Little Legacy

The most important tag match of 2023 happened on January 29th. 

Well, for me anyway.

On January 29th 2023 DDT Tag champions ShunMAO, in between a hectic schedule appearances in the US, faced the recently reformed Ω/Omega team of Makoto Oishi and Shiori Asahi. At a basic level, the match is one pair of idiots (fond) trying to outdo another pair of idiots (also fond).

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Jake Lee; GHC

Jake Lee entered NOAH on 1st January 2023 an outsider, entering in the same costume and to the same entrance theme he used just weeks before in AJPW. Those elements haven’t changed but Jake’s hands (or at least his gloves) are now, quite literally, dyed the same green as the company whose highest belt he now holds. 

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The Extreme Sauna of Shunma Katsumata

There’s few wrestlers in DDT that are as creative as Shunma Katsumata. To be honest, I don’t think I can count three as innovative as Shunma, not because they’re not good, but because they have a more “safe” approach of wrestling. The first time I saw Shunma wrestling I knew that crazy bastard just hated himself because of the amount of pain he went through for the sake of his own extreme performance.

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Death match and chill

I don’t like horror. As a genre, whether movies, tv, fiction etc. I don’t like it. Or rather, I don’t get it. The awful creativity of the human mind in creating monsters or new ways of suffering, the rising suspense in waiting for the worst to happen, imagining the worst…not my thing. Or so I thought. Then I discovered death matches. More than that, I started watching death matches before bed to relax. Particularly in the midst of very real personal and global anxieties, death matches have been an outlet and even a special sort of comfort.  

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