masa then pulled out a fork and began jabbing Yujiro in the forehead and twisting it around. KENTA saw this taking place and slide a pair of Brass Knuckles on his fist and pulled Higuchi into a punch to the jaw laying him out! He then booted Masa in the face repeatedly! The two traded strikes. Before Masa gave him a headbutt, and KENTA responded with one of his own. The two traded headbutts before crashing to the canvas. A bloodied, and battered Yujiro scaled the cage? He went all the way to the top looking down at Masa and delivering a diving headbutt from the top! However, he couldn’t make the cover! Higuchi made his way to his feet, as he pointed at Kaito Ishida who ran down the apron and took out the cage side assistant!  Taking the key and unlocking the lock on the door. Dragging KENTA out of the ring, while Higuchi locked the door back. 

Masa and Higuchi went onto the attack on Yujiro hitting him with a double chokeslam. As KENTA sent Ishida face first into the side of the cage, and as he started climbing the cage he was knocked off! Masa would then apply the prison lock, as Higuchi starts twisting the fork in Yujiro’s forehead while Nobu Shimatani, Koji Doi, and Kuma Arashi ran down throwing the towel over the cage to get the match stopped. As Masa and Higuchi retain. As the rest of NO MERCY check on their faction mates.  
Masa Kitamiya and Kazusada Higuchi defeat Yujiro Takahashi and KENTA to retain the WCA Mirrored Dreams Championships(15:00) 

MAO v ASUKA: Lightspeed Championship

Both T.O.P members seem ready for action, squaring up in the centre of the ring almost immediately. MAO offers a hand, which ASUKA looks at suspiciously. She’s right to be wary – as soon as their hands meet a distraction punch from MAO has her staggering backwards. A trip and roll-up from MAO and it’s almost over before it’s started, ASUKA only just squirming out. A scramble exchange of roll ups follows as both try to end this quickly. Finally separated, panting in their respective corners from the exertion, there’s a nod of respect on both sides. 

They reset, circling to start off a kick exchange, though both manage to dodge over and under each other’s offence, ending things in another standoff moment and applause from the crowd.

They go in again, locking up this time and circling for control. ASUKA forced NAO back to the ropes, delivering a sharp chop to his chest. MAO looks indignant, returning the blow and a chop exchange is started. ASUKA seems more successful, MAO getting knocked down, but he handsprings quickly to his feet, grabbing ASUKA and pulling her into the ropes. She ducks his armbar but a dropkick on the return gets MAO his first advantage. 

The pace doesn’t let up, both making the most of the ropes and living up to the lightspeed title’s name. MAO gets his first serious pin attempt with a swandive from the outside into the ring but doesn’t quite get 2. ASUKA retaliates with a suplex and a lionsault that has MAO reeling but still able to kick out. The two go back and forth until a spinning heel kick from ASUKA has MAO knocked down and he has to slide out of the ring to avoid the pin. Still wandering away, he’s unprepared for ASUKA’s running kick from the apron, or the stomp to the outside that follows. She drags him back into the ring for a beautiful moonsault from the top rope to get the win. ASUKA retains!

ASUKA def. MAO (12:36)

Aomine Hayashi and Dragon Mask W Sendoff Match: Dragon Mask W and Aomine Hayashi vs Adrenaline Rush (Mizuki Watase and Yuki Yoshioka)

Dawning the half dragon/half tiger mask with the traditional Tiger Mask pants made with dragon scale material is Dragon Mask W. Flanked by his partner the purple haired amateur stud rocking the purple singlet with the straps down, white short boots, and white wrist tape is Aomine Hayashi. They look to leave Ground Zero with a big win against the newest tag team Mizuki Watase and Yuki Yoshioka, Adrenaline Rush. Watase starts off with Dragon, and Watase wastes no time booting him in the gut. Slapping him around not showing any respect to the young rookie. He whips Dragon into the ropes and goes for a hip toss, but as he throws the high flyer Dragon catches him with a frankensteiner! Dragon then bounces off into the ropes with a handspring back elbow. Watase rolls to his corner and slaps the mat angrily. Yoshioka calms his partner down, and tells him to tag him in. 

