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  • The Growing Pains Of Kaito Kiyomiya, Aged 26 ½

    The singles match with Okada has the potential to reveal a matured, post-Mutoh Kaito or, yet again, could define Kaito by who and what he is not.

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  • Not Yet Limitless: The Night NO LIMIT was Made

    LEGEND’s next challengers approached, but it wasn’t your usual suspects. A young wrestler struggling to breakout on his own, and his junior that had made waves in the previous Best of The Super Juniors were here to call their shot. YUJIRO and Tetsuya Naito made their first ever challenge for the IWGP Jr tag straps, and YUJIRO’s first title challenge since the dissolution of Samurai Gym. Gutsy move as they were not just stepping to junior legends, but one of…

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  • The Ace, The Wrestler, and Second Chances

    For Katsuyori Shibata, his departure and then return to New Japan Pro Wrestling in late 2012 was rooted in several years of genuine animosity. This provided the groundwork for an eventual feud with company Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi. One centered around Shibata’s second chance. Now in a vastly different landscape, this second chance would ultimately have to go through The Ace. These circumstances make for one of the more compelling series of matches between two men that would ultimately shape the…

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  • Clearing the Rainy Skies-II, the Endless Waltz

    While the Wrestle Kingdom match between them was about control, not just over each other but also the company as a whole, their Dominion match is about pain, punishment, and at times the teasing denial of it.

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  • Death match and chill

    I don’t like horror. As a genre, whether movies, tv, fiction etc. I don’t like it. Or rather, I don’t get it. The awful creativity of the human mind in creating monsters or new ways of suffering, the rising suspense in waiting for the worst to happen, imagining the worst…not my thing. Or so I thought. Then I discovered death matches. More than that, I started watching death matches before bed to relax. Particularly in the midst of very real…

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  • Shun v Jason

    Shun Skywalker vs Jason Lee 03.03.2022 is a terrifying match. Hearing that, a variety of ideas might pop into your head. Death-defying stunts, a brutal deathmatch, perhaps. Classic horror movie wrestlers like Rosemary or Abadon. But it isn’t like any of those things. It isn’t like anything before it. Rather than bringing you the fun, cheesy horror of an old slasher or possession movie, it aims for a different kind of fear, more in line with games like Haunting Ground and Rule…

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  • Switchblade Era

    New Japan Pro Wrestling commonly presents stories told in cycles and parallels. Whether it be a hero finally overcoming the odds after repeated failure, or a battle to determine the face of the company, these stories tend to revolve around heroic figures. 2022 saw the culmination of a redemption arc, though with the focus on the villain in “Switchblade” Jay White. White’s journey spans over a year, through multiple promotions. One that took the “Still My Era” catchphrase from a…

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  • Haoh and the meaning of loss

    Loss and losing is an essential part of wrestling. It’s part of compelling struggles retold a thousand different ways. Even our favourites need to lose. After all, who doesn’t love a redemption arc?

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  • Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling Mid-Year Awards

    Xavi looks back at Dragon Gate so far in 2022 to tell us who is doing well and what to watch for in the second half of the year.

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  • 熱波 wer!!

    With his recent excursion to America, DDT star Konosuke Takeshita has been making waves in the western wrestling community. Learn more about Takeshita as part of his DDT stable, T37K!

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