We love wrestling zines. We think there should be more of them. We want to help you create them.

Make a zine with us

If there is something you love about pro wrestling – a story, match, wrestler, costume, venue, music, whatever!!! – we can help you with turning your idea into a shareable zine. Our goal is to create a zine collection we can publish together.

If you have an idea, lets talk.

The team

Aniello (Zine project founder)


My day-to-day consists of creative direction for film and video games, so over time pro wrestling has become my happy place and creative outlet. I believe the art of wrestling is relatively untapped when it comes to non-historical literature on the subject. Together, I hope to create a foundational resource for the art, spirit, beauty, and paléogenie of pro wrestling.

Ruth (Editor and contributor, 60MD & zine project early adopter/guinea pig)


When Aniello contacted me suggesting creating a zine I thought it was a really cool thought…and that I had NO IDEA what I was doing. Still, they were enthusiastic and I’m bad at saying no, so we started. Producing my zine felt scary at times because I was using new mediums to share something that felt pretty personal, but it ended up being the most creative I’ve felt in expressing what I love about wrestling. I can honestly say I’m really proud of it. It made me a zine convert and I want to help other potential wrestling zine makers to have the great experience I did!

How it works

Think of us as your advisors, editors, and cheer team. Every zine is individual, so we’ll work out the best process with you to take you through text, imagery and presentation, all the way to publication.

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