Yoshioka demands Aomine tag in, and Dragon tags in his junior. Aomine jumps the gun trying for a double leg, but Yoshioka grounds him with a front necklock! Yoshioka then immediately let go and started firing away at Aomine’s neck with strikes. Watase rushes in, and boots Dragon Mask off the apron! Yoshioka and Watase go on the attack, as Yoshioka does a Wheelbarrow Facebuster right into a Cutter from Watase! Covering Aomine for a 2-count, as Dragon broke it! Watase goes for the Backdrop, but Dragon flips out and hits the Fuego (Reverse Standing Sliced Bread starting from a neckbreaker position that he turns into a ddt)! Yoshioka grabs Dragon by the mask, but Aomine with a big time German Suplex! Aomine would then grab Yoshioka planting him with a Butterfly Suplex! Dragon Mask went up top, and came flying off with a Stuka Splash! Covering for a 2.9, as Watase breaks it! 

Watase then grabs Aomine and headbutts him! Dragon would go for a leg sweeping kick, but Watase jumped over it and Yoshioka double stomped Dragon! Aomine came to fight both men firing off with thunderous elbow strikes! Before being met with a double rolling elbow! Watase hit the Backdrop on Aomine! As Yoshioka scaled the top rope, and Watase put Aomine up in the Electric Chair position! As Yoshioka comes flying off the top with a Top Rope Codebreaker! The Adrenaline Crash! Yoshioka covers Aomine 1…2…3! DDD! Yoshioka and Watase are victorious, as Dragon Mask and Yoshioka bow and hug as they head off to different brands.

Adrenaline Rush defeats Dragon Mask W and Aomine Hayashi(11:00)

Daisuke Sasaki vs Suzu Suzuki

Suzu has been on a redemption tour ever since losing to Masashi Takeda at the last PPV. She’s worked her way back up into contention with one last hurdle in her way. Daisuke Sasaki, a man who has no care for anything, saw what Suzu was willing to do to take home a win at the press conference. Tonight is sure to be a hardcore war. Sasaki and Suzu both enter with a bag of tricks over their shoulders.

As the bell rings Suzu fires out of the corner, trying to catch Sasaki off guard with a flurry of forearms. They battle back and forth for a bit with strikes and slams before Suzu introduces the weapons. Launching chairs into the ring it looks like she plans to better Sasaki with them but he turns it around on her and smashes them over her head. Daisuke sets Suzu on chairs with a door over her as he climbs to the top and looks for his elbow drop but at the last second Suzu escapes and Sasaki crashes through the door. Suzu tries to capitalize with a pin but only gets a 2.

Suzu opens her bag and releases her bells all over the left corner as Sasaki does the same with his bag except his weapon of choice is thumbtacks! They rush towards each other and attack with Sasaki getting the upper hand and body slamming Suzuki on the thumbtacks. Suzu fires up and rises to her feet and bodyslams Sasaki on the bells but he fires up this time. Going to their corners both Suzu and Sasaki take back bumps on their weapons of choice. Rising back up one more time they meet in the middle of the ring. Fighting until they are both on bended knee, with the last bit of strength in her body, Suzu hits a Shining Wizard and pins Daisuke Sasaki for the 3.

Suzuki via Shining Wizard (12:09)

Black Snow (Omori & Kodama) v Jackets Too (Jiro & Kushida): Twin Engines Championship (No DQ)

There’s barely any time for the bell to ring before this match gets started, both sides throwing punches immediately, Ikemen even forgoing any in-ring posing. Kushida drags Kodama to the outside, leaving Jiro and Omori to start off. 

And they start off hard, with hefty punches and a lariat from Ikemen that’s enough to keep Omori down for one count. Omori makes a valiant attempt at responding to the strength of Ikemen’s offence but Jiro keeps him off balance, dodging his strikes and takedown attempts without too much difficulty. Things even up pretty fast once Omori recalls the terms of this match and Ikemen finds himself curled up in the ring and clutching his nuts, defenceless to Omori’s roll up attempt. Only a dive into the ring from Kushida saves him. 

The match from there on in is chaos, all four men making use of the ringposts, barriers and floor to do as much possible damage to their opponents. Black Snow appear to have underestimated the Jackets team however, as the moment they can get away from the clutches of Omori and Kodama, they reach for the jackets they left apronside, each pulling out a wrench! Twin attacks to the foreheads of the Black Snow duo leave them writhing on the mat and clutching their heads. Ikemen drags Kodama from the ring by his feet, leaving Kushida to deal with Omori. And deal with him he does, returning to more traditional means with a bridging suplex pin.

