Wrestling writers’ retreats

Finding time to write can be tough! Writing can be a lonely experience and it can be hard to get feedback or support, whatever your level of experience. Joining our writing retreats is one way to make time for writing and to meet other writers in a supportive environment.

Our writing retreats take a simple format – 2 x 40 minute sessions of focused writing, and 2 x 20 minute sessions of sharing ideas, challenges and resources. We host them on discord, with voice chat entirely optional. You don’t have to be submitting something to sixtyminutedraw to join – all writers at all levels are welcome! As long as you are writing about wrestling and want to be part of making a friendly and inclusive environment, we want you.

Retreats are usually on the second weekend of every month, with two sessions each time. To join, sign up through the discord or message @sixtyminutedraw on twitter. If you can’t make the date/time but want to get involved, let us know!