熱波 wer!!

With his recent excursion to America, DDT star Konosuke Takeshita has been making waves in the western wrestling community. Learn more about Takeshita as part of his DDT stable, T37K!

The life and burial of Super Hardcore Katsumata

Super Hardcore Katsumata (SHK) was, for the man under the facepaint, Katsumata Shunma, an embodiment of Shunma’s specific talents. Talents that, over the 14 months of SHK’s existence, found recognition and helped establish ‘idol wrestler’ Shunma as a serious competitor whose creativity brings far more than just novelty value to his wrestling. In between the scattered legos and facepaint, there’s a story of friendship, rivalry and personal growth. This is the story of the burial (and life) of Super Hardcore Katsumata.