It looks like Kushida has the win but Maya Yukihi is running down the ramp and just in time to break up the pin, pulling Kushida off by his hair. She’s followed quickly by Seiki in his blue Jacket, sliding into the ring after Maya and scrambling to his feet. Maya drags Kushida to his knees by his hair, letting go briefly only to have Seiki land a buzzsaw kick very intentionally on the side of Kushida’s head! Seiki has betrayed his teammates!

Kushida crumples to the mat, Maya and Seiki grabbing Omori to get him into position for the cover. Ikemen manages to escape Kodama to scramble into the ring but Maya and Seiki grab one arm each, dragging him away while Omori gets the 3 count. Black Snow retain!

Omori def. Kushida (14:11)

Ikemen is still struggling between Maya and Seiki as Kodama gets in the ring, adding a punch to Jiro’s gut and leaving him bent over. The trio are joined by Omori in knocking Ikemen down and away from the ring, accompanied soon after by a dazed looking Kushida. 

Omori and Kodama are presented with their belts, taunting the Jackets duo on the outside as their hands are raised. Omori and Kodama eye up their apparent new teammate in Seiki, with Kodama first to extend a hand. A look is exchanged between Maya and Seiki, with both then simultaneously slapping Omori and Kodama. The slaps are followed up with kicks, each grabbing the belts that fall to the ground and slamming them into the faces of their opponents. Maya and Seiki raise the belts, setting them down on the chests of their downed opponents with a clear gesture that this is a challenge. Black Snow is no more, Blue Snow is born!

All Asia TV Championship: Shingo Takagi(c) vs Diamanté

Diamanté picked up a win over Shingo in the trios championship match. That could be the momentum he needs to come away as the champion here. Shingo would catch him with a left punch, and ran off the ropes looking for the ‘Pumping Bomber!’ However, Diamanté caught him with the ‘Super Torre!’ He would slide into the cover, but only managing a 2-count. Diamanté would work over Shingo’s right arm throwing him into the ring post! Working over the arm with various of armbar variations trying to take away a valuable weapon. Shingo would fight back and throw the right arm lariat immediately clutching his arm. As Diamanté rung his arm and delivered a ‘Eat Defeat!’ Locking in the ‘Diamanté Special!’ Right in the middle of the ring as Shingo was helpless!

Diamanté would eventually break the hold signaling for the end of things. Diamanté went for the ‘Vuelta Finale!’ However, Shingo turned it into a frankensteiner! Shingo would then grab Diamanté and plant him with the ‘Made in Japan!’ Covering him for only a 2-count! As Shingo would go for the ‘Last of the Dragon’ yet, Diamanté tired to fight it. Shingo managed to outpower the powerhouse getting him up and planting with with a one armed ‘Last of the Dragon!’ Covering him in the middle of the ring for the 3, and the win! 

Results: Shingo Takagi defeats Diamanté to retain the All Asia TV Championship

Afterwards Shingo celebrated, before Hayato Tamura entered the ring. Tamura grabbed a mic and came face to face with Shingo “Another impressive win, but here’s the thing. I’ve thought about the humiliation from episode 1 of Ground Zero with each passing day. Let me avenge it and challenge you for that belt.” Shingo looked around and raised his belt. “I never back down from a fight, but here’s the thing. You don’t have the wins to really justify a challenge. So if you’re gonna challenge me I want something…put your hair on the line.” Tamura thought about it for a second as he stuck out his hand, and Shingo shook it. Symbolizing an agreement. 

Kick Squad (Yamashita, Satomura & Nakajima) v BRAVE-RE (Ishimori, Kotoge & Iizuka): Triple Torque Championships

It’s Kotoge and Nakajima in the ring to start things off, circling warily. They lock up, with Nakajima easily getting the better of Kotoge into a headlock, though Kotoge is able to scramble out. A second lock-up ends the same way, Nakajima obviously pleased with himself and looking to follow up with a high kick to Kotoge on the ropes. Kotoge manages to scramble out of the way however, pulling down the ropes and making Nakajima take a tumble over and on to the apron. A follow up kick from Kotoge has Nakajima out onto the floor for a tope suicida by Kotoge. Things are not starting off as Nakajima had planned!

