Jake Lee; GHC

Jake Lee entered NOAH on 1st January 2023 an outsider, entering in the same costume and to the same entrance theme he used just weeks before in AJPW. Those elements haven’t changed but Jake’s hands (or at least his gloves) are now, quite literally, dyed the same green as the company whose highest belt he now holds. 

AMAKUSA: Thnks fr th mmrs

AMAKUSA is a genius. In a matter of months he has overcome being cast as NOAH’s perennial loser, won (and lost) the GHC Junior Heavyweight championship and managed to turn denial of his past identities into a t-shirt slogan. Just in case you’re at all uncertain of my position I’ll say it again – AMAKUSA is a genius. 

Boy, Interrupted.

Okada is now adept at overcoming interruption. Each apparent step back in his journey has later provided an opportunity – first the creation of a rival, then the adoption of a mentor, then the resilience to craft a narrative outside of NOAH’s main stage and finally, a story that may surpass them all.