Back in the ring, a forearm exchange gives Nakajima the chance to feel more in control and comfortably tag out to Satomura. Satomura faces off against Yu Iizuka, who rapidly finds himself on the losing side of a kick exchange. With Iizuka ending up on his knees in the middle of the ring, Satomura and Yamashita team up to sandwich him between their kicks. A pin looks like it might finish him already but interference from Taiji and Kotoge gets him space to breathe.  He does better in a second round of kicks and manages to get some momentum, even managing to fire Meiko into the corner with a running dropkick. Meiko dodges a second though, tripping Yu into the corner and firing kicks repeatedly until he slumps down. Satomura drags him up, pulling him to her corner for Yamashita to take over and take revenge for her previous loss.

Iizuka’s chest is turning an increasingly brighter red from kicks but he manages to start striking back, knocking Yamashita down with a particularly harsh mid-kick. He follows up immediately, going to the ground and tying Yamashita up in a chinlock. She scrambles for the ropes near the BRAVE-RE corner and, after releasing, Iizuka takes the chance to tag in Ishimori. Yamashita has to work hard to dodge Ishimori’s fresher, fast-paced offence and, despite managing to leave him rocked with a spinning back kick, she ends up back in her corner thanks to a powerful standing dropkick from Ishimori. Satomura tags herself in. 

Although the Kick Squad seem to get the better of their opponents individually, the BRAVE-RE trio start to employ some meaningful teamwork to give them the upper hand. Taking turns wrenching the arm of Satomura, they keep her away from her corner long enough to inflict some hefty damage on her arm and shoulder. When a leg lariat from Kotoge knocks her down, all three of BRAVE-RE storm the ring, knocking Nakajima and Yamashita off the apron and linking arms for a trio of dropkicks on the seated Satomura. Recognising the risk, Nakajima and Yamashita drag out Kotoge and Iizuka respectively, leaving Ishimori and Satomura to settle things. 

The back and forth suplexes that follow are exhausting to watch, each only narrowly kicking out of each other’s attempts at victory, but it’s Satomura who tires first, clearly struggling with the earlier damage done to her arm and shoulder. Ishimori struggles out of Satomura’s hold, dodging under her kick to seize her arm, spinning up and over and landing them on the mat with the bone lock secured. Satomura refuses to tap but her screams are enough to convince the referee and the bell is rung. BRAVE-RE are the Triple Torque Champions.

Ishimori def. Satomura (19:06)

Jay White vs Bryan Danielson

Both Danielson and White come to the ring prepared for war. White wields a metal pipe while Danielson has a Singapore Cane. The bell rings and they immediately rush at each other with punches as they fall to the outside. Suplexes and a lot of usage of the steel barricades ensue as they brawl on the outside. Danielson launches White into the turnbuckle and White rises with a crimson mask. 

Danielson lays punches in right where the wound is at to cause Jay to gush more. A couple quick pins as White leaks all over the Arena but Jay still kicks out. Bringing White back in the ring, Danielson strikes with the cane as White shrieks in pain. More pins but White won’t go away. Danielson lines up for the Basaiku Knee but as he gets ready to take Jay’s head off, White collapses to his knees and sends Danielson crashing into the turnbuckle. This gives White his first glimpse of control since early on in the matchup.

White targets the right knee of Danielson with the pipe, absolute sadistic glee in his eyes as Danielson tries to fight back but sent right back down with a boot to the face. Jay locks in a vicious Single Leg Boston Crab and Danielson has nowhere to go in this Falls Count Anywhere match. Danielson writhes in agony as he tries to find an escape. Finally he’s able to turn it around and escape but he’s noticeably limping now and White knows it. Chop blocks and kneedrops aplenty but Danielson is still standing (barely). 

As Danielson walks gingerly over to Jay, White kicks his leg out from under him before grasping him and signaling for the end. Swinging Danielson to the mat with the Blade Runner. He didn’t go for the pin though, instead proceeding to hit it a few more times and then rolling Danielson outside where he looked to hit it on the hard floor. He swings Danielson around but Bryan is able to escape and get behind White. Hitting a big Half & Half Suplex before latching on the LaBell Lock and a tap from Jay White. Bryan celebrated as Jay was irate and screaming.

Danielson via LaBell Lock (14:47)

Ueno v Hiromu: Full Throttle Openweight Championship

Ueno comes out dressed for the occasion, with a new sparkly jacket in pink, blue and black. It goes well with the cat ears he is still wearing from the press conference. Hiromu is, as ever, a mass of colour and feathers but it’s his obvious delight at Ueno’s attire that stands out the most. They nod formally at each other from across the ring but no handshake is offered. 

Hiromu flies out of his corner at the bell, with a boot to Ueno’s face. The two exchange forearms in the centre of the ring at a furious pace, then clash repeatedly with lariats from the ropes. It’s Ueno who eventually wins the exchange but Hiromu leaps to his feet immediately, ready for more. They separate to applause from the crowd, starting to circle slowly. 

They lock up, struggling for control over wrists and waists. Ueno seems to have the advantage on strength but Hiromu is faster, more slippery, easing his way out of Ueno’s grip and tripping him to the ground. A sliding dropkick from Hiromu brings the first pin attempt but it’s an easy kickout from Ueno. 

Ueno is the first to land some serious damage when Hiromu takes Ueno to the outside of the ring, flinging him into the barrier. Ueno, clutching his back, dodges the follow up, leaving Hiromu bent over the barrier and in place for a leg drop from Ueno that topples him over and into the crowd. Pulling him back into the ring, Ueno positions Hiromu for a double knee drop from the apron that has Hiromu curled up and clutching his ribs. The two count is broken up by Hiromu’s foot on the ropes.

Hiromu gets some advantage of his own, managing to work a frankensteiner into a triangle choke that is saved only by Ueno also reaching his foot out far enough to force the break. Hiromu capitalises on Ueno’s disorientation with a fisherman suplex and another 2 count but Ueno stays calm, his raised shoulder more deliberate than desperate. 

Despite their limited prior meetings, they both seem well prepared for the other’s attacks, Hiromu rolling out of the way of more knee drops and Ueno keeping the ropes close at hand for Hiromu’s submissions. In contrast with his previous history, there is little sense of Ueno being an underdog here. He matches Hiromu’s attacks with ferocity but not desperation. He doesn’t rush to follow up his advantages, wary of how quickly Hiromu can be back on his feet.

It’s only in the last few moments that Ueno seems to speed his pace, Hiromu finally slowing. Ueno grabs at Hiromu as he climbs the ringpost, both of them climbing up, exchanging blows. A top rope frankensteiner from Ueno flings Hiromu back into the centre of the ring, Ueno rushing now with a standing moonsault to pin Hiromu down. He kicks out emphatically at 2.9. Ueno rushes for the corner for a frogsplash but Hiromu gets his knees up, leaving Ueno gasping and curled up in the centre of the ring. Hiromu drags himself to his feet in the corner, launching himself, feet first, at the seated Ueno. He pulls Ueno up, Ueno struggling as Hiromu attempts to lift him onto his shoulders for the time bomb. Ueno escapes, delivering a strong punch to Hiromu to knock him off balance, followed quickly by a standing dropkick to force Hiromu into the corner. Hiromu’s stare looks distant as Ueno pulls him back into the centre of the ring for a half-Nelson suplex. Ueno drags Hiromu into position and this time Hiromu’s knees stay down as Ueno delivers the best moonsault ever and a 1, 2, 3. 

Ueno def. Hiromu. (27:57)

Ueno looks tearful as he is handed the belt, MAO and ASUKA joining him in the ring to help him put the belt around his waist. They stand aside as Ueno goes over to Hiromu, now sitting propped up against the side of the ring. Ueno extends a hand. Hiromu takes it and pulls the kneeling Ueno in for a hug.

WCA Glory Crown Championship: T-Hawk(c) vs Go Shiozaki 

T-Hawk and Go come face to face in the middle of the ring. Not making a single move. Staring at each other in the eye for an ongoing five minute span. Before Go Shiozaki finally fired the first thunderous chop to the chest of the champion. Upon this strike the champion absorbs it, and spits on the back of his hand. Slicing into the chest of Shiozaki with a chop of his own. Shiozaki shakes it off, and catches T-Hawk with the spinning backhand attack! Tossing T-Hawk into the corner before he fires off with a series of machine gun chops that bludgeons and busts open T-Hawk’s chest. T-Hawk stumbles out of the corner, and the only shot he can throw is a perfectly placed chop directly into the windpipe of Shiozaki! Both men crumble to the mat holding their chests and throat respectively. T-Hawk clutches his chest while Shiozaki coughs. The two men meet face to face on their knees.

Neither man wanting to give other the edge, as they began throwing elbow strikes at one another. Shiozaki then starts throwing Vader Hammers at the champion, who manages to block one and punch Shiozaki in the mouth! T-Hawk gets to his feet and goes for a Suplex, but Shiozaki blocks it and hits a ‘Go Flasher!’ Go covers in the middle of the ring, but only gets a 2-count! Go would then pick up T-Hawk and drop him with a fisherman’s buster. Go measures T-Hawk for a big lariat, but T-Hawk catches him with the Aguila! Following it up with a big time ‘Urajigoku!’ He then crawls to the corner and measures Shiozaki running, and nailing him with that big Cerberus Knee Strike! Covering Shiozaki, but only getting a 2-count! T-Hawk would then pick up Go after letting out a war cry hitting him with a ‘Night Ride!’ Cover attempt and the 3-count! T-Hawk retains! 

T-Hawk defeats Go Shiozaki to retain the Glory Crown Championship(17:56)
After the match T-Hawk gets his belt, and a microphone. “Shiozaki! Arigato! Now that I have proven I have the strongest chop. The only question is wh-“ before he could finish the music of Yuji Hino would hit. As Yuji Hino sauntered out to the ring, climbing in and chopping T-Hawk with all his strength. Before picking up the Glory Crown, and standing over the fallen champion. 

AA Evolution Cup Announcement

All the GM’s come to the ring and stand patiently as a graphic plays on the Tron. An announcement of the first ever annual Atsuki Aoki Evolution Cup. Some of the best Junior Heavyweights from all 3 brands will compete to be crowned the first winner and honor an influential wrestler to everyone here at World Class Alliance. Kobashi grabs the mic first to talk. “I’m glad me and the fellow GM’s could come together to make this happen. I know it means a lot not just to the fans of Aoki-San but the wrestlers as well to be competing in the honor of such a competitor.”

Kobashi hands the mic to Zeus who begins to talk. “I agree with Kobashi, it’s brilliant to see how strong all the brands have grown that we can do something like this. We all hope you will watch and follow along. There are a lot of hungry competitors looking to make a name for themselves and really show what they can do. I think we will see all brands well represented in the tournament and you all will get a nice slice of everyone’s styles.”

Lastly, Kojima gets the mic and speaks. “Seeing as we’re the “Junior company” I’m sure there’s a lot of expectations for us and I know everyone in our locker room knows it. They will fight hard and make sure the Evolution Cup belongs to Full Throttle!” The GM’s raise their hands as pyro rains down before exiting the ring and walking to the back.

Ben-K vs Masato Tanaka

Ben-K won the title in an impressive manner but he’s out to prove it was no fluke against Masato Tanaka. Tanaka wasn’t a fan of Ben-K’s dismissal of the veteran wrestlers and is out to prove a point. The bell rings and Tanaka rushes Ben-K with a barrage of forearms which backs him into a corner. Employing a similar tactic to Ben-K to get the upper hand and it’s working! Ben-K is able to duck one forearm and find enough space to escape to the outside, Tanaka has him on his heels.

They brawl on the outside for a bit where Ben-K is able to find some reprieve and gain the advantage. Both make it back in the ring where Ben-K goes to work with suplexes and constant pins but Tanaka is far from done. A couple lariats until Tanaka falls to one knee and then lands a vicious knee to the back of the head. Another pin but another kickout and Ben-K is distraught. Gripping the waist and lifting Tanaka with ease, Ben-K hits a glorious Ben-K Bomb but Tanaka rises to his feet and fires off forearms at a rapid pace. Ben-K crumbles while Tanaka readies for the Sliding D and nails it. Tanaka goes for the pin but Ben-K kicks out at 2.9!!!

Both men lay exhausted on the mat as the ref counts. Trying to get to their feet, they crawl to the ropes and hoist themselves up. One more big shot would surely end it, everyone from the fans to the wrestlers themselves can feel it. They meet in the middle of the ring and fire off strikes on strikes as they both try and muster all the strength they have left. One forearm from Tanaka has Ben-K staggered, Tanaka rushes the ropes to take advantage but is met with a big lariat which drops him. Stalking his prey in the corner, Ben-K sets up for a spear and absolutely drills Tanaka before hooking the leg for the win.

Ben-K via Spear: (20:22)

Ben-K celebrates his victory, his mentor Bryan Danielson comes out to shake his hand and congratulate him. Asking for a mic, Danielson begins to speak. “Great job Ben-K, a great defense against a worthy opponent. I think it’s about time we test how well you’ve truly come along. How about you take me on for the title?” Ben-K nods and agrees, shaking the hand of Danielson before pulling him in and planting Danielson with a Ben-K Bomb. “I’m done with you and I’ll prove how just how much I’ve learned when I beat you and make sure you never think to make a dumb decision like challenging me